How to Check If a Keylogger Runs on Your Computer?

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How to Prevent Keylogger Spies Your Computer?

Keylogger word is derived from Keylog, which is an abbreviation of keystroke logging. It means a computer software or application that has suspicious activities such as monitoring, logging, or spying keyboard activities on a computer. Check if a keylogger runs on your computer. Most of the keyloggers have suspicious activities such as monitoring, logging, or spying your keyboard activities.

Check If a Keylogger Runs on Your Computer

It also means that a keylogger is a program to monitor and record the typed buttons on the computer user. Every-which the user types. It is like a double-edged knife software. It means that you can use a keylogger software or program for positive uses. However, you can also use keylogger software or program for negative purposes. Its positive impact, keylogger can be used by parents to monitor their children’s activities on the computer. While the negative side, it can be used to tell the user passwords or other vital data.

Know the Kinds of Keyloggers

To check if a keylogger runs on your computer, your need to know the kinds of keyloggers. Keylogger is distinguished by two kinds. One that which in the form of hardware and the other kind in the form of software or computer application. An example for a hardware keylogger is any surveillance camera. Another example is a tool as an intermediary between a computer and a keyboard. Usually, this kind of tool is directly installed or attached to the computer cable. This kind of keylogger tool will detect every key a computer user presses.

However, most of the keylogger programs run behind the scene just like some of the most harmful computer virus names. Commonly, most of the keylogger software have an aim to detect keyboard keys the computer user types. Within this posts, we will focus to reveal how the keylogger software works, how to know that a computer in being tracked by a keylogger, and how to paralyze it.

Know The Sources of Keyloggers

If you open download provider websites and search using keylogger keywords, then you will find there are more then ten even hundreds of keylogger programs available. In fact, most of them are free. Although you can use this kind of keylogger program in many positive purposes, let’s say for to monitor your children’s activities on a computer, but for computer users, of course, it will cause discomfort for us whenever using public computers. For example, using a computer in the office or in an internet cafe. You will never know if a keylogger software runs on the computer that can steal your password or your important data. Therefore, it is important for you to know the preventive ways to protect your passwords or important data being stolen by others through a keylogger program.

How to Prevent Keylogger Spies Your Computer?

For your convenience in using a computer, you need to be aware of keylogger and prevent any spying keylogger on your computer. Here I will point out some of the tips of how you can prevent any keylogger’s activities on your computer. Read also: Check your computer security.

1. Using On-Screen Keyboard

On Screen Keyboard
On-Screen Keyboard

If your computer uses the Windows operating system, then you can use the On-Screen Keyboard program, which is a default Windows program that displays a visual keyboard that contains all the standard buttons. You can simply click any button on your monitor screen. It is very good to use when filling your username and password when logging to certain websites on the Internet such as websites that provide email services, bank accounts, PayPal, and other important website accounts.

To run this program, if you are using Windows 7 or the latest version, you can simply type “On-Screen Keyboard” without the quote in the search box in your Windows start menu and select it.

2. Using the KeyScrambler Program on Firefox Browser


For those of you who used to surf the Internet using Mozilla Firefox browser, you can use KeyScrambler add-on. It is one way of overcoming the keylogger while surfing your website accounts. KeyScrambler function encrypts every keystroke you type. It means, any keylogger program cannot capture the original letters you type on your computer. So we can surf the websites more safely. This add-on program can be downloaded from Mozilla Firefox website at Or you can search it up on Google.

3. Using Anti-Keylogger Software

You can search for anti-keylogger software on Google or you can directly download from download provider websites such as,, and etc. However, if your computer has good antivirus software installed and always been updated regularly, then you do not need to worry. You need to update your antivirus regularly in order to prevent an outdated anti-virus cannot detect a new keylogger software.

4. Alternative Way to Prevent a Keylogger Spies Your Keyword

Incase you are in urgent situation, you can fool the keylogger program to steal your password. To prevent a keylogger steal your password, type random letters in between your password. Then, delete the random letters once you come to submit the password. For example, your password is “mamamia”, then you can write the first two letters in advance, the “ro” and then type in random letters such as “kjhdf87”, then type the rest “yal” and the tail with some random letters such as “kjsdset”. Then the keylogger will be detect the password like this: “mama kjhdf87mia kjsdset “. Then you need to delete the random letters by sorting and pressing the DELETE key. This way will return the password text to “royal”. This method is quite unique but you can use this way as an alternative in case you are in an urgent situation.

If you have something to add about how to check if a keylogger runs on your computer, please share it in the comment box below.

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