5 Best Free Sound Recording Software for Music Recording Workout

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The Best Free Sound Recording Software

You can find so many free sound recording software programs on the internet. But you will choose one that is more suitable for your sound recording and editing tasks if you carefully read their review first. Free software tools have usually come in a form of a trial version of its premium plan, standalone applications, or gutted versions of its premium.  They are all working, but a standalone software is usually produced and released simultaneously along with an annoying malware to show a third party’s advertisements.

To improve your multimedia skills, you will absolutely need a sound recording and editing software. But, as a new learner, it is recommended to use the free version of sound recording software at the start of your personalized learning phase. So, after trying some free sound recording software programs, you would then know which one is the best free sound recording software that fits your multimedia needs. So, read the short review one by one and choose one that meets your sound recording learning needs. Otherwise, you can try them all to have a more feature-complete collection from this best free sound recording software list.

1. WavePad from NCH

The interface of WavePad sound editing software

If you are looking or an easy-to-use sound editing software, WavePad is a must on your PC. It’s a multi-platform multimedia software that is really capable of editing and recording sound. The main things that make this sound recording software better than the other apps are its user-friendliness and have audio effects and filters. Beginners are advisedly using this application as its interface and tools are easy-to-use. But this audio recording software is also really capable for professional multimedia tasks.

WavePad is really capable of editing and recording audio. It’s a free software from NCH for some useful sound editing tools. But if you often handle more complex sound editing tasks, consider buying some powerful add-ons for this audio recording software. Its competitive price, easy-to-use, and compatibility with various types of audio files become the main considerations most people use this multimedia software. This application makes it possible for you to record sound, compress audio files, convert from an audio file format to another format, text-to-speech conversion, and many other audio editing tasks for entertainment needs.

2. Presonus Studio One Free from PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc

Presonus Studio One Free
The preview of Presonus Studio One Free

Presonus Studio One is a Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) software that available for Windows and Mac OS X. You can get its free version from the official website at studioone.presonus.com. Why is Presonus Studio One free? This sound recording software is free because it is actually produced for startup music recording learners. With its free version, beginners can learn and adjust to the real complex DAW software. It means they don’t really need to buy the paid version. Once you are sure enough on your audio recording skills, you can buy its premium version that full great sound recording and editing features.

Presonus Studio One Features

Presonus Studio One Free is free audio recording software that is best in recording guitar sound, Midi, and input any model. Surely this is enough for you as a beginner in music recording or to do a home recording with ease. You can simply plug your guitar cable into the computer, or if you use an external audio interface, then you just plug it into the input interface and connect to the studio on software either via USB or firewire.

This software is one of the best free sound recording software that supports VST plugin. It is useful for you if you have a guitar rig 5 with AmpliTube wear. You can open any VST in Studio One and you can use it as the guitar amps or digital guitar effects, for example adding digital distortion sound from your computer.

Presonus Studio One free download version has its built-in VST that includes guitar amps and midi for drum and other musical instruments. So, if you are creative enough in stringing guitar sound, you actually do not need additional guitar effects software like Guitar Rig. It’s because the Studio One provides the effect setting combination that you can be used in creating distortion, delay, flanger, etc.  Also, do not need to buy midi drum software like EZ Drummer. It is enough by using the Studio One free’s existing features.

Presonus Studio One also supports mixing and mastering. The built-in VST feature is also equipped with an equalizer for mixing and mastering. To produce a final good quality song output, you are not only using it to record and composing sounds. But, you need to mix the song tracks, for example, you add some effects to improve the musical compound and the audio quality for CD standard songs. Then, you need the mastering process by using this sound recording software. All mixing and mastering functionalities are also available in the free version of studio one.

3. Audacity from Audacity Team

Free Sound Recording Software Audacity
Audacity Preview

Audacity is a free sound recording and editing software that available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This sound recording software was developed by two engineers at Carnegie Mellon University in the late ‘90s. It is an open-source application for PC that can help you to edit and compile podcasts (downloadable digital audio files) to convert vinyl record into a digital format of files.

The compatibility of this sound recording software is also solid. It’s because this software can instantly install and run Audacity in almost all versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. This PC sound recording software functionalities consist of multi-track recording functions and some advanced effects such as removing noise function, stretching time function, and correcting pitch function. This free sound recording software also supports several third-party plugins. You can develop and use your own plugin and you can share or sell your own plugins too if you have some.

However, one disadvantage for the Audacity is its destructive editing. The track effects change its native waveform. To adjust the effects, firstly you need to undo the application entirely. This sound recording software supports unlimited undo commands, but they are not as attractive as assisting editing. It’s capability to show effects an adjustment in real time is not so good. Notwithstanding these problems, this audio recording software is still one of the most widely used software in audio editing end recording. People use this sound recording software because it’s easy to use and also free.

4. REAPER from Cockos

Free Audio Recording Software REAPER
REAPER Preview

The Cockos REAPER was developed by Justin Frankel and his team. Justin Frankel also developed some popular software the Winamp media player software. The REAPER is the abbreviation for Rapid Environment for Audio Prototyping and Efficient Recording. This free sound recording software has many features and capabilities. Its features and capabilities rival high-end DAWs.

Although this free sound recording software has prodigious features, it is harder to learn to take control of its functions and capabilities compared to other audio recording software such as Audacity. It is why Cockos encourages you to use the software for free before buying the license. This software allows you to customize anything on the program.

Cockos REAPER comes with hundreds of built-in tools and effects and you can also integrate this software with VST plugins. This free sound recording software is available for Windows and MAC operating systems.

5. Zynewave Podium Free

The Best Free Sound Recording Software Zyneweave Podium Free
Zyneweave Podium Free Preview

Zynewave Podium is available for Windows and Mac OS S computers. This sound recording software was developed by Frits Nielsen. Frits Nielsen is a programmer and he is the former of user interface designer with TC Electronic. He left the job to develop recording software by established a company named Zynewave in the early ‘90s. The paid version of Podium by Zynewave is a complete DAW program with the price at $50. It supports many advanced audio recording and editing features, some of them such as 64-bit sound engine, VST, MIDI, and it also supports third-party plugin compatibility.

The free version of this sound recording software has some limitations. The multiprocessing features and surround-sound playback features are not available in its free version. Those are becoming the obstructs of your sound recording performance. But once you learn the workflow of the Podium Free, it offers good customizations, adjustable effects, and other DAW functionalities. This software is regularly updated to fix bugs and problems.

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