Best Entry-Level DSLR Cameras for Beginners that Provide an Interactive User Guide

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Best Entry-Level DSLR Cameras for Beginners

DSLR camera is a preferable type of camera for professional photographers. However, it does not mean to rule out a beginner photographer should not using DSLR camera. You might want to find the best DSLR cameras for beginners and choosing the one that meets your photo taking needs. So, this article could be a useful reference for you to decide one of the best DSLR cameras for you to learn photography.

There are many entry-level DSLR cameras which are already adapted for novice photographers. If you are serious to dive to the photography world, you should learn photography using a DSLR camera. Therefore, the following list is the best entry-level DSLR cameras for beginners that provide an interactive user guide.

The Best Entry-Level DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Most of the entry-level DSLR cameras below are considered as the best DSLR Cameras for beginners based on the ease of use, photo taking guide, and advanced features such as sensor type, ISO speed, price, and so on. Here’s the list of the best entry-level DSLR cameras for beginners.

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Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300

Nikon D3300 is relatively not too expensive DSLR camera for beginners. But the features make this product becomes the most preferred DSLR camera for beginners to learn how to use DSLR in the real photography practices. D3300 supports APS-C AMOS sensor at 24.2 MP. Recently the price of Nikon D3300 is around USD $ 319.00 on the market.

This camera is capable of minimizing the noise up to ISO 3200 and equipped with an anti-aliasing filter that can help you to make a photo looks really sharp. The Guide Mode of Nikon D3300 is a considerable feature which is as the excellence if compared to other entry-level DSLR cameras. Nikon D3300 is a great camera for a beginner to learn photo taking techniques because it provides the real-time explanations of its important features.

Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200If you are looking an entry-level DSLR camera with a price lower than Nikon D3300, then you can consider the Nikon D3200. The type of its camera sensor is still the same to Nikon D3300, the APS-C AMOS at 24.2 MP.

The shooting speed of this camera is fast enough for an entry-level DSLR camera, which is at 5fps. The price is one the most considerable things when choosing Nikon D3200 as your camera to learn how to use DSLR camera.

Canon EOS 750D (Rebel T6i)

Canon EOS 750D (Rebel T6i)The charm of Canon EOS 750D becomes the attractiveness for many beginners in using DSLR camera. This camera supports APS-C AMOS sensor at 24.2 MP, which is similar to Nikon D3300 and D3200. It supports Wi-Fi, NFC, and a high capacity battery. With the support of a high ISO sensitivity in Canon EOS 750D, makes this DSLR camera capable of producing amazing pictures and minimizing the noise in taking photos at a low lighting location.

Canon makes a responsive touch screen on this entry-level DSLR camera. Its comprehensive control and excellence image quality make Canon EOS 750D as a considerable DSLR camera for beginners to learn using DSLR camera.

Nikon D5500

Nikon D5500One of the strongest competitors to Canon EOS 750D is the Nikon D5500. This camera is the first Nikon DSLR camera that supports touch screen in controlling the camera. Moreover, this DSLR camera embeds built-in Wi-Fi.

Nikon D5500 comes with an APS-C AMOS at a 24.2 MP of resolution. Seems Nikon designs this DSLR camera to be user-friendly for beginners. The quality of photo results of Nikon D5500 makes this camera as the tough rival to the Canon EOS 750D.

Nikon D5300

Nikon D5300

This DSLR camera is one of the predecessor versions of Nikon D5500. Nikon D5300 supports APS-C sensor at a 24.2 MP of resolution. Similarly, the performance of Nikon D5300 is similar to the Nikon D5500. However, this DSLR camera has no touch screen control.

Instead, you can enjoy its GPS feature. You can bring the Nikon D5300 home at a price around USD $ 530.20 on the market.

Canon EOS 700D (Rebel T5i)

Canon EOS 700D (Rebel T5i)Without any doubt, the quality Canon DSLR cameras are really excellent. If you prefer to use Canon branded DSLR camera, you can consider buying Canon EOS 700D, which is one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras. As an enthusiast in photography, considering Canon EOS 700D is a good idea, as it is highly ergonomic and supports a very responsive 3-inch touch screen.

There is a 9-point autofocus system that complements the features of Canon EOS 700D. However, you cannot enjoy Wi-Fi built-in camera on this camera. The price of Canon EOS 700D is really affordable, which is around USD $ 476.39 on the market.

Canon EOS 1200D (Rebel T5)

Canon EOS 1200D Rebel T5

The price of Canon EOS 1200D is relatively very cheap if comparing to the other entry-level DSLR cameras. The Canon EOS 1200D is sold only at a price of USD $ 359.00. In addition to the cheap price, the features and specifications of this camera are really good to support your photo taking practices.

This camera comes with an APS-C AMOS sensor with a resolution of 18 MP with a shooting speed at 3fps. The reason why Canon EOS 1200D is suitable for beginners is because the camera supports a built-in help guide that can give you some important guidelines to use the features of this DSLR camera.

Pentax K-50

Pentax K-50You need to spend around USD $ 605.49 to bring home the Pentax K-50. It’s one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras for beginners, which is a perfect choice for beginners to learn using DSLR camera. The camera sensor is APS-C AMOS at 16.3 MP of resolution.

Pentax K-50 is a multi-terrain DSLR camera. It means you can use the Pentax K-50 under the rain. However, you need to use a special lens to be able to use this camera in any terrain. Pentax K-50 is equipped with Shake Reduction, which is useful to cut the shake on the camera, so it can produce the best photo quality.

Sony Alpha A58

Sony Alpha a58In case you are trapped in the competition between Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, why not to consider a DSLR camera from Sony? Sony Alpha A58 is a viable alternative DSLR camera for it supports an electronic viewfinder. The autofocus of this camera is really fast and effective.

All you need to take into account from Sony Alpha A58 is that’s a semi-DSLR camera. However, the Sony Alpha A58 is already providing an APS-C AMOS sensor with a 20.1 MP of resolution.  You can buy a Sony Alpha A58 at USD $ 598.00 on the market.

Pentax K-S1

Pentax K-S1

As a photography enthusiast, you certainly need a camera that is capable of reducing noise in the photograph. Penta K-S1 is one of the best entry-level DSLR cameras for beginners that can drown out the noise, so the result would be suitable for the use in a low light location.

Penta K-S1 supports an APS-C AMOS sensor with a 20.1 MP of resolution. Additionally, the Pentax K-S1 also provides anti-aliasing filter that can sharpen your photo results. Just like the Pentax K-50, this camera also features Shake Reduction.

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As a beginner, finding a proper entry-level DSLR camera can make you more proficient in the field of photography. Because, besides practicing in taking the picture of any object, the quality of a camera you use also contributes to making you more proficient in the art of photography.

Quick tips for you in case you want to buy an entry-level DSLR camera. If you do not know the details of the photography skills, then you should choose a DSLR camera that comes with clear guidelines when you are using the camera. But need also to adjust your budget the price of the camera of your choice.

However, if you are still uncertain with a DSLR camera, then you can also choose a simple mirrorless camera.

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