Tips to Become a Skillful Graphic Designer Like a Pro

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Tips to become a skillful graphic designer

The key to designing any graphical art like a pro is to always be creative, no matter how and what you are creating a graphic design art. Professional graphic designers are always facing the creative world that always changes every day. If you are a novice who wants to become a skillful graphic designer or a professional graphical artwork designer, you need to improve your graphic designing skills.

How to Become a Skillful Graphic Designer

The following are the tips to become a skillful graphic designer that helps you to strengthen your creativity and become a pro.

1. Collect The Best Graphical Artworks from Everywhere

In improving graphic designing skills, one should be sensitive to the surroundings. For example, if you found some street art works like a graffiti, you can take a photograph of it or you can do street photography activities to take every creative pictures or moment. You can take their pictures home and once you’ll realize they may give you graphical work inspirations. You may also collect creative brochures or posters and file them. So, when you get stuck in a graphic idea, you can open that file to get new creative inspiration.

2. Buy Graphic Designing Books

This could be one of the most important things to become a skillful graphic designer. A graphic designing book is a window of the creative world. So, besides collecting creative brochures or posters, you also have to collect books about graphic design. Get used to reading books about graphic design page by page every day. They can become the references of your graphical artwork.

3. Read the Graphic Designing Blog

Today, books are not the only source of insight, but you can also get it from blogs. There are many creative blogs you can visit and read to get graphic information. Blogs are the easiest way for everyone to learn from creative people. Read their design artwork blog and dredge all of the information. Read the graphic designing tutorials from this site too.

4. Create a Design Blog

Have you read people’s blogs? Now, you should create your own design blog too. Besides of making you more analytical in your artwork, your creative blog is also the place where other people see your designing portfolio. Once you are applying for a graphic designer job or become a freelance or professional graphic designer, you can easily deliver your graphic designing portfolio to the employer.

5. Join the Design Community

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, it’s necessary to join a design community. You will always be up to date in the design world and getting feedback and criticism about your graphical artwork. A design community also does not rule out for you to get a graphic designer job information.

6. Take Photos

It is not necessary to have one of the best digital cameras, but you can also use one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras or s smartphone camera to simply photograph any object that inspires you. It could be a building, texture, or even a shadow. They really work for your reference as a designer.

7. Create Some Counterfeit Projects

To add to your portfolio, create some counterfeit projects like creating a fake brand for a company or creating a wedding brochure for a bridge couple. Create logo designs, posters, or website designs will certainly make your creativity work without limitations.

8. Re-design the Works of Other Designers

Do not want to create counterfeit brands for design? Well, make some tryings to re-design someone else’s project is a good idea to improve your graphic designing skills. With this way, you can evaluate their mistakes and get the idea of what you can do to make the design looks better.

9. Re-design Your Old Artworks

Don’t delete the worst design artwork you made, because sometime you will need to re-create the old design you made you think it’s bad. You will learn and realize how little your designing skills are or the mistakes of your old designs. No need to be embarrassed to have a work that you think it’s bad because that’s where you’ll learn and if you can re-design it better. Then, re-designing will improve your skill.

10. Follow Design Seminars

In addition to learning from other people’s books or blogs, it is advisable for you to occasionally attend design seminars. You will definitely learn one or two new meaningful lessons from a seminar.

11. Socialize with Other Graphic Designers

It’s not enough to follow the design community and following some design seminars. You will need also to build a good relationship with any graphic designer whether it’s a pro or amateur. You will definitely meet other graphic designers. Try to get acquainted and exchange social media address. Having a wide designers network will improve your graphic designing skills.

12. Take a Design Class or Course

Many local colleges or courses allow you to attend classes without studying the full-time graphic study program. Or, online graphic design certification would be a goo alternative. This is mandatory if you want to become a professional designer who has a graphic design certificate.

13. Interview Other Graphic Designers

After getting the contacts of other professional graphic designers, interview them either directly or indirectly. Chat or meet them. You will definitely get an amazing experience from them.

14. Travelling

If you have the fund and time, go out of town or even abroad. You will discover new things and learn a lot from your journey. You will see a new culture and new design artwork. It will open your mind to the design world.

15. Learn New Things

To become a good graphic designer is not easy. Do a lot of efforts and do not stop learning! By continuing to learn new things, your abilities will continue to increase unconsciously.

16. Take Some Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks will help you work through ideas quickly and without the limitations of design software. And again, with a sketchbook, you can describe the idea wherever you are.

How do you think? Does it difficult to become a skillful graphic designer like a pro? If you make a graphic designer as your profession, you will definitely continue to do good things. Good luck, Designer!

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