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Best Free Screen Recorder Software

Trying to perfectly describe a situation where someone finding out a solution for his or her PC can be hard. Sometimes it may happen due to not getting to use the best keyword to look for a search engine. An image can be valued at a lot of sayings. You can apply on an image by delivering a PC screenshot of an error using one of these best free screen recorder software. So, that way could make it easy for the helper to know the issue and present a practical answer to get rid of anyone’s problem. Basically, a screenshot will be partially effective considering that it only illustrates the situation however it is not the ways to mirror the problem. A more effective solution to show the condition is by recording the screen and deliver the video to someone you trust to help you.

Luckily, screen recorder software products for PC have been really simplified now. It made easy all the way through many years of analysis and improvement. As a result, the user may be capable of undertaking it by means of simply a few steps. The following you will see ten software or online services to record your PC screen for absolutely free. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which means be sure that you test them all out to identify which the most preferred that suit your screen recording need.

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List of Best Free Screen Recorder Software

1. Screencast-O-Matic

Screenomatic previewThis best free screen recorder software is one of most favorite screen recording application which many people are using it to make video presentations. Screencast-O-Matic was formerly an online service that works on Java but this screen recorder has grown to be a hybrid tool in which it can also be set up and run on PC. The free version enables you to record in fifteen minutes and offers a watermark to the video. You can submit the outcomes to Screencast-O-Matic or Youtube. You can save the video to your PC as AVI, MP4, AVI, or animated GIF. The free version also has features such as to record sound for the video, webcam or specify the location that you would like to capture. It has video editing function and there are additional features in the PRO version. For the paid version you can subscribe with $15 per year.

2. ScreenCastle

Screencastle PreviewThis best free online screen recorder tool runs on Java, and you can record video with is no limit of time and it also provides watermark. ScreenCastle allows you to record audio and lay down the area to be taken. After finish recording video, you can directly download the video. Even though this screen recorder service does not come with many additional functions, but it can be one of the most easily online tools or services to use.

3. Screenr

Screenr PreviewThe Screenr objective is to grab business type of clients with the paid version or PRO plan. The price starts with USD$19 / month. Nevertheless, there is the free version with so many capabilities. Screenr is an online screen recorder tool. It runs on Java and you can only record your screen video for only 5 minutes per video. You can also specify the area to capture and also your mic. Before you start recording your screen, you need to sign in with Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Yahoo or Windows Live ID. To create an account is really easy and absolutely free. Additionally, it allows you to download the video as MP4 format or share to YouTube immediately after submitting the screen video to Screenr.

4. Jing

Jing PreviewThis is another one of best free screen recorder for PC. Jing is a sibling of Camtasia that developed by Techmith. This software is a well-known and good screen recorder. This software allows you to record about 5 minutes and but you cannot edit your video. When screenshot recording, it is quite a basic picture editing software in adding text, highlight, arrow, and text. It allows you to save the video or picture capture on PC or you can upload to For the easy way to share your screen video or image online, you need to register to get an account.

5. HyperCam 2

Hypercam 2 PreviewNow the version 2 of HyperCam is offered for free, while is currently being maintained and sold by a different company. HyperCam 2 is a screen recorder software that developed by the makers of the good screenshot tool named HyperSnap. This free screen recording tool allows you to record screen and audio on its translucent windows. In addition, the most useful feature of this software is that you can move the taken area. As a result, the outcomes are stored as AVI files and this tool does not support video editing. Read the disclaimer carefully before the installation starts because it prompts to install adware as other freeware usually also do.

6. CamStudio

Camstudio PreviewCamStudio is an open source software from RenderSoft. This screen recorder software is very popular. Although CamStudio improvement looks like to have fallen to a complete modification that it was previous modified two years ago. The application comes with its own specific functions like recording audio from sound systems, utilizing a specialized mouse cursor, it works automatically by comes after the mouse cursor when specifying the region to be captured. Read also how to record computer screen using CamStudio. This application can also as an alternative to the best free sound recording software if you are not focusing on producing high quality of sound. Therefore, it allows you to save the video recording in SWF format by switching from AVI video. Before installing this free screen recorder software, first, you need to install VIsual C++ 2008 runtime parts.


SCREEN2EXE previewThis free screen recorder software is a bit different. SCREEN2EXE allows you to record your screen and you can run the output file on the software without the need of other media player program or Codecs on the PC. One more unique function is it converts the file size reduced by taking out the same structures. It has editing options such as attaching image, zoom, annotation, delay, cut clip, mosaic, and audio-redub.

8. Bandicam

Bandicam PreviewYou can record your screen for 10 minutes per video by using Bandicam. This free screen recorder is actually a shareware. Its watermark feature is a good choice than Fraps. You can store the outputs as AVI video file format. Bandicam allows you record the screen of the video game by way of utilizing DirectX or OpenGL connecting. Furthermore, you can use it in a slow speed PC, because this free screen recording software consumes quite a bit processor intake.

9. Webinaria

Webinaria PreviewWebinaria is a free screen recorder for PC. If you are a programmer, you can develop Webinaria, because it is an open source screen recorder that allows you to record your desktop screen, image, and audio but there is no watermark. You can record your desktop screen with no time limitation. You can save your work on webinaria screen recording can as AVI or FLV format or you also can submit directly to Webinaria’s site. By using its simple video editing, you can add text to the screen recordings.

10. ActivePresenter

Activepresenter PreviewComparing to those nine best free screen recorder software above, ActivePresenter is the most worthwhile one not having watermark or duration limit. ActivePresenter consists of 3 versions. The free version has many features. It also supports screenshot feature. The video formats of the recordings are WebM, MP4, WMV, and AVI. In addition, by the timeline of its video editor, you can easily how to learn how to edit the screen video. It supports you to insert note or comment by using its video editor feature such as highlight, shape, text, spotlight, etc. Its connections include mouse clicks, hover, text boxes, mouse hover and you also able to connect key strokes to it.

11. Apowersoft

Apowersoft Free Online Screen RecorderApowersoft is a free online screen recorder software from Apowersoft Ltd. To quickly record your computer screen, you just need to visit the official site and then click the start recording button. This online tool is good for you if you are in an urgent condition when you have no time to install an offline PC screen recorder. Apowersoft has great features which allow you to record video in versatile ways, edit screencast in real time, and save and share videos easily. Instead of the online screen recorder, you can also download it’s desktop version. If you are sharing videos to YouTube, ShowMore, etc frequently, this online tool is best for you.

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After all, you now may choose one of those best free screen recorder software. Some of the reviews above may be describing such features that meet your screen recording need. Some of them may be upgrade-able which is cost you a bit or a bunch of bucks.


It is recommended for you to try some of them until you find your best free screen recorder. After that, you may uninstall or remove ones which are not meet your need to keep your Operating System clean. Otherwise, you may also keep some of the software on your PC if its features important for you.

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