The Best Free Accounting Software to Support Your Business

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The best free accounting software.

Generally, accounting Software has the functions to help accounting jobs in getting an automatic balance sheet, payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and so on. Therefore, some accounting software developers are trying their efforts to deliver the best free accounting software programs which are capable of accounting calculations accurately. So, this article will describe the list of the best free accounting software programs you can use to support your business. Instead, the are also good tools to support financial calculations in learning accounting for beginners. The best criterions of the accounting software that become the determinants are the user-friendly, easy-to-manage and its capabilities.

Meanwhile, there are still many other accounting software programs that would be better than the list of the best free accounting software below along with the development of accounting software. In a meantime, here’s the final review of the accounting software. However, there will be always keeping evolving for the software development projects in order to suit the business accounting needs. The following are the best free accounting software you can compare in choosing the one that is really capable of supporting your accounting activities and solving your complex accounting problems in the real accounting business or learning.

The List of the Best Free Accounting Software

Apache OFBiz

A Great and Flexible Accounting Software Program, Apache OFBiz

OFBiz stands for Open for Business. It’s an accounting application of a company that is built by using data, logic, and components process that are generally in use. Apache OFBiz is highly Flexible and the customizable applications make each of the components easy to understand. OFBiz makes it possible for developers to easily and efficiently develop and maintain the applications according to the needs of business.

Apache OFBiz offers a lot of accounting functionalities such as Agreement, Invoice, Vendor Management, and General Ledger. Besides accounting functionalities, this accounting software also supports other great business accounting calculation in terms of Asset Maintenance, Catalog and Product Management, Warehouse Facilities and Management, Manufacturing, Electronic commerce (eCommerce), auto stock replenishment, Order Processing, Inventory Management. It also capable of helping you in doing Business Management Work, Content (CMS), Project Management, Sales Force Automation, an Electronic point of sale (EPOS), human resources (HR), etc.


Good Accounting Software for Small Business

If you are looking for a personal accounting software that works greatly to support your small business accounting activities, you can consider GnuCash. It’s a free accounting application under the GNU GPL license and is available for GNU/Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows OS.

Gnucash is Designed to be user-friendly, yet powerful and flexible. It’s one of the best accounting software that allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, revenue, and expenses. You can use this accounting software quickly and intuitively in its checkbook register functionality according to the professional accounting principles in ensuring a balance sheet and accurate reporting.


The Best Accounting software, Grisbi

It’s another personal accounting application that runs under GNU/Linux and Windows. Grisbi is released under the GPL setup license. This software delivers simple and intuitive user-experience. This freeware is categorized as a basic software program. However, the capabilities are really powerful to support your accounting activities.

You can manage multiple accounts and currencies on Grisbi. This software makes you possible to regulate third party expenditures and acceptance categories. Besides that, this accounting software also supports budget lines, financial years, and other information that make it sufficiently to be customized for associations (except for those who require a double entry accounting).


A user-friendly HomeBank

If you are looking for a user-friendly HomeBank, you may also consider HomeBank. This accounting software is capable of analyzing your business financial in detail by the help of its powerful filtering tools. The financial graph results are also quite interesting. Because HomeBank has been running as long as 14 years based on the user experience and feedback, now this software program is really capable. The development of HomeBank began in 1995 under Amiga team. This accounting software is available for 50 languages on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, and MacOSX.


You can consider JGnash to support your business accounting

Another personal finance JGnash. It’s a cross-platform accounting software based on Java coding. JGnash is a double entry system with the support of multiple currencies for accounting calculation. JGnash is capable of importing GnuCash and QIF files.


The best accounting software, KMyMoney.

This is also another personal accounting software, which is suitable for finance accounting manager support. KmyMoney is accounting software for KDE. The system of KMyMoney operates just like the way Microsoft Money works, which is available for more than one account.  KMyMoney is one of the best free accounting software that is capable of cost and earnings categorization and bank account reconciliation. This software can import/export from and to “QIF” file format.


And Open Source accounting software, LedgerSMB.

If you are an accounting software developer or would like to learn developing accounting software, then you can consider LedgerSMB. It is an open source financial accounting program. In the 1.2 version offers a solid AR, AP, and GL tracking and also inventory control. LedgerSMB works well on UNIX platforms including Linux, BSD, Apple OS X, and on Windows. Besides that, the accounting functionalities are really capable too.


The SQL-Ledger Accounting Software

You are considering a double entry system accounting software, you can use SQL-Ledger. The accounting data will be stored on the SQL database server. Meanwhile, to display text or GUI browser, SQL-Ledger is really capable as an independent platform and runs on NIX, Mac, and Windows computer. You can access SQL-Ledger remotely from everywhere.


Free accounting Software, Turbocash.

Another best free accounting software from Philip Copeman project team, a South African developer team. They have been continuously developing TurboCash since April 1985. Then, this accounting software was released under the GNU General Public License in July 2003.

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