5 Best Ways to Prepare for GMAT Test for Beginner

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If you’ve considered and decided to take GMAT test, it’s a cool choice. Then, the next step is to prepare for GMAT test. Definitely, not everyone prepares GMAT test the same way. But the most important thing first; which exam should you take between GMAT or GRE test?  I hope you know what’s the right admission test and what’s the reason you need to take GMAT.

The purpose of getting some sort of ways to prepare for GMAT on this article is to discover what suits you. A good way to do this is by looking at some available options for you in your GMAT prep. The following we are outlining some GMAT prep options you can choose;

GMAT Prep Class

You can take a GMAT preparation class which makes it possible for you to meet the tutors and other students as well. This is an excellent choice if you’d like to participate in group discussions with other students who are eager to learn just like you.

Besides, you’ll also get the benefit of being able to have direct communications with the tutors in the GMAT prep lessons. So, come back to an effective study way which probably the best way for you to prepare for GMAT test. But one of the notable cons for some people is that they can’t find any GMAT prep class near them.

GMAT preparation classes usually offer semi-private and private teaching programs. You will be taught by experienced tutors who will guide you with a number of GMAT test preparation tips. They will also teach you using question samples which what you may be looking in preparing for GMAT test.

Online GMAT Tutor

One of the reasons why people choose an online GMAT tutor is that it offers flexibility. Watching pre-recorded GMAT lesson videos maybe the best way for you to study effectively instead of attending formal classes on rigid schedules. The other possible reason could be that you can’t find nearest classes for you to prepare for GMAT. Or you probably want to save money by simply preparing for GMAT test home without transport cost (or the tutor transport cost to pay for a private GMAT prep course).

You may also want to read how college students save money that would be helpful for you in case you are planning to study abroad.

However, before you choose an online GMAT prep course, you should be looking for one that provides a personalized learning technology. Today’s personalized learning technology bring to bear the right way for each learner to learn something. This is why some online GMAT prep course providers guarantee their students will increase +70 points of GMAT score.

Prepare the Environment for Online Learning

If online GMAT prep course is the best way for you to prepare for GMAT test, you also have to know the best environment for online learning.

Definitely, wherever you choose to prepare for GMAT test online, it should support the internet access. You might consider choosing your home because studying at home would have you out of distractions.

However, if you live in a house with a lot of activities, maybe you can choose to study at an office room or public library. The most important point here is that you can focus on the online learning process to prepare for GMAT test.

Get an Accompany or Go Alone

Deciding whether to learn alone or with a friend to prepare for GMAT test might be a dilemmatic you. it’s all depending on which way you’ll get a better result, whether studying with an accompany or simply alone. Some students will get more mutual idea exchange with a study mate like what I was doing with my pretty buddy (not my girlfriend).

For instance, you probably have a co-worker who also plans to take GMAT test and ask you to study with him together. If you two are good friends, it would be an added value for both of you as you can easily solve GMAT question samples together. This way will give you more new tricks on how to solve GMAT questions.

Furthermore, if you choose to prepare for GMAT test with a friend will make it possible for you to practices more on English conversations. Because to learn GMAT vocabulary can be more effective in practicing it with somebody else.

GMAT Preparation Tips

You will face an Integrated Reasoning test section in GMAT test. It includes questions to test problem-solving abilities using some forms of data.

Even though you have taken some GMAT prep class suggestions, you would still worry on the reasoning test section. Here’s how to deal with reasoning questions in GMAT test:

1. Take Problem Solving Timing Practice

To get nailed it in GMAT ‘s Integrated Reasoning section, do problem-solving timing practices as frequently as possible. When you prepare for GMAT test in the Integrated Reasoning practices, you will get the idea what will happen real exam. More importantly, the results of your practices will reveal which skills need to improve.

The timing itself is one of the most important factors when taking a GMAT test exercises. It would usually take only 30 minutes to complete 12 Integrated Reasoning questions in the real GMAT test.

You should be able to manage your execution timing in this section. If you can set problem-solving timing, you will be able to finish the test on time and can reduce the stress.

2. Get Used to Think like a Business Executive

GMAT is a requirement when you want to take a business study program. So, it would make sense that GMAT test will measure your business skills.

One of the best GMAT preparation tips you need to consider the most is to complete of the all sample questions of GMAT Integrated Reasoning practices with business executive mindset.

Assume the practices as a real-life scenario. Those problems are what you will face in a business career. This approach allows you to highlight your GMAT score.

3. Get Used to GMAT Question Formats

When you handle a series of GMAT Integrated Reasoning question samples, you’ll see that there are different question formats like Graphs Interpretation, Two-Piece Analysis, Multi-Source Reasoning, and Table Analysis.

Graphs Interpretation questions present graphs or diagrams. For example, you might see a question that shows your a bar chart asking you to answer two questions based on the data in the table. The other graphs include scatterplots, pie charts, bubble charts, and line graphs.

The two parts of the problem analysis involve a graph with three columns of data and along with the questions for you to answer. One of GMAT preparation tips is that you have to answer the first question posed before completing the second because the answer will work together in several ways.

Multi-Source Reasoning questions contain a lot of data. These questions test your ability to combine the data contained in different graphs, formulas, and diagrams to arrive at the correct answer choice.

While the Analysis Table questions will ask table that may contain four or more data columns. You should carefully check the data specifically in answering the questions.

4. Take Practices with Different Types of Graphs and Charts

Integrated Handling Practices Effective GMAT tests involve learning details about the different types of charts and diagrams that are in the test.

Financial magazines and newspapers are great sources for the various graphics you might see on GMAT tests.

Take the time to make sure you understand the purpose behind the various charts and diagrams so that you feel comfortable and understand the questions on the day of the exam.

5. Learn with Experienced Tutors

While studying the section on Integrated Reasoning, GMAT practice questions can be very useful. Another way to improve preparation in this section is to partner with experienced tutors.

At the English Bridge, you can do the GMAT preparation in depth because the tutors provided are very experienced and understand each section of GMAT. With English Bridge guidance, you can pass each section of the test with confidence.

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