6 Business Travel Tips that Help You Save Money, Stay Fit, and Productive

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Business travel tips that help your trip better.

If you are frequently doing business travel to cities or countries, whether you are an entrepreneur or company representative, you must be knowing that business travel activities are tiresome. Some special apps or sites may help your business travel activities, but they aren’t always able to solve the travel issues that you possibly encounter in business traveling.

There are many kinds of business affairs that require you to travel abroad or perhaps only nearly cities in your country. Some of your business affairs may even require you to travel to hundreds of cities. Surely, traveling around the world while doing business is exciting and worthwhile, but also exhausting.

Well, this article will discover the 5 business travel tips that may help you to improve the quality of your business travel experience. If only the following business travel tips may also work for you too.

Well, here you will find out the six travel tips to help improve your travel experience.

1. Create a Travel Checklist

A travel checklist is a list of everything you need to be prepared when business traveling. This way helps you easier to prepare and crosscheck all things you need to bring on your business trip, especially if do business traveling frequently. And your travel checklist will help you to limit your luggage as most airports set the limit of the number of your luggage. It’s humane that if you ever forget something. However, you’d better avoid the forgetfulness rather than regret on the air that you realize there’s something left behind. By checking and preparing all of the things, can optimize business trip.

2. Book Flight Ticket and Hotel Room through Price Comparison Sites

There are a lot of travel sites or apps that offer cheap flight tickets and hotel room bookings that are promising the cheapest price. But you shouldn’t be relying on a single travel site or app. Take note that doing business traveling is making money. So, certainly, you need to save more money by getting the cheapest flight ticket and hotel room but still what you wish.

Use flight price comparison site or app to get cheapest flight.

Compare the flight and hotel room prices from at least 3 sites. Then, make a choice which one offers the cheapest but still suit your business travel needs. For money saving and security reasons, it’s recommended to search for ticket and hotel room on a travel price comparison site that redirects you to the official flight and hotel sites instead of travel agent sites.

3. Prepare Pills and Food Supplements

If you do business travel frequently, you might ever come at fatigue after long-haul flights – given that there are so many factors that can make you tiresome and headache along the way. In which, headache definitely makes you hard to sleep during the flight. Therefore, having two or three sleeping pills in your bag is really necessary on your flight. You would oftentimes be undergoing such issues when doing short business trips by which at the time you landed at your destination where you need to go to work directly. However, avoid slipping pills as much as possible if you don’t really need.

Use travel pillow for a better sleep on a flight.

Provide also two or three sachets of painkillers, because most likely you shall get a headache due to dehydration, neck pain due to head-upright sleep, back pain due to carrying heavy bags, or abdominal pain due to eating irregularly. If you still have time prior long prior to flight, get a travel pillow.

4. Get Your Mobile Chargers Always in Your Handbag

Mobile phone and laptop are two important devices that can’t be left behind when business traveling. You would probably use these two business devices whether in the airport’s waiting seat or just after the flight. It’s like something miss when your smartphone or laptop is suddenly powerless due to no power bank. Therefore, make sure you bring a charger and power bank for your mobile phone and laptop.

5. Use Shoeboxed

There are many things you need to manage arranged in right away for business affairs. Shoeboxed is a productivity app for business activities. This app serves to help you in scanning and managing business cards, receipts, expenses reports, and also has a feature to track your journey mileage. In addition, Shoeboxed is a perfect productivity tool for large companies. It provides apps to manage expense claims (for employees) or to manage reimbursements (for managers).

Use Shoeboxed apps for a better reimbursement.

If you are a business representation who do business travel for months, this tool can help your expense claims quickly and accurately. In addition to helping employees expenses payback, Shoeboxed is also very useful for business owners to prevent employees from doing expenses report fraud so that all budgets for business activities are spent appropriately.

6. Use Yelp

Yelp is a good app for business travelers to find local businesses. So, when it’s eating time, you can find a restaurant that provides food menus which suitable for you. Yelp is widely used in America, Europe, and some countries in Asia. Many local businesses create a business page on Yelp to allow anybody in their area to easily find their business address such as restaurants, dentists, gadget workshops, specialty stores, etc.

The preview of how Yelp helps local business.

It’s really sad if we have no idea what to eat when traveling to a country elsewhere you stop by. Surely, eating your staple food is highly recommended to avoid abdominal pain from eating strange food. Therefore, Yelp can help you find a nearby restaurant that provides your staple food menu, and it’s a good tool to compare local restaurants pricing. And Yelp also provides a roadmap for you to pass through the quickest shortcut to reach the nearby local business.

Finally, these six business travel tips may help your business activities better by ways of money saving, maintaining your health, and being more productive.

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