The Art of Brainstorming To Generate Good Ideas for a Business

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Manage Brainstorming to Generate Good Ideas for Business

Brainstorming is actually the art of creative thinking to generate good ideas for a business. It is an effective process that helps us to look back on everything we know about a problem. However, brainstorming is actually the genesis of every project we take on. Be it to define a product, product development, the art of selling, or anything you’d like to undertake.

There is definitely a reason startup business owners rely on the powers of the brainstorming. A brainstorming meeting is able to generate good ideas that will support you to be a more productive businessman. In many cases, a brainstorming session also supports startup businesses in looking for a good answer to their business problems.

Use a Brainstorming to Generate Good Ideas

It is a good method to gather all important data and information you need. Besides that, brainstorming session helps to understand more about everything you need either for a startup business or running a business. It’s the best way for you to announce team in explanation and to support you in making a synopsis.

Understanding the significance of a brainstorming session, how should we apply it to level up our business project? In brainstorming, what is the strategy to do it effectively? Here you’ll find out more about the art of brainstorming to generate good ideas for your business. Hereby, below we’ve listed a number of brainstorming techniques.

Mind Mapping Technique

Mind mapping Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Mind Maps

The mind mapping technique is the simplest and the most common form of brainstorming. Mind maps are effective to generate good ideas whenever you are in your own thinking. A mind map is a written representation of your ideas are linked and composed around a key idea, problem or subject.

There is no rule in mind mapping besides to record everything that comes to your mind. The exposure of mind mapping to a graphical outline will be like a tree branch or in a hierarchical form. You can describe you mind maps on a piece paper or for a presentation use, you can use an online mind mapping tool for like Mind Meister which allows you to draw, save, or edit existing mind maps.

Brain Dumps Technique

Brain Dumps Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Brain Dumps

The Brain dumps are a fun way to brainstorm. Prepare a piece of paper or you can use a word processing program and write any idea that comes to your head. The ideas you’ll need to write down shouldn’t have to be related to the project.

For example, let’s say you are brainstorming a number of logo ideas for your business’ identity and all at one you are also thinking about lunch, write down what you would like to eat. Either you do believe if or don’t, that way makes you more productive in generating good ideas. If not, you will be dragged on trying to find the right logo while your stomach is calling food as you are thinking about something to eat.

Collaboration Technique

Collaboration Technique in Brainstorming
Image Credit: Shutterstock  – Collaboration

If it’s hard for you to give ideas, discuss to somebody and ask for them to collaborate ideas for the project. Encourage them to brainstorm with you and compare the written ideas. Commonly, you or one of your partners who join the brainstorming session might have forgotten something. So, to find correlativity, or to find a new angle that you have never dreamt before.

But, if you would like to start the project alone, it’s fine. It is a good idea to get them to brainstorm with you, as long as you return the favor.

Reverse Brainstorming Technique

Reverse Brainstorming Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock -Reverse

If you manage to use the reverse brainstorming technique, you are able to work in two methods. The first method is to specify the results you would like to get and then perform your work back to the beginning. Let’s say you would like to post a topic on your blog. Then, you can write down the reverse thinking timeline based on the way you use to post, for example:

  • Reply to comments
  • Publish post
  • Arrange the words and graphical messages
  • Write your post
  • Create a description to the post
  • Determine and write title

The reverse brainstorming technique is useful for you to easily concentrate on scopes that you could grab and emphasizes the matters you may have missed. From the illustration above, you could be aware which you are not mindful in arranging the article within your post, and then you find out you have to do.

The second method of the reverse brainstorming technique is to ask yourself about something you are going to acquire. For example: Ask yourself about how to get the results and then, ask yourself about how to get the expected adverse.

For example, you would like to get this post. You are brainstorming ideas for this post and you want to make your own writing and style for this post. Then you ask yourself about how can you make this post in an astonishing way in your own style of writing. You start drawing an outline on a piece of blank paper, then you look at it to determine how you can make your this post astonishing with your own style of writing.

So you are determining how you can make this post ordinary. Then you get the answer for both the ordinary one and the astonishing one. You may make this post ordinary or simple by only underlining the main points of each of the brainstorming techniques without examples of how to make use of those brainstorming techniques.

Group Sessions Technique

Group Sessions Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Group Sessions

The group sessions technique in brainstorming is a good one especially if you want to get the overdue ideas for ideas that have been blocked. In case you come to a standstill a certain specific section of your business project, you can invite your partners for a group session to brainstorm ideas. Each individual in your group shares their skill, knowledge, and experience to support you to generate good ideas to solve your business problem.

You group members have not to have the same skills and expertise as you have, but at least they are understanding of what you are trying to figure out. Having group members with different skills and expertise could generate good ideas for your business.

At the right time, you can invite them to ask questions and to give any idea that comes to their mind. In many cases, a dumb idea from the one who has no idea about what you’re talking about is able to support the business. A neophyte’s outlook on your issue could be exactly what you need in the problem solving.

Ask Questions Technique

Ask Questions Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Ask the Right Questions

Questions are a good way to reflect and find solutions to problems. Try to arrange some questions with prompters; what, where, when, who and how.

For example, you have a task to develop a website for a woman fashion retailer company. Then, ask about: “Who are the customers of the company? The right answer is the woman who needs new trends of fashion. Then ask about; What they need to buy from the company? So, the answers would be apparel, accessories, bags, etc, and so on until you completely get all the data and information you need for creating the website.

Set a Time Limit Technique

Set a Time Limit Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Time to Set Goals

This brainstorming technique a good formula whenever you are in a hurry or you are not able to hold any other brainstorming method. By setting a time limit, you can concentrate and generate good ideas as much as you can in a given limit of time.

In giving the duration of the time, try to estimate based on your tools and capabilities in getting the ideas. The time limit needs to be short enough to impress a feel of urgency, and long enough to take note good ideas. When you need a limit time technique, firstly give ten minutes of duration.

To use this brainstorming technique in a big business project, take a notebook and then brainstorm your partners one by one. So, you would not be overwhelmed.

SWOT Analysis Technique

Swot Analysys Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock -SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is an art of brainstorming, which is based on either your (or with your partners) analytic thinking. This way you are analyzing and figuring out the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of your business. The right way in using SWOT analysis can mightily give you clear and good ideas about everything you have in your business and what you need to support your business. Therefore, you know how to take action to improve your business performance.


Reflection Technique
Image Credit: Shutterstock – Reflection

The art of brainstorming is an interesting technique to generate good ideas because there is no fixed rule. However, it depends on you how to make a more creative and encouraging brainstorming. You may explain your business subject matters with a set of virtual graphs, printed outline, or hand written of graphs. You can make a brainstorming session a more interesting to your partners.

Below are the points that you need to do prior to start a brainstorming session:

  • Point out and all of the business issues you would like to solve in detail.
  • Make some rules for the brainstorming session. Such as, assigning who are eligible and willing to join, the duration of the time, and so on.
  • Every member is encouraged to give idea either it is poor, silly or brilliant idea.
  • Find out the best brainstorming technique for you that is compatible to the way you think.

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