How to Choose an Attractive Domain Name for a Small Business

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Choose an attractive domain name.

Sometimes, choosing an attractive domain name for a website is tough. An attractive domain name for a website would have a significant impact on the viability of your online business. Choosing a domain name is as same as branding.

So, you might think how should you do when choosing a domain name for your website. Check out the following tips on how to choose an interesting domain for your site.


Some companies and home-based online businesses need a domain name. People tend to remember an impressive domain name. Indeed, there is a “bookmark” on the web browser to save the website address. But having a memorable name will make it easier for the visitors to recall your site. So, consider choosing an awesome domain name that will represent your online business, company, or organization. Try to avoid making choosing a domain name that is hard to read and remember.


Nowadays, to choose a short yet meaningful domain name is hard to do. If you get a short domain name that is relevant to your business in a single trial of choosing, means you are lucky. But, nowadays there are millions of websites on the internet. It means there are millions of domain names has been taken by other people. So, the alternative is trying to choose a combination of some words in twenty characters maximum. But it would be better if you can make it only ten characters, as a long and complicated domain name will be difficult for your visitors to remember.

Better to Use Dot Com

You might have ever tried to choose a good and relevant dot-com domain name for your business website, but you give up because of you don’t even find a short, useful, and relevant domain name. Yes! It’s now hard to get a short dot com domain name.

Alternatively, you might want to use another domain extension such as “.org,” “.net,” “.me,” or any other domain extension. But you consider again that you find out using a dot-com domain name is much better. So, you search on Google about how to make a domain name interesting and to make sure whether or not other than dot com domain name is better. Then, you find this article. Yes, you are right! When it comes to choosing a domain name for your business or online store website, it’s better to choose a dot-com domain name, as most people and especially non-tech people only familiar with dot-com domain names.

Besides, even though you picked an easy-to-remember domain name with another extension other than dot com and your visitors start to like your website, when they try to call back your site, mostly they will be landing on another site. It means you lose traffic. No matter how hard to get a good dot-com domain name that is short and attractive, you should try to get an attractive domain name for your small business with a dot-com extension.

Easy to Spell

A difficult-to-spell domain name will make it difficult for you and your customers too. Use a combination of standard terms or words. A single word is much better (if you get one). And if it’s not possible to get an easy-to-spell domain name, you may use your small business brand or your company name. However, make sure you know how to branding for your small business.


A good domain name should be descriptive because it will make your visitors and customers easier to associate your domain name with your small business.

Not Using Any Symbol

It’s recommended to make a domain name without containing numbers, symbols, or hyphens. People tend to be comfortable when typing a non-hyphened domain name on their browser’s bar.

Use Your Name or a Targeted Keyword

It’s good when you want to create a blog or personal website by using your name or a shorter nickname on the domain name. You can also use a targeted keyword when it comes to giving a domain name for your blog with a more specific niche. having a relevant keyword on the domain name of your blog or website will boost your SEO as this way is one of the essential SEO factors.

Combine Your Brand or Company Name with the Business Type

When you have a small business in the field of a boutique with its business as Mariana, Corp, it’s easier for the people to remember the name of your company and the type of your small business. So, when you want to choose an attractive domain name, you can combine those two elements become Remember the formula for choosing a domain name for a small business;

Brand + Type of Business


Type o Business + Brand

Domain Name Knowledge

There are several domain extensions available on the market;

  • .com for commercial enterprises,
  • .net for ISP network providers,
  • .org for institutional organizations,
  • .edu for educational institutions,
  • .mil for military institutions,
  • etc.

However, if I can argue, the .com extension is the most memorable and most widely used domain name extension. The second best domain extension is .net.

Well, hopefully, these tips are useful for you on how to make a new domain name attractive for your small business

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