How Powerful Is Your Antivirus Protection? Here’s How to Choose a Good Antivirus

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Choose a Good Antivirus

Generally, most of us use an antivirus, especially for Windows users. We certainly want the best protection for our computer or laptop to prevent malware attacks. However, have you known the strength of the antivirus protection that you use? Indeed, we don’t want to test our antivirus with the original malware. So, before we find out how to choose a good antivirus, let’s take a read to the results of the antivirus tests below. Read also: Ways to remove malware from PC.

Antivirus Tests

Fortunately, AV-Test Labs, one of the independent research institutes, is struggling to research to measure how powerful any antivirus is. At least, there are 28 antiviruses were tested by this institute.

AV-Test Labs performed malware testing in two ways. The first test they test an antivirus with the latest malware. This way is commonly known as the zero day threat. The second test, they test the antivirus using a malware program that has been detected and analyzed during the previous three weeks.

AV-Test Labs divides the criteria of the results of their research conclusions into three, namely protection, performance, and false positive.

For the result of the research on the protection criteria, only three antiviruses have the highest protection. The three antiviruses get perfect six scores. They are Trend Micro, F-Secure, and Avira. The other eight antiviruses such as Norton, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender got 5.5 points of score. Their results are quite good. But for the three antiviruses, the results are somewhat disappointing considering the previous test they scored perfect six as the result. The worst result was achieved by Microsoft built-in antivirus which was scored zero for protection and followed by Vipre antivirus with 2.5 points of the score, and Comodo that was scored 4 points.

This antivirus test also aims to find out how the computer performance when it has been installed an antivirus in it (Read also: Computer Performance Test). The range of numbers was compiled by the AV-Test Labs, in which the score of the entire tested antiviruses range from 2.5 to 6. Based on these tests, Kaspersky and Bitdefender got a perfect six score and they were the highest-performing antiviruses. An antivirus with the highest performance will work optimally protect the computer without the need to reduce the performance of the computer. Base on the antivirus test, the worst antivirus performance was Vipre, Norman Antivirus 11, and AhnLab with the total score of 3.5 points for each of them.

The other antivirus test results by AV-Test Labs were the assessment of the antivirus capability to detect valid programs as malware. This antivirus test is known as false positive. AV-Test Labs concludes that almost all antivirus software often make mistakes in identifying valid programs as malware. However, the antiviruses that often identify some valid programs as malware is an antivirus from China, they are Tencent and AhnLab. During the test, an Antivirus was tested to detect a number of valid programs and browsers to find out which antivirus can mistakenly detect them as malware. The main conclusion from this research is, Kaspersky and Bitdefender become the most powerful antiviruses champions as they passing a perfect score about 0.5 points. Then, followed by Trend Micro and Qihoo were passing 17 of 18 possible points.

Antivirus Tests by AV-Test Labs

How to Choose a Good Antivirus

Finally, this research helps the people to know which antivirus has the best protection. However, as the developers of any antivirus keep developing their antivirus product, these antivirus test results do not always become the benchmark to determine which antivirus is the most powerful to protect the computer. So, here’s how to choose a good antivirus.

  • Choose a good antivirus that is not too large in size. Because a large size antivirus tends to be heavy run and will disrupt the stability of your computer.
  • Read carefully the details of the antivirus on its official website, to know whether it provides some additional plugins or not. If the antivirus supports additional plugins, it will be very useful.
  • Note the RTP engine (Real Time Protector) of the antivirus, as the RTP engine of the antivirus, will protect the computer from virus or other malware attacks that occur suddenly.
  • Choose an antivirus that can be updated online. This way aims for you without to bother looking for the update of the antivirus and protect your computer