6 Best Password Manager Tools for Desktop and Browser

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Secure your personal data using a password keeper tool.

Password manager tools are productivity software programs work to secure sensitive data. Ones come for either a single operating system or multi-platform. The main purpose of password manager tools is to store and secure either simple or complex passwords as well as recording them in an encrypted database to avoid your negligence in remembering passwords. People who aware that making it the same passwords for all online accounts is susceptible come into one of the password manager tools.

Therefore, having a password manager on their devices would help them entering their complex credentials securely without the need to remember one by one. Password manager software tools best for those frequently online for making transactions, filling credit cards data, email accounts, facebook accounts, cPanel, PayPal, Payoneer, affiliate network accounts and or even filling internet banking passwords. The following are the 6 best password manager software you can consider.


1Password remembers them all for you.1Password is the best password manager tool. The official site claims that this password keeper claims that the tool is available for all OSes and devices. 1Password helps you secure your online credentials and works as a password security tool as well. This productivity tool isn’t only for personal use but also for families and even large businesses.

This password manager tool assists you to facilitate your online activities by automatically filling, keeping and saving passwords and other sensitive data such as credit cards and personal data. If your online activities are highly frequent, you have to be aware of MITM or phishing which usually attack the targets by wiretapping their keyboard and or screen activities unconsciously through browser cookies or malware.

Having only anti-malware on your devices is not enough as the automatic scanner can’t detect new types of viruses those aren’t registered yet in the database. So, 1Password comes with password manager tools designed to protect all of your passwords. Its main feature for password security is the Watchtower, a guard tool that works to monitor possible threats on your devices and internet access. While its Travel Mode is a personal data security which best for cross-border trips or business travel.

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2. LastPass

LastPass is a freeware password manager that makes your browsing activities secure and easier. It is integrated with high quality encryption algorithms to keep your sensitive data remain protected and safe. No one else can decrypt your personal data other than yourself. This password manager software isn’t only has a strong password generator tool. But it can also store your passwords in the database. So, you can import your passwords from other password manager software and you are able to access and manage your passwords and personal data from multiple computers. This is a very unique and effective software program which provides add-ons for almost all popular browsers.

3. KeePass

KeePass password manager is equipped with a strong password generator.KeePass Password manager is a free and open source software. This productivity tool helps you store your passwords in a highly secure encrypted database. So, you can secure and lock all of your passwords in one master key. Then, you can open all of your personal data and information with one single master password. This password manager has also a strong password generator which does not require installation. This free software program is a very useful one that makes password management without hassle. You can manage your passwords easily and backup your personal data. This tool is available for Windows.

4. RoboForm

RoboForm password manager supports autologs and auto complete sign in and online account regristratioins.Another free password manager software, RoboForm. This tool is very reliable and safe a freeware you can use to store passwords on your PC or laptop. The password manager dashboard can be used both online and offline with smooth features and an excellent user interface. This tool doesn’t only support auto-logs to online accounts but also an auto-complete feature that can complete your online registrations automatically. When it comes to checking the registration forms using RoboForm tool, it’s done in a single click. This password management software is one of the oldest tools that uses a powerful encryption algorithm like Blowfish and AES to secure, store, and protect your important passwords and sensitive data.

5. LockCrypt

Lockscrypt is a strong password manager software.If you are looking for a free password manager, you can consider using LockCrypt. It’s a freeware password manager for Windows computers.This tool is best for storing passwords, PINs, telephone numbers, and other sensitive data. Like many other best password manager software programs, KeePass is a good account management tool that provides a secure database for your personal data. And this tool uses Cipher Block Chaining and AES encryption which are very safe and reliable. You can also use this tool to generate strong passwords for your accounts. This supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, German, and so on. The clipboard is really secure in protecting your passwords. So, you don’t have to worry of keylogger when using KeePass to enter your credentials.

6. Password Dragon

The greatest advantage of Dragon Password tool is that it has versions for Mac, Windows, and Unix because this software is written with Java language. In addition to its availability for multi-platforms, the password manager program can also be launched directly from USB thumb drive. There are many passwords and personal data management features this software can offer for you.


As you might also know that there are many technologies we can find this recent era. Ranging from banking to shopping technologies which require us using passwords or PINs. Most people have their accounts on different websites which require a strong password to access their accounts. Some websites even require us to have a strong password which extremely difficult to remember, not to mention all of the complex passwords when we have accounts on many online services. So, the right solution to easily manage and using our credentials is by using a password keeper tool.

Usually, s password keeper tool also equipped with other password management features. its features help you to save your passwords out of a risk in case someone or a technology can get access to your sensitive data. It would be worse if someone reads your banking details misuse them for something that endangers your privacy and money. So, it’s why we need a password manager to store and secure our passwords. The best password keeper is one that uses an encryption technology which the user is the one that can access it. So, choosing a good password manager software depends on your requirements in terms of personal data security needs.

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