Block iPhone Activation Using Lost Mode Anti-theft Protection

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Protect your lost iPhone using Lost Mode on iCloud.

Indeed, the latest iOS OS is iOS 11. Even sounding a rumor that iOS 12 is going to be released in the near future. However, there are still many iOS7 users. Apple made a lot of security improvements in iOS 7 and even built a serious protection against theft such as blocking iPhone activation using Lost Mode. The tutorial we discuss here were tested on iOS 7. But this may not much different from the latest iOS versions.

Does Find My iPhone Really Work?

I think to Find my iPhone does not have to be introduced to anybody, but so far you only used it when you left your iPhone in your car and you found out that you don’t remember where you save it. Of course, you can quickly find your iPhone in a few seconds using that feature. But it’s less effective in helping you to find your iPhone in case someone stole it. This option does not prevent theft, but Apple has built up some very useful mechanisms for the thief to find out and presume that it’s unnecessary to steal iPhone because the thief will not be able to start with anything on the stolen iPhone.

How to Activate Lost Mode on iOS 7

When you customize and configure your iCloud, the system asks whether your Find my iPhone should be turned on. You will answer this logically, then you will be prompted for your Apple ID password. And this way, other people will not be able to use the device other than you. This means that neither the reset function, the update, nor the rescue function will work until you turn off the Find my iPhone.

Obviously, many people know this option. But then, there is a DFU mode! Indeed, in the DFU mode, you can reset your iPhone to the latest software, but you will not be able to activate it anymore. And that’s the point.

Find my iPhone feature on iOS 7

So, with the Find my iPhone feature and your iCloud account, you can hook up your iPhone so if anyone steals it, the suspected person cannot start it. Because it cannot just be reinstalled nor in the DFU mode and neither know your iCloud account nor your password. This is also perfectly applicable in a case you still have time to turn on the Lost mode. And the honest finder then has the opportunity to make a phone call to you on the phone number set, except if the finder doesn’t know about it.

iPhone FDU Mode

How to Block iPhone Activation

Let’s say, someone, you don’t know steal your iPhone. But if you don’t immediately know that your iPhone is lost, and not quickly turning the Lost Mode on, you are going to lose your iPhone along with your sensitive data within it. You can turn on the Lost Mode on, or use Find my iPhone app on another device.

iCloud Lost Mode Map Searching for Your Lost iPhone Location

The preview of enabled Lost Mode on iPhone

You will get an instant email from the current situation and the iPhone’s screen will be locked. In such case, the thief usually removes the SIM card immediately or switches off the phone. If you previously turned it off, even worse. Because the random non-encrypted data cannot be backed up later on. The code and phone hardware keys are locked. The data on the iPhone may not so important for the thief, but the device itself. Therefore, the thief tries to reinstall it, starting with an iTunes connection. The restore may run smoothly, but at the end of the process, the device must be activated for use. But this will not succeed.

The preview of failed iPhone activation.

The thief will not be able to access the activation interface if he or she doesn’t know your iCloud username and password. In that case, the thief obviously tries to pass it on. And then either the thief or the new owner attempts to revise the device, of course, will not succeed. Obviously, the iPhone will be loaded into DFU mode and the re-installation will start. But it will run in the same screenshot as above.

In addition, this activation lock also appears for iOS 6. In which, it’s a server side thing that allows Apple sees the device that is in Lost Mode. The activation server howsoever will reject the activation. So if you link it to a Find my iPhone function under iOS 7, then it will still provide the security as long as the iOS 6 is still available.

So far, this protection cannot be bypassed on iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. For example, because there is no jailbreak on the latest software or we cannot go back to the oldest version of the latest version.

For iPhone 4, if there is SHSH. Using this anyone can go back to an older system and possibly hack it with jailbreak. But then the keys will not work, not even iMessage and other apps, or even not sure whether can be hacked or what the device will do next.

For now, it seems that preventing theft isn’t always that way. But you will definitely take your sensitive data away from the thief nor to sell it. So far, only the motherboard replacement of is the only solution, which is very expensive nowadays.

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