6 Things You Need to Know Before Entering Into an Industrial Engineering Major

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Entering into an industrial engineering major.

Industrial Engineering major for an undergraduate program is one of the most favorite study fields in the Engineering. Many high school graduates want to continue their education into an industrial engineering major at a college or University. But it turns out many of them do not know industrial engineering exactly is. In fact, many of them who are interested in industrial engineering major think that this major is a up-and-coming field as well as includes a cool major. It may even be quite a lot of industrial engineering students still have no idea about the meaning industrial engineering in the first year of their lecture period. So, before you are entering into an industrial engineering major, you should know the following six things.

1. Industrial Engineering is a Derivative of Mechanical Engineering

The history of Industrial Engineering is quite long. But you need to know that industrial engineering is a derivative of mechanical engineering. The man who first pioneered the development of industrial engineering science in modern history was a mechanical engineer. The first industrial engineering program in the world is also part of mechanical engineering as well. Therefore, there are many industrial engineering programs are currently in the same department as Mechanical Engineering.

2. Industrial Engineering is not a Basic Engineering Science

Industrial Engineering Science is an interdisciplinary technique. This major is usually part of the same faculty as mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. But you should know that in contrast to mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, and electrical engineering which is a fundamental engineering science, industrial engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering science that means the industrial engineering involves many disciplines. This science includes mathematics and physics (like other techniques), physiology, and even social science such as psychology. Other examples of interdisciplinary engineering are biological engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering, agricultural engineering, and so on.

3. Industrial Engineering Involves Many Management Principles, but only Scientific Management

Industrial Engineering major is widely known as the combination of engineering and management studies. Industrial engineering involves many management principles. But you should know that the management studies in industrial engineering include only kinds of scientific management. In addition to management, if you are entering into an industrial engineering major, you’ll also study other social sciences. One of which is psychology. However, just like management, psychology in the Industrial Engineering major uses only a psychological approach that accepts the scientific method. Such psychology study is a cognitive psychology. In conclusion, although this science involves social sciences, industrial engineering is still very scientific.

4. Industrial Engineering Major Does Not Only Learn Manufacturing

Industrial engineering often uses the manufacturing industry as a model. One reason is that the industry technique is heavily oriented towards Toyota. But all you have to know are that industrial engineering is not just about the manufacturing sector. This study can be applied in all types of industries ranging from the mining industry, oil & gas industry, transportation industry, service industry and so on. Industrial Engineering methods can also be applied in any system whether it is an industrial field or not. Therefore, this field of science is also often referred to as systemic engineering. Manufacturing systems are most often used as model systems because they are the most concrete, visible, and palpable systems.

5. The Bachelor of Industrial Engineering is One of the Highest Paid Engineers

Are you looking for an educational background that has bright prospects in your career? So, you should know that an industrial engineering major is one of the lecture majors with the brightest job prospects. According to the surveys in several countries, industrial engineering graduated workers are among the highest paid workers.

6. Industrial Engineering Graduates Have Extensive Job Opportunities

Many people are curious about what kind of work is suitable for industrial engineer graduates. Industrial engineering is an engineering field with vast employment opportunities. Many industrial engineering graduates become professionals in industries, consultants, researchers, lecturers, and even entrepreneurs. The industrial engineers are known to be the best sense of business among engineers. Industrial engineering graduates can work in different types of industries such as manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, construction and even services. Unlike other engineers, in industry, industrial engineers can be found in many divisions ranging such as production division, engineering division, quality control division and warehouse division,divisions that support production activities such as Safety, Health & Environment (SHE), maintenance, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Cost planner, R&D, Purchasing, and other divisions which are not having relation with engineers such as Human Resources Department, (HRD) Marketing, and so on.

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