5 Best Practices to Advertise a Business Online for Free Revealed

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5 Ways to advertise your business online for free.

When you search on the Internet about how to advertise a business for free, you can see overload information about ways to advertise a business online for free without running an ad on any advertising program. Moreover, advertising for free sounds like a joke for some people. But seriously, there are 5 of proven ways to advertise online for free by which the practices need some creativity. So, keep reading to not miss good free online advertising guides.

How to Advertise a Business Online for Free

1. Guest Writing

“Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular.”

– Roy T. Bennett

If you want to start advertising your business online for free, you can start guest writing on other people’s blogs or sites as many as you can. But you should be knowing how to write for blogs. Take note that almost all bloggers or webmaster who allow guest writing on their blogs love SEO optimized articles. Other than that, they also need unique content and stunning images to boost their readers’ engagement on their blogs or sites.

So, you can start guest writing articles on blogs or sites which are relevant to your business and expertise. Some blogs may provide an article submission form for guest writers to submit their articles. But some others may require you to email them if you want to submit your content on their blogs or sites. This free advertising way is a long-term promotional or branding method. In which, the readers who have interest in the particular niche on the blogs or sites would read your articles.

In contributing to other people’s blogs or sites, you can creatively share the information about your company and a partnership opportunity. Polish your articles with valuable tips and stunning infographics so the audience would love to engage on your content. By which it’s a good way to start good communications and discussions so that you have an opportunity to prospect them. Bear in your mind that, even though bloggers or webmasters need guest writers, but they don’t like spammy articles which can annoy their readers or visitors.

The internet users and personal blogs are growing in a significant number every day. So, if they love your content, they will remember you, curious about your product or business, and potentially become your customers or partners. The more you do guest writing, the more people recognize you, and this is a good way for both personal branding and free online advertising.

1. Create Your Yelp Page

If you invest your time to advertise online for free by doing guest writing as many as you can, your business has gained some recognition. While you should create your Yelp page too. What is Yelp? Yelp is one of the most popular customer review sites which have been in the business since 2004. In a relatively short time on Yelp, your business will gain popularity among the crowds. It’s portal where people search and review local businesses.

Besides of advertising your business online for free on Yelp, you can suggest your happy customers submit their review on your Yelp page. The more your business gets positive reviews on Yelp, the more your business gain popularity on Yelp. It opens up more opportunities for targeted people to become your customers through Yelp.

The monthly traffic of Yelp reaches more than 160 million visitors worldwide. While Yelp is currently ranked around 198 based on Alexa global traffic rank and ranked 36 based on Alexa US traffic rank. That means you should never ignore Yelp for you to advertise your business online for free. Because Yelp is a customer and business reviews site and specifically best for local businesses. And has been helping small businesses to grow from time to time. So, if you are really serious in running your business, you can get more advertising benefits by using it’s paid subscription by which your Yelp business page will get to the top on Yelp search tool.

3. Reward Contests and Quizzes on Social Media

Contests and quizzes are the most powerful means to advertise your business online for free promotion on social media. Besides they are quite interesting for your social media friends or followers, your brand will get a lot of impressions on your target market. The best social media sites for you to advertise your business online for free are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

However, if you already have existing customers, it’s more effective way to promote your business online through social media. So, it would be easier for you to create contests and quizzes related to your products to the crowd, and let your existing customers do the word-of-mouth-endorsements. For a more creative way, make a contest or quiz especially for your existing customers only. This is a good way to appreciate your customers and also one of customer relationship building best practices.

4. Knowledge Sharing on Your Own Blog

Beside of guest writing, business review listing, and contests, another creative way to promote your business online for free is by sharing your knowledge related to your business. When you search on Google for any tutorial, tips, etc., you will find out that many of the search results are written by businesses of all sizes. If you are really good at skill sharing in the form of articles, you can start a blog. Or if you already have your business site, you can extend it by adding its blog version where you can share your knowledge.

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Actually, you can share your knowledge on your business Twitter account and FB fan page. But it would be a more creative way to include blog’ URLs on the social media posts. So, make your articles as creative as you can and invite readers to comment.

Then, if you are used to speaking in front of an audience, you can also promote your business through vlogging. You know, seems that more and more people in looking for self-entertainment, news, and learn something they tend to go to Youtube. Youtube is the second most popular website after Google. So, make good videos to get people to subscribe to your Youtube channel.

Furthermore, if you are really good at creative video production, you can even sell your videos on Vimeo. There’s no other easy way to sell and buy HD videos online than Vimeo by starting using your free account on it.  There are many businesses and companies who are looking for creative videos to be used for free advertising on Youtube or other social video sharing sites.

5. Reach Online Communities

Well, this is really recommended if you know what to do in advertising your business through online community sites. You can find many people do the wrong ways such as spamming extremely and make irrelevant threads or replies which against the Terms of Use of the community sites. Even many of them also using auto-spam tools.

So, a good way to reach communities is searching and joining online communities which are relevant to your business. then, there you can discuss and share something related to your product or service. Also knowledge sharing. Some good online community sites are niche forum sites, Facebook Groups, Google Plusone Community, and other niche-specific social media sites.

After all, be patient, keep doing, keep moving, and do all the right things in your free online advertising efforts to enjoy the potential profits. If I miss something or if you have any idea to share about how to advertise a business online for free, please, share your idea at the comment box below, or start guest writing here on Skillonpage.

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