6 Advantages of Ubuntu Linux That You May Ever Need

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The Advantages of Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is free, and it’s an open source Operating System. There are many other free operating systems, but sometimes ordinary computer users get confused in choosing one. So, before choosing a good free operating system for your computer or laptop you should know some considerations you need to think. Or, you probably considering Ubuntu Linux. So, you stuck here to find out the advantages of Ubuntu Linus that you may ever need.

In case you need a free operating system, firstly, you need to consider what your computer you will use. The computer specifications for every kind of activity, whether it’s for office work, graphic design artwork, web designing, or programming would be different to each other. Your purposes of using a computer will determine what OS you need to install on your personal computer. But you also need to know the advantages of an operating system as you will be able to decide which OS is best for your activities.

Ubuntu has been used by many people in the world. This modern operating system is a variant of Linux. The official Ubuntu operating system is supported by Canonical Ltd., a company that is owned by a South African entrepreneur, Mark Shuttleworth. The purpose of the Ubuntu Linux OS deployment s to bring the spirit of Ubuntu philosophy into the scope of the software. Even though LUbuntu is a complete operating system, you can get it by free without charge, and it has considerable supports from the community and professional experts.

Why is Ubuntu quite popular now? The answer is of course not apart from its advantages as an operating system for computers.

6 Advantages of Ubuntu Linux OS

The following are the most important advantages of Ubuntu Linux that you may ever need.

1. The Mechanism of Centralized Operating System and Application Update

One of the hallmarks of the Ubuntu operating system is its centralized update that lets you quickly and easily update operating systems or applications. You will not get such advantage on the most popular operating system, Windows. On the other hand, when Windows operating system needs to perform an update, will popup asking to update the Windows. If you select yes, your Windows computer will restart to install the update.

After the restart, then Windows needs a long time for the installation process to finish, depends on the specifications of your computer. But you will not find such disturbing on Ubuntu. Conversely, you can update not only the operating system but also other applications that you install on your Ubuntu thanks to the centralized update mechanism.

On Ubuntu, everything is done through the repository and with the support of its dedicated update manager to update both the operating system and all installed applications. Therefore, you just have to set all of the available updates on one server. This way makes the processes of updates much more efficient.

2. More Secure

If you are one of those people who are quite paranoid toward computer security issues, then Ubuntu can be one of the alternative operating systems for you. Many things make Ubuntu theoretically or practically more secure than the Windows operating system. First, the user prefix in Ubuntu has fewer permissions than Windows. In Ubuntu, you need to change your account access to superuser or by typing sudo in the terminal then fill in the password. This will prevent malicious applications from being installed automatically as every installer is required to enter the user’s password first.

Although Ubuntu in some countries is still not very popular, the possibility of virus attacks on Ubuntu also remains. It’s just going to be harder to create a virus in Ubuntu as many requirements must be owned by the user’s computer before the virus can run properly. What’s more, there are also antivirus features in your Ubuntu operating system.

3. You Can Change Your Desktop View More Freely

One of the things that make you may feel at home in using a particular operating system is the beautiful and attractive interface. Inside the Ubuntu operating system, there are a lot of customizations that make you feel free to change the look of your desktop as you want. You will not encounter the same thing on the Windows operating system. There are a lot of customizations you can do on Windows right now, but Windows is still quite different when comparing it to the flexibility Ubuntu Linux OS.

On the Ubuntu operating system, you can easily change every aspect of the interface. Make a window button on the right side, change the icons, font, etc.

4. Efficient and Effective RAM Usage

The shortage of RAM capacity is one of the obstacles in multitasking activities on your computer. If it is not possible for you to upgrade your computer RAM, then, one of the right solutions to work efficiently and effectively without is to use an operating system that has a more efficient RAM usage.

Ubuntu is relatively working with a better RAM usage than Windows which has many background processes that cause high RAM usage and might hinder your job. But in Ubuntu, the background processes are not too much as it only works on priorities only. So, you still be able to take advantage of the remaining RAM space to run other applications simultaneously. A benchmark shows that Ubuntu uses up to 40% RAM space comparing with Windows.

If your the specifications of your old computer are under average, then, there is a version of Ubuntu which is more light and of course have the ability of sufficient RAM resource management.

5. Live Environment

There are many other Linux-based operating systems on Ubuntu. In which you can boot up Ubuntu directly from a USB, CD, or an external hard drive. Such feature can help you to run the Ubuntu operating system without the need to install it first. This way is a handy advantage when you are going to try it first before actually deciding to use Ubuntu OS without the need to lose your important data or move them from your computer.

6. It’s Free

Yup, Ubuntu is free!

Those are the six significant advantages of Ubuntu that you may ever need. You probably want to use Ubuntu Linux after reading this.

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