How Safe is Your Computer? Here’s How to Check Your Computer Security!

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Anyway, a high-specs computer definitely needs a good security system. A high specifications computer but the computer security level is low, it would be susceptible to the virus attack which will be slowing down the computer performance. Meanwhile, the high specifications become futile. This tool will show you the tips to improve your computer security and how to remove malware from your PC..

Pertaining to the system security, have you measure the security level of your computer system? If you have never measured your computer security level before, you’re not going to know whether or not your security system is good. Now, here you’ll how to measure the level of a computer security using a computer security checker.

An Application to Measure the Level of a Computer Security

A high-specs computer is really necessary to have a good safety system too. If not, the computer will be in vain even though it has high specifications which will be slowed down due to a harmful computer virus attack. Moreover, the most upset thing is if our sensitive data got stolen by hackers.

You can measure the security level of your computer using OpsWat Metadefender Endpoint. It’s a free computer security checker. It’s a freeware, means you can download and install the tool without buying it first. Then, find out how secure your computer’s security system using this computer security checker.

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Measure the Level of a Computer Security Using OpsWat Metadefender Endpoint

The following are the steps to measure your computer security level using OpsWat Metadefender Endpoint.

Step 1

Download OpsWat Metadefender Endpoint from its official website

Step 2

Install the software. Before installing the software, it’s better to read the terms and conditions. There would be some agreements that you either need to accept or reject.

Step 3

If the installation is successful, then you can run the software. Select the “Security Score” on the left tab, and the select “Scan”. For more details, take a look at the picture below.

Computer Security Score
Check your computer security score.

Step 4

At this step, you are going to see the score of your computer system security.  There are seven factors of assessment on the report screen; they are the firewall, hard disk encryption, patch management, backup, public file sharing, antivirus and antiphishing. To improve the security of your system, you only need to click on any low value among those seven computer security’s factors. Then, you will get the tips how to improve it.

Computer Antivirus Score

Check Your Antivirus Score

The Software to Detect Threats on Your Computer

Step 5

Now, you have discovered the deficiency of your computer security. On the one hand, you also get the tips how to improve the computer security score, and then at the last step, you just need to run the tips. For example, the software suggests you run a full system scan using your antivirus. You might want to read: How to choose a good antivirus.

Tips to Improve Your Computer Security Score

Finally, this computer system security checker software will show the score of your system security level and suggest you the tips how to improve your computer system security. In case the software detects any running keylogger on your computer, read another topic about how to check if a keylogger runs on your computer.

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