7 Types Of Computer Memory and Their Functions

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Types of Computer Memory

There are seven types of computer memory. Their function and capacity are not the same. There are several types of computer memory in every single computer and with the function as well as the system that exists on that computer. And each of them works in accordance with the subtype of the computer and with the function as well as the system that exist on that computer.

Computer memory is also categorized based on their respective tasks within a computer. Because every computer memory is the most important hardware device in a computer. So, there’s no doubt that without memory system in a computer, the computer can not run optimally.

A computer memory supports the creation of functions and specifications of a computer or laptop. A computer memory is closely related to the main parts of computer hardware that with the data storage to reopen the data that has been stored. The performance of a processor depends on the memory of the computer.

The entire information that your CPU use is kept in reserve and accessible from the computer’s primary memory. It means that the information in a primary memory is easily accessible, for example; writable and readable in and out of CPU. Read also: Types of Computer CPUs.

Your computer processor will not be able to process something if your computer has no memory. As a computer user, surely you must recognize seven types of memory in a computer. The following are the commonly used computer memory types.

Types of Computer Memory

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM (Random Access Memory)RAM is a temporary memory of data storage on a computer. RAM is categorized as an internal computer memory. RAM will work when the computer is running, but while the computer turns off, the data in the RAM will be lost. RAM works as a balancer of incoming and outcoming data into and from the hard drive.

There are two types of RAM, SRAM (static RAM) and DRAM (dynamic RAM). A maximum high RAM usage will make the computer performance slows. Two or more computer programs that are running simultaneously will make the virtual memory look for the RAM that has not been filled so that it can be copied to the computer hard drive.


Cache is one of types of computer memoryCache is a type of RAM that is more responsive than primary RAM. Cache is a kind of internal memory of a computer. The CPU’s examination towards the storage in cache memory prior to central memory will allow the computer to find information on a larger storage until the data extraction runs faster and more precisely. In other words, The main function of a cache memory is to store program instructions that are routinely re-referenced by computer programs during activity. The quick access to those instructions may boost the speed of the software application on the computer.

ROM (Read Only Memory)

ROM memoryAs ROM is an active memory, ROM can work when the computer is on or off. ROM is also an internal memory. The contents of the ROM cannot be modified or changed. This type of memory is an integrated circuit before programming of important data and must always exist in the computer for normal function implementation. The function of ROM is to store the start-up instructions for a PC or a laptop, and also named as the firmware. All of the sixth generation of computer units would be using flash-based ROM. ROM is part of BIOS chip, which is implanted on the motherboard of the computer.

Flash Disk

Flash Disk is an external memoryThis is a type of computer memory, which is a type of external memory that allows your computer to transfer or move data from one computer to another computer in a conveniently. Flash disk is commonly used by computer users as it is practical and portable, easy to carry anywhere and is able to store data quickly. However, the storage capacity of a flash disk memory depends on how large the capacity is. There are various sizes of flash disk. So, if you need to transfer a large data, make sure your flash disk’s memory capacity is sufficient. The data in a flash disk can be programmed according to the need of the user, such as storing data, delete, or edit.

The main function of a flash disk is to save files, documents, photos and any personal data and files as a backup storage device. However, most people also use a flash disk to transfer or move files or documents from to one computer to another. Besides, a flash disk can also run a certain type of music player. In this modern technology, there are many flash disk products with a password–protection function. So, if you have any personal and private data, it’s recommended to password your flash disk.  Flash disk is also known as USB flash drive.

Hard Disk/Hard Drive

Hard Disk / Hard Drive MemoryOne of the main parts of computer hardware is a hard disk. Its function is as a data storage in a computer. There are two kinds of hard drive, internal hard drive, and external hard drive. The sizes of a hard disk are varied. If you want to store data on your computer, make sure your hard drive has the sufficient capacity for the data you are going to store. Harddisk can accommodate your data conveniently and easily either into the memory or data transfer from the memory.

Until now, computer facilities can ease your data storage and processing, both with computer-owned storage media internally and external context for a security as well as user convenience. Those are the most commonly used types of computer memory.

The main function of the hard disk/hard drive is for storing all data and documents such as files, the operating system, etc. The entire data of your computer (OS, files, documents, etc) are stored on your computer’s hard disks. Commonly, every single computer has two hard disks.


There are two categories of computer memory, internal and external memory. Those types of computer memory, in general, are parts of the computer hardware that is used to store data either temporarily or permanently. In the computer system, the role of every type of memory is very important, If each o those types of computer memory does not exist in a computer, of course, the computer will not be able to work. All of the types of computer memory are working synergiously to run the computer.

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