6 Factors Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Is Not Effective

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Email Marketing Strategy

You should need a good email marketing strategy to reach your customers. E-mail marketing is the best approach to build customer retention. However, over time, customers have become accustomed to filtering through dozens of email messages to find people that interest them.

When combined with spam filters and Gmail Promotion folders, marketers face huge challenges in reaching customers. If you’re still launching mass email blasting without strategic refinement, you may see disappointing results. You may also want to read: The difference between the marketing plan and marketing strategy.

Here are some reasons why your email marketing strategy is not working effectively.

1. You do not Know Your Customer

If you send an email to your entire list of customers you don’t know is no longer enough to win your customers’ hearts.

There are various methods you can use to learn more about your customers’ needs, wants, and behavior. That’s why email marketing automation is so important in email marketing strategy. You must use an email automation tool.

One of the best email automation tools is GetResponse. It’s an email marketing tool for marketers that let you monitor how customers interact with your email. By keeping records of their behaviors such as open emails, clicks and unsubscribe, you can get to know your customers better.

There are also various email automation tools for your business. You can find out the best email automation or auto responder tool for your business in on the internet.

2. Your Email is Not Personal

Today’s successful marketers use segmentation and retargeting to gather information about customers for more personalized email messages.

One of your customers who has purchased a certain product before, he or she may be interested in a similar product that you are launching this month.

To achieve this, you need an auto responder tool for your email retargeting strategy. Besides, you also need more personalized copywriting with your subscribers.

3. You Don’t Make a Clear Subject to Your Email

With so many email messages coming in every day, customers often browse their inboxes to find interesting stuff. This is especially true now your customers are more likely to read your email on their smartphone or tablet rather than reading it on a computer.

The subject your email can be very important, just entering your customer name will not be enough. You should draw attention to your email subject, whether using a bit of humor and fun or include something that meets the demands of the customer.

For example, you can create questionable email subject questions.

Through an email subject, for example; “Do You Still Need Help?”, “What Can I Help?” it can encourage the readers to reply and tell their problem to you.

4. You do not Monitor the Results

If you do not pay attention to your email campaign results, you miss a great opportunity. On every new email campaign, you need to monitor the opened emails, click-through rates (CTR), and conversions.

For example, will sending emails at 10.00 AM get better results than sending them at 12.00 PM? Does one line of email subject make more conversions than others?

You can either test or test A/B on campaign emails to get the information needed to be more successful in the next campaign.

Usable tools like Optimizely or VWO can help you run your email campaign tests. Record the test results and choose which way will result in more conversions.

5. Your Contacts Database is Not Update

If you do not regularly review your email list contact data, you may be aware that you are failing to make a profit on the investment in each campaign.

There are customers who may not already use the email address in your contacts database. Invest in a lead generation tool that will automatically check your list for long information and recommend updates.

6. Too Excessive

One of the online business mistakes that can be done is to abuse customer email addresses that have been available.

If you collect an address, use it to send information that can attract interested customers, such as coupons and special offers.

If you bombard information on your contacts several times a week with blatant messages, you may find people scrambling for unsubscribe links.

Email marketing is still a great strategy to get new customers or to reach your existing customers, but as the business grows tighter, the pressure is on creating email messages that can attract customers to read them.

With the right email marketing strategy and tools, your brand can stay competitive and improve converters.

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