Top 5 Ways to Gain Space in Your Windows PC

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5 Ways to Gain Space in Your PC

Windows offer a built-in tool to help you find and delete unnecessary files, programs, and apps from your system. Using this tool, you can instantly recover a lot of disk space instantly. Apart from this built-in tool called Disk Cleanup, you can use third-party apps as well to find remove unnecessary files. Cleaning recycles bin and using Cloud backup services is also a good idea to regain some disk space effortlessly. Let’s discuss top 5 ways to gain space on your Windows 7 system.

Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is an application program that its function is reduced as the overload disk space and the computer memory it requires. Bloatware comes pre-installed on your system in the form of a pre-installed apps & programs by the manufacturer or third-party apps. These apps & programs include lots of promotional items by manufacturer, which remain on your system for no good reasons. It also includes those items which come free for certain period as if you would get the paid version later. Amongst them, certain programs provide you very basic features and for complete program features, you need to pay. Thus, most of these apps & programs remain idle on your system storage as you don’t use or don’t intend to use them in near future.

These programs occupy GBs of your storage space and many of them run in the background all the time affecting your system speed and performance. You can consider removing all such apps & programs to recover disk space effortlessly. To do this, go to Start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program. Here, select an app or program you want to uninstall, right-click on it and select “Uninstall”. This process will instantly remove the item from your storage space to improve your system performance.

Use Disk Cleanup tool

Windows offer a useful built-in tool to help you manage disk space on your system. Disk Cleanup tool is a built-in utility for Windows that offers instant and accurate results when it comes to cleaning unnecessary files from your system. To access this tool on your system, go to Start menu > Control Panel > System & Security > Administrative Tools > Free Up Disk Space. (Alternatively, you can go to Start menu and search “Disk Cleanup” in the search box and select it from the given options.)

Here, you need to select the drive that you want to clean. It will take a while to open Disk Cleanup utility with a detailed report of data on your selected drive. It will display downloaded program files, temporary Internet files, offline web pages, recycle bin, setup log files, temporary files, thumbnails and much more in a list format. You can select any of these file folders as per your needs and press OK to instantly remove them. This simple yet powerful tool on your Windows system can help you recover a lot of storage space. You can also click on “Clean Up System Files” option to manage your system files to recover storage space.

Use Technology

With latest technology advancements, you can find numerous useful tools to keep your system performance intact. You can use various disk management tools, disk analyzer apps, duplicate photo removal software, registry cleaners, disk cleaners, and much more to recover and manage storage space on your system. It also helps you improve the speed and performance of your computer system.

Use Cloud Backup tools

This is a useful advancement in technology which helps you manage your data in a much appropriate manner to free up some useful storage space on your system. You can use Cloud backup services to virtually extend your storage space capacity to GBs and even TBs. You can store all your important data to Cloud servers to free up some storage space on your own system. You can restore and access data stored on Cloud servers anytime anywhere.

A cloud platform uses strong and safe encryption services to backup and stores your data seamlessly. These platforms use advanced algorithms to provide you a secure place to retain your data. Using these Cloud backup tools, you can sync and access your data on different devices instantly and easily. Thus, using these tools is both safe and instant.

Empty Recycle Bin

This is the simplest form to find and delete unnecessary files from your system to recover some precious storage space. Open your system recycle bin at regular intervals and find and delete all such files which you don’t intend to restore anymore. It will help you recover a decent amount of storage space instantly. So, before you delete those files on your recycle bin, make sure there’s no file that you would recover. Read also: recover deleted files due to virus attacks.


Windows computer has its tools to help you remove unnecessary files or programs. So, to make your Windows system runs properly without slowing down, you need to clean up your computer memory from unnecessary files and programs. So, by implementing those 5 ways to gain space in your Windows PC, it makes your computer storage efficiently. You can follow some of these simple yet powerful tips to remove unnecessary files from your system. It will help you regain storage space instantly and effectively. It will also help you improve your system speed and the performance of your Windows PC significantly.

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