The 4 Things You Need To Consider Before Joining an Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is an internet marketing program that involves the product owners and marketers. In an affiliate program, the marketers will help to sell the products of the company. The marketers will earn commission on any product they sell. The amount of commission they get based on the affiliate agreement that is previously agreed upon.

The affiliate program is one of the preferable ways to make money online for bloggers. To join an affiliate program, you can either register directly through the official website of a company or join an affiliate network such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Webgains, or ImpactRadius.

As a blogger, joining some affiliate programs could be a great way to make money online using a blog. However, before joining an affiliate, you need to consider some important things in order to get the benefit. Because joining an affiliate program, you have to promote their products, in which making a sale takes a lot of efforts. So, you’ll get off from scam affiliate program and vain efforts.

Therefore, consider the following things to before joining an affiliate program.

1. The Payment Methods

Before signing up to an affiliate network or program, make sure you check what payment methods available on the affiliate network or program. If the affiliate program does not support any available payment method for your country, then don’t join the affiliate program. Instead, if you are really interested in selling a product, you may contact the affiliate manager of the company. Ask if they could process your commission payment using an alternative payment method.

Knowing the available payment methods on an affiliate program is really important as you will be able to withdraw your earnings.

Here are some of the most popular payment methods used by affiliate companies. But make sure you an account on them before signing up to the affiliate program:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer

2. Minimum Payment Threshold

The minimum payout of an affiliate program is one of the most common reasons why so many newbie affiliate marketers give up. Unlike conventional advertising network, most affiliate programs pay you when you reach a minimum payment threshold at $50. There are many affiliate networks have the minimal payment threshold more than $50 as a requirement to be eligible to withdraw your commissions. Moreover, some affiliate programs would forfeit your balance when within a certain time you don’t reach the minimum payment threshold.

So, make sure you will be able to reach the minimum threshold payment. Despite getting 2 or 3 sales, you will not eligible to get paid if you don’t reach the minimum payment threshold. It is recommended to not join any affiliate network if you have not enough traffic to make meaningful online sales. If you want to start an online besiness that rely on your blog, then make sure your basic seo skills and content marketing strategy are ready.

By not knowing the minimum payment threshold beforehand would make many marketers feel cheated when they did the hard work to make some sales. Whereas, such feeling is due to the fault of marketers because they don’t check the minimum payment threshold of the affiliate program they are joining to.

3. The Affiliate Product or Network Reputation

Before signing up an affiliate program, always check carefully whether you are marketing a product or professional service that is really needed by many people. For example, if you have your local SEO targets UK people, then it will be more profitable to market some UK local service professionals rather than joining an affiliate program which offers USA local service professionals. So, be certain your blog niche is appropriate to the product you promote.

Furthermore, always check the reviews from other bloggers who join an affiliate program or network that you would like to join. Their reviews are really helpful for you to know whether an affiliate program is reliable and legit. You can search the information on forums or on some website which the owners recount their experiences after joining the affiliate program.

Most affiliate programs are new, and they usually offer a big commission. But many of them also would not pay your commissions. Because such companies don’t want to lose money. They usually have an easy requirement for marketers to register on their affiliate program. So, be sure to join a well-known and reliable affiliate network to avoid any scam.

4. Cookie Lifetime

Another thing that will benefit online marketers is the long cookie lifetime of an affiliate link on browsers. Usually, they give cookie with a span of 30 days – 90 days in web browsers. A long lifetime cookie of an affiliate link will allow you have the opportunity to make ales. Because most of the visitors will not immediately buy a product online after clicking an affiliate link. Moreover, if the company provides a sales commission although they ultimately purchase a product from the company’s website other than the product that you recommend them.

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