The Best Private Browsers for Windows PC to Protect Your Internet Browsing Data

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The best privacy browsers

The internet would never give us a privacy browsing if we never care of. Just imagine, most of the people today would never separate from the internet. We need to send instant messages, web browsing, tracking locations, and even money transfer using the internet. The internet offers the way of living that is more convenient, but do you realize that there are many parties who use the data we send through the internet for their interests? Moreover, in fact, there are many cases such as privacy data theft by way of malicious spyware or keylogger abuse. So, there here we are going to discover the best private browsers for Windows PC.

The Best Private Browsers for Windows PC

You might want to find one of the best browsers that offer features for your privacy and security while browsing websites. Probably, one of the best private browsers below fits your privacy browsing requirements to hide your activity while browsing.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser

If you are worrying of different types of tracking activities on your browser from another party out there remotely, you can use Epic Privacy Browser. This browser is capable of protecting you from trackers. When you use Epic, your online activity will be hidden from Google, ISP, government, companies and many other types of data trackers.
The base of Epic Privacy Browser coding is Chromium, as same as the coding of Google Chrome. But the difference of Epic Privacy Browser with the Google Chrome is its coding modification as to remove the tracking features and this browser is associated with some privacy enhancements. Epic Browser almost has the same features as Chrome but does not support a lot of Chrome extensions.

Epic can also show you how many snoopers from other parties those are trying to track you when you are browsing using Chrome, Firefox, and IE. And one of its best features is the EpicProxy. The EpicProxy will encrypt every bit of data out of your browser. Just simply enabling the EpicProxy, it will also hide your IP address.

By default, Epic offers various features to help you keeping your privacy from the internet. The privacy features of Epic are disabling cache and history, disable DNS cache, protect from third party cookies and do not store passwords. When you exit it after browsing the internet, Epic will clear the browsing history, all visited links, temporary storage, preferences, specific sessions, media cache, favicons, indexed DB, login data, and apps & DNS cache.

The features of Epic Privacy Browser

The picture above shows how Epic shows the trackers those spying the user while browsing using Firefox. We would never know if any of them is a dangerous spying tracker. You can download Epic Browser from



Iridium privacy browser

Another chromium based privacy browser, Iridium. Iridium is a private browser with additional modifications on the user privacy section. This privacy browser provides features as same as Google Chrome, such as apps and extensions, shortcut keys, etc. For the privacy section, Iridium offers some extra features such as automatic website cookies blockade settings, Qwant as the default search engine that will not record your searching history when you are searching everything, and blocks websites that are trying to retrieve data from your computer.

Iridium improves its security by disabling the Java plugins, flash, etc. and disabling auto save passwords, DNS predictions, link auditing, auto fill, and so on. If you want to enjoy the browser, you can download it at the official website:


Tor browser preview

Basically, Tor (Total Onion Router) is one of the best private browsers which is an innovation of the cooperation between server groups to provide your privacy and security while browsing the internet. It makes it possible for you to use a set of virtual paths to connect to the destination websites.

As long as you are browsing, the session details or IP address will not be captured by any third party. You can browse the internet confidently as no one can trace your browsing activities on Tor. Tor is a privacy browser that suitable for a journalist. However, Tor is also fit other fields of activities those are often sending data over the internet.

Recently, Tor is a cross-platform browser and has a portable version as well. You can launch Tor from your USB storage device or you can take it wherever you go. Tor is capable of protecting you from data traffic analysis of third parties and intruders to track the data you send. You can download Tor browser from its official website:

There are many privacy browsers, but those are some of the best private browsers for Windows PC that which are capable of securing your personal data.

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