5 Things Every Fresh Graduate Needs to Know

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5 things every fresh graduate needs to know

The struggle of pursuing a Bachelor or Diploma degree is not easy. It started from the competition to enter a favorite campus, ups and downs to finish the final assignment, the stumble of efforts to complete a project and until to the homework that drains emotion. Well, you know, that’s the real campus life. There are high prices every fresh graduate has been paid during the study program. Graduation is an achievement, but the struggle has not been finished yet. It’s just the beginning of pursuing the other greater purposes of life and to make dreams come true.

Congratulations for you who have finished your study program journey. Now, you are a fresh graduate. It’s a great achievement, as there are many ex-students out there who got out in the middle of the effective study for the reason that we might not know. They might think of starting a business, stressed of the thesis, or probably they took a wrong major. But it’s life. We have to decide and every right decision, even if a decision to stop studying at a college also may bear a positive impact on someone’s life. Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page, for example.

However, completing a study program does not mean your struggle is all over. That’s precisely a new chapter of your life begins.

In class, you were taught how to think scientifically with a lot of theories that sometimes make you bored. Well, those you got from the college are what you should apply in real life. So, the following are the five things every fresh graduate should know.

Life is a Choice

Yes, life is a choice. After you have officially got a degree, you could choose anything by following your deepest heart. It’s about brainstorming in your mind to choose a field of work to choose, a profession to pursue, where to stay, or anything that’s possible for you. However, if you have prepared your life’s blueprint far before your fresh graduate, you should have the idea of what to decide in your mind. Take note that every decision brings you to its consequences, either negative or positive.

Working is not Always about “in the Office”.

In this era of rapidly growing digital technology, you can make money in various ways as long as it’s kosher. Take advantage of your favorite gadget or device to make money. Using the gadget or device is not all only about social media. Anyway, the more growing the internet technology, the more people decide to become a home-based freelancer, such as becoming an online freelance writer, freelance consultant, freelance web designer and web developer, or freelance SEO specialist. You should choose the one that is most appropriate to your talents, interests, and skills. Read also: 20 essential skills every college student must prepare. So, this thing is about what you can do to make money without applying to a company or organization. Or, maybe valuable things you can do before you get a job call after the interview.

Take the Gap Year

If you graduated from a university or college and knew the purpose of your life, congratulations! It’s a good thing for you as there are many people out there who are still worried about the future. They follow the flow of mainstream. They work to do anything as long as it’s not idle even though their competence does not connect. Instead of hastily to work elsewhere, doing business directly or taking a postgraduate program, it’s better to take off for a while. You can go traveling, either three months, one semester, or one year to contemplate. You can do an excursion to get a new inspiration, pursuing your hobbies, family gathering, or do your favorite project. The reason is if you have been working in an office, it’s hard to get a leave more than two weeks.

Postgraduate Program? Think Again!

You probably think of whether to take a postgraduate program or not. So, it’s important if you need it and is already steady with your career goals. But it does not matter if you don’t take it, as a Magister Degree should ideally like and master the field taken. A Magister Degree program is not about a trial like in the previous ladder you might be. Anyway, a postgraduate program does not guarantee your success or your career progression. Unless you’re a researcher, you should take a postgraduate program.

Starting a Business May Be a Good Choice

There will come a time when looking for a job is a priority for you as a fresh graduate. Due to the increasingly crazy work competition, you would be stressed of why so long there’s no an interview call. So, if you are a sales talent and do not want to be ruled by the boss, it’s better for you to have your own business. Whether it’s to start an online business, opening a fashion store, a restaurant or cafe, a trading, drop shipping business, a freelance teacher, or anything that’s possible for you. Having your own business is much better than working in someone’s company, as your business grows you can recruit other people who are not as fortunate as you are.

Tips for Fresh Graduates

  1. The first two months after your graduation is your remarkable advancement moments
  2. Bring into play the advancement moments to think about where you are aiming
  3. You are not the only fresh graduate, but you are competing with other fresh graduates
  4. If you have to, use the privacy filters social media accounts
  5. Sort all things worth struggling for and what are not
  6. Learn to be a more self-awareness, and self-confidence
  7. Remember your friends and keep in touch with them
  8. Don’t sell yourself short
  9. Control yourself
  10. Start small, think big, and move fast

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