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Computer Performance Test

There are so many reasons why a computer crashes. The easiest way to find out the main cause, you need to test your computer’s hardware performance using the best computer performance test software. A crashed computer may not be always the operating system as the main cause. In many cases, the main cause was also on a specific hardware such as a processor, graphic card, RAM, etc.

There are a number of specific hardware tools which are the major components of a computer. Each of them could be the main cause of a crashed computer. One of which might be the Hard Disk, the Processor, the Memory or RAM, the Power Supply, or the Graphic Card. As a preventive action towards a trouble on those components, a good idea is by attempting a computer performance test. It is important to do, especially for the main parts of computer hardware. You may do it manually, but for common people, diagnosing a computer problem is rather difficult.

To determine the condition of your computer hardware, a computer hardware testing tool can help you to test your computer hardware condition. Therefore, you can prevent any serious problem occur on your computer to prevent computer crash. The preventive action is also another good way to save your important data, instead of backing up your computer. Moreover, if the computer is the center of a network. Read also about network topology. Do computer performance test periodically to prevent any crash on your computer using the best computer performance test software. If you share your WiFi network, I recommend you to read our topic about how to check WiFi network usage.

Best Computer Performance Test Software and Tips

Here we are to discover how to test computer hardware performance. Follow the tips to test computer performance below and some simple reviews for a number of best computer performance test software to test your computer’s hardware performance.

1. Check the RAM

Check the RAM of your computer whether installed properly or not. In checking a running computer’s RAM, you are to find out any technical problem whether or not the slot of the RAM is still working well in the gripping memory module. If the module is fine, then your RAM may be broken. Another test on RAM performance is to test the computer’s hardware speed by using Memtes86 and Memory Diagnostic Tool. Both of those RAM diagnostic tools are useful to find out your RAM condition.

2. Check the Hard Disk

Although most of Hard Disk products are equipped with SMART (Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) that will at least giving you a warning before the Hard Disk failed completely. With such a function, you are able to save your important data to the computer. However, a good idea is to take initiative to check it before any such warning comes up. To check the hard disk, you can use a hadr disk checker software such as Error Checking Tool, CrystalDiskInfo or HDDScan. They are working to determine the condition of your Hard Disk. To use the Error Checking Tool, right-click on the drive in Windows Explorer and select “Properties”> “Tools”> “Check now”. Make sure you check the box for “Automatically fix file system errors” and then click “Start”.

3. Check the Processor Temperature

Processor is the heart of a computer. If any problem persists on the computer, it can cause the computer does not functioning at all. Most of the problems on processor are caused by overheating. Therefore, you should take care of the temperature of your computer. You can use SpeedFan to test your computer processor’s temperature. If your computer uses an Intel Processor, then you can use the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool to check your processor condition.

Read also: Tips to prevent overheating on a laptop.

4. Check the Graphic Card

You can test your computer graphic card by using FurMark to diagnose how stable your graphics card is. The tool also useful in checking the temperature of your graphic card. If there is any technical problem that is concerning to software, try to update its driver. However, if the problem comes due to using an up to date driver, you can also back to the old version of the driver. In many cases, the newest driver of FurMark was still unsupported.

5. Test the Power Supply

A good idea to test the power supply if you are using hardware components that consumes more electricity power. High-power consuming hardware components includes a high-end graphic card, or you are installing multiple drives on your PC. If so, you should test whether the Power Supply supports the condition of your computer. Download Belarc Advisor to check in detail some specifications of your computer. After that, visit and enter the results of the Belarc Advisor to PSU Wattage Calculator. You can find out how many watts are supposed to be supplied by the Power Supply.

To conclude, those five simple tips could help you to check your computer hardware performance. You have to do computer hardware testing periodically as the preventive action towards something crash on your computer. You might also like to read how to check a computer security score. Finally, with such a manner, you are protecting the important data on your computer.

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