15 Best Widgets for Android Devices to Help Productivity and Accessibility

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Widgets for Android usually come with productivity, accessibility, entertainment, and information features. They have been existing for more than a decade and no doubt many Android users have been using them until today. The number of Android users keep growing from time to time. So, the reviews from millions of users toward Android widgets help us to find the best widgets for Android devices.

Whether you are using one of the best Android emulators on your PC, smartphone, or tablet, you really need some Android widgets to support your productivity and accessibility. You may simply go to Play Store and you will find some of them. However, if you want some to have those which have been proved best by the real existing users, check out the list below.

Beautiful Widgets Pro (LevelUp Studio)

Beautiful Widget Pro is one of the best widgets for AndroidOne of the Android widgets which have been existing for more than a decade, Beautiful Widget. With this tool, you can use a lot of useful Android widgets including weather combos, flip clock, toggles, battery gauges, and weather widgets. You may also adjust the look and make some settings to tailor your needs. Especially for the flip clock feature that has many theme options, you can choose to beautify your smartphone completely. There are many widgets in this tool and you can get more features in its pro version which is still relatively cheap.


Amber Weather (Amber Mobile Limited)

Get local weather information using Amber WeatherIf you want a set of weather features functionality, you can install Amber Weather Widget on your Android device. This Android widget looks elegant on your Android’s home screen. This widget has more than 90 features and the developer have been improving its performance to tailor your needs. Amber Weather Widget features accurate weather forecasts for 7 days, weather reports, bad weather warnings, and is available in 30 languages. This widget comes with an in-app purchase version, but the free version is really capable.

Battery Widget Reborn (Tomas Hubalek)

Manage your Andoird battery using battery widget reborn.Battery Widget Reborn one of the most Android widgets you have to have. This widget helps you monitor your Android’s battery usage, and give you some information that you need to optimize. Battery Widget Reborn also provides shortcuts for WiFi and Bluetooth regulators. You can set this Android widget to always show your Android battery performance with minimal screen coverage. Battery Widget Reborn is really simple and effective and can adjust it to become more friendly on your Android device.

Calendar Widget (IT Benefit)

Calendar Widget Month + AgendaIf you want to have a good calendar on your Android device, you can install Calendar Widget. This widget is an application that contains many calendar features. It provides a calendar with month view that you can adjust with one of its calendar themes. You can make it a flat design and crazy material design with lots of colors. Most of the available themes are its in-app purchase items. If the calendar is really a matter for you, you can get it with just a single payment.

1Weather (OneLouder Apps)

1Weather widgetToday, 1Weather is one of the best weather widgets which is available on PlayStore. today with Android widgets that are pretty good anyway. 1Weather uses a common style, “flip clock and weather”. The style is used to decorate HTC Sense devices and has been configured. Therefore, when you click the clock widget, the alarm window will automatically open. There is also a set of pretty good weather information. This Android widget is available for free, and if you don’t want to see the ads on 1Weather, you can subscribe to its paid version.

CircleLauncher (db-ware)

CircleLauncher by db-wareThe use of CircleLauncher widget is to provide you a button on the home screen that lets you start apps quickly. This widget will stand by on your home screen and when this app works, it will show your favorite apps, contacts, and even bookmarked sites. It supports fun icon packages and has several customization options to make this widget more fun when in use. The bookmarking feature helps you access some important news quickly, or perhaps saving some read-latter news or articles. The free version of CircleLauncher is worth for Android Users to try and really capable. But you probably would like to purchase its pro version if you want more features.

Elixir 2 (Tamás Barta)

Elixir 2 by Tamás Barta

Elixir 2 is one of the best widgets for Android devices with a monitor-system tool that contains a complete set of widget monitoring systems you can request. This tool will display all types of data including hardware information, battery usage, RAM, CPU, storage, CPU, audio, WiFi and Bluetooth status, and many more. If you want more features, you can get some add-on widgets for Elixir which will give you additional functions. A set of its add-on widgets work to help your accessibility such as SD card installation, USB debugging toggles, and even volume control. Elixir 2 is available for free and worth a try.

