7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Kotlin For Android

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Why App Developers Should Learn Kotlin

You may also know that besides Java, there is another programming language which is supported officially by Google namely Kotlin. What is Kotlin? Why should I learn Kotlin? Kotlin is a practical programming language which you can use along with an officially integrated development environment (IDE), Android Studio.

Kotlin was inaugurated as the second supporting programming language for developers to create Android apps in Android Studio. Indeed, the Java positioning is currently still the main programming language in creating Android apps which have not been replaced by Kotlin. But it can’t be denied that the development of Kotlin is growing rapidly among Android developer communities.

In fact, Android developer communities are mutually reinforcing to release new Kotlin tutorials and updating their outdated tutorials to help people using this programming language. The following are the seven reasons that may reinforce your determination to start learning Kotlin.

1. Having a Ripened Ecosystem

Kotlin had been undergone through a long phase before entering its 1.0 version, a stable version since 2016. That means Kotlin programming language is an established programming language. This programming language is no longer in the beta or alpha stage, but it’s now stable and fit for production.

There is always a new library every day to help to create a certain Android app using Kotlin. Furthermore, we can still use existing Java library without problems. Really good! Isn’t it?

2. Kotlin is Integrated with Android Studio

Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, a company that also developed IntelliJ, which was the starting base of Android Studio. So, it isn’t surprising that Kotlin can integrate perfectly within Android Studio. Because both Android Studio and Kotlin were developed by the same company.

You firstly need to install an additional plugin in an order you can use Kotlin in Android Studio 2.3. However, starts with Android Studio 3.0 version, you can directly use Kotlin without having to install an additional plugin first.

3. Java Update on Android is Relatively Overdue

Kotlin has modern concepts such as extension function, lambda, functional operation on collection, data classes, sealed classes, and other modern concepts that have been readied for use right now. Comparing with Java, where we need fiddling with our own for Android project can use Java 8 and those modern concepts. Those modern concepts are already existed on Kotlin without hassle.

4. Free of NullPointerException

If you have ever created an Android app using Java earlier, you would have been familiar with what so-called NullPointerException (NPE). This exception are really frustrating for Android apps developers because it could make particular crashes. Actually, you can still trick NPE using try-catch block or using annotations. But with you can get security with Kotlin automatically by default.

When you create an Android app using Kotlin, the compiler will detect possible errors before it’s completely a functioning APK (or while on the run). That way you can immediately know where the problematic source that will be. If any potential error part isn’t resolved, the application then will not be able to run. It’s different to Java, where there is no such inspection by default. So, you will know which parts would be potentially the NPE causes when the application runs and evidently crashes.

5. Kotlin isn’t Only Run on Android

Although the most booming use of Kotlin is within the Android environment, in fact, Kotlin can be used on other than Android. You can also use Kotlin to create iOS apps (via Kotlin Native), and also to write JavaScript (via Kotlin JS).

Basically, because Kotlin is 100% interoperability with Java, then anything that uses Java can also use Kotlin. And therefore if you can use Kotlin for Android, then you can also use it for other particular scopes.

6. Companies Start Implementing Kotlin

Large companies like Uber, Netflix, and Pinterest companies have already begun implementing Kotlin in their existing Java projects. That new way of developing apps will certainly be followed by other companies. It means the more companies implement Kotlin, they would possibly need for Android developers who have Kotlin programming language skills. So, that’s the main reason for you to start learning Kotlin programming language.

Therefore, as an IT student, besides of learning popular web programming languages and other computer programming languages, you should be prepared with Kotlin skills. App developers now also learn and improve their Kotlin skills.

7. It isn’t Difficult to Learn Kotlin Programming Language

You read this article may probably because you are wondering why today’s Android developers are quite fascinating on Kotlin programming language. The answer is really simple, that the simplicity of Kotlin makes Android developers fall in love with it. So, if you are capable of creating Android apps using the Java language, it would certainly not too difficult for you to learn Kotlin language.

Kotlin is designed to use elements that already exist with certain improvements so that the coding process becomes more fun. Because of this simple programming language be equipped the sophisticated Android Studio, you would be able to create an Android app using Kotlin in just a matter of days.

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