Choosing the Best Text Editor for Web Developers

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The best text editor for web developers.

If you want to learn web programming language, maybe you think how to build a website, and what should you use to create the program. Here we provide some references that may momentarily come in your mind, especially for those of you who want to learn web programming language. Before you start writing HTML, first you should provide an accurate coding text editor and web browser.

What is Text Editor?

Text Editor is an application that one of the functions allows web developer or designer write syntax or program code, especially for writing HTML code. There are so many text editors available for a certain Operating System that you can be used for writing HTML code, such as Notepad by Windows OS, TextEdit by Mac and Nano OS by Linux OS. Text editor is a lot different to Word Processor (Microsoft Word, King Soft, WordPerfect

Meanwhile, a browser is an application to process the display of the HTML program code you have written. Engaging a web browser is one of the requirement you must have if you want to learn web programming. You can use a default web browser from the Operating System you are using, or you may prefer another web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and so forth.

Specific Functions of Text Editor

Text Editor is not only for typing text but also for processing text maximally. One of the default applications that are provided by an Operating System is a text editor. For example, Notepad from Windows or GSM from GNOME desktop environment which is widely used by various Linux distributions. As the name implies, you can use a text editor to create or edit a simple fax file, such as a list of work today or other short notes. For programmers, a text editor can also be used to write program code.

Text editors store files in plain text format, the features of a text editor are not as many as word processor applications like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer. For example, you can not insert a digital image (.jpg, .png, and so on) in the text editor, or there’s no a feature for creating tables, adjusting margins or paragraph formats in HTML, and so on. The standard features found in the text editor search, find, replace, cut, copy, paste, undo, and other simple functions.


Text files have been widely used until today. All of the source of codes from various programming languages such as .php (PHP), .cpp (C ++), py (Python), or markup languages such as .html and .xml, are all text files. You can also make some text files for documentation, for example for a readme .txt file in an application, or as a configuration file such as PHP programming language. The PHP configuration file is the setting for a web server.

Therefore, it’s why the default Windows text editor, Notepad is not enough for some web developers. In case a web programmer often opens more than one files at a time, so, instead of running multiple default Notepad windows, he would prefer to use a text editor that supports multiple tabs to open more than one files, and only switch to another tab to edit a different file.

One of the best text editor applications that support a lot of features and functions is Notepad++. Notepad++ is a free software program. But not only programmers can take advantage of Notepad++ features. Novice users sometimes require some special functions from Notepad ++ for some works.

Searching a Word in Many Files or Folders

In processing the large text, the find/search feature is mandatory for a text editor. Certainly, it’s easy to open a file in a text editor and search for a word using the find/search function. But what if you want to find any file that contains a particular word. Opening the files one by one is certainly a troublesome activity, but most of the novice computer users do that. With the help of Notepad++, you can execute such searching quickly using search menu.

You can search a word in more than one files using Notepad++ by entering its”Find in files” feature or using a shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F. There are quite many options available on Notepad++, such as whether the search filters are restricted to all (*. *) file formats or files with certain extensions, search in subfolders, and so on.

Sorting Data

Sorting data activity often works with numerics (numbers), such as sorting numbers from the largest to the smallest and vice versa, sorting the data alphabetically, and so on.

You can also sort data from the largest alphabets to the smallest alphabets by selecting the Edit menu, Line Operations, Sort Lines in Descending Order. Also, you can sort some data by selecting only a portion of the text and selecting that menu, which will only sort a particular area of the text you are selecting.

Comparing Two Files

The next function of text editor is to compare two files. Suppose you have two files that at a glance look same, but some differences are comparing the both files’ content which might be difficult to trace manually. Again, you can use the feature of a text editor to compare and show the differences between those two files. Such feature is there in Notepad++ in the form of a plugin. To install the plugin, run Notepad++ and select Plugins menu, Plugins Manager, Show Plugin Manager. The Plugins Manager window will appear. Then, select the Available tab and tick the Compare option, and click the install button.

After the plugin installation process has been finished and Notepad ++ runs again, then you are going to open the two files you want to compare. Next, select Plugins menu, Compare or to make it simple use the Alt + D shortcut.

You can also compare the two files manually by selecting one of the tabs, right-click, and choose the Move to another View menu. This way will command the Notepad++ to set the display the content of the files in two sides so you can compare hem easily. To restore it as before, select the same menu again. You can also set to be able to scroll down or up both sides simultaneously by selecting the View menu.

Some other Best Text Editor Applications

Choosing the best text editor that fits your web designing works, we suggest the following text editor applications wich are good for writing program code for beginner programming language learners.

Sublime Text Editor

Sublime Tex EditorThere are a lot of programmers worldwide choosing Sublime Text Editor. This text editor application has an elegant look with its brownish color. Sublime Text Editor is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Atom is a good text editor for web developers.Quite similar to Sublime Text Editor, but Atom is a bit heavier. Atom is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


Brackets text editorThis text editor has its specific criteria and almost the same as the Atom. Brackets text editor is available Mac, Windows, and Linux Platforms.


Netbeans text editorIf we talk about the most favorite text editor for programmers, Netbeans is one of them. It’s heavier than the other text editors mentioned above. One of the most reliable things from Netbeans is the display of the code is written more neatly.

Those text editors above can be used to write HTML code, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and some other program codes for a desktop.

Finally, before you start learning web programming language, choose one of them that fits your web browser to run program code.

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