Dashclock Widget (Roman Nurik and Ian Lake)

DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik and Ian LakeDashclock Widget is one of the most lasting Android widgets out there. In fact, many people who stop using widgets are still using Dashclock. This Android widget is completely simple that works to display important information like weather, unread Gmail, your next alarm, and other personal data. One thing that makes this widget interesting is that it has many extensions to enhance and the functionality of the Dashclock. It’s a simple tool but powerful and this widget is one hundred percent free to use.

Remix Music Player (Hedami)

Music Player (Remix) by HedamiMost music player apps come with really common entertainment Android widgets. Some variations have a pause, play, and skip buttons with some album arts. They are all functional, but Music Player (Remix) has something more. This Android widget allows you to drag a live widget from the bottom of your smartphone screen anytime, so you can manage music without having to open the main application first. If you want to try, you can install the free version first.

Slider Widget (Hinterhofapps)

Slider Widget - Volumes by Hinterhofapps.If you want quick configurations and settings access on your Android device, you can use Slider Widget. This is one of the best widgets for Android that is really simple and light. With this tool, you can set to make a widget on your home screen that will give you instant access to brightness and sound settings. Pressing the top icon will pop the slider. Thus, you can adjust your Android’ ring volume, screen brightness, and some important customizations. Slider Widget has four sizes and colors that work auto-change to match your theme. It’s simple but really worth a try.

Google Keep (Google LLC)

Google Keep widget by Google LLCA productivity Android tool, Google Keep which is one of the best widgets for Android. Google Keep is really simple and user-friendly. This is a cloud Android widget that connects to your Google Drive. So, you can create your text notes, note lists, and even voice notes, then store and keep them on Goole Drive. This Android widget also allows you to share your notes with the public and collaborate with them. Google Keep comes with some simple widgets for Android that will help you to create notes quickly. This widget can work quickly as sometimes when an information you want to note pass quickly, you can take directly access Google Keep from your screen. Google Keep is absolutely free of charge.

Tasker (Crafty Apps EU )

Tasker by Crafty Apps EUIf you want a powerful tool on your Android device, you can try Tasker widget. Tasker helps you to create tasks, widgets, and some processes. This widget works as almost anything you want. This tool is designed for mobile productivity and power users, but certainly, everyone can use this with a little patience. With Tasker, you can create some widgets for your Android that will support your product and some quick shortcuts.

UCCW (VasuDev)

UCCW - Ultimate Custom Widget by VasuDev

Another tool that allows you to create your own widgets, UCCW (ultimate custom widget). This is one of the best DIY widgets for Android that supports various custom postings, and help you to be more creative. UCCW comes with a variety of themes and sizes to make it easy for you in designing. Besides, they help you also add some functionalities from what you have created. This Android widget would be helpful for users who want something quick and interesting.

Power Toggles (Painless Apps)

Power Toggles by Painless Apps

Power Toggles is a widget that works exactly like its name. It’s one of the best widgets for Android that provides many toggles to run various modes including Wifi, Bluetooth, data, flashlight, and even you can create some shortcuts on this tool if you want to. You can create some Android widgets quickly and they’ll work pretty well. It’s true that a fast setting in an app is somehow useless for some people, but some others like that way which will be displayed on their home screen for convenience of accessing. This tool also supports a very good tasker.

Zooper Widget (MyColorScreen)

Zooper Widget by MyColorScreen

The last Android widget, but isn’t the least, Zooper Widget. another widget for Android device with its DIY mode that lets you take control of what happens to your home screen. Unlike UCCW, Zooper Widget has a slightly sharper learning curve, but there are some things which are restricted. Besides, many people are sharing their Zooper Widget creations to the public.

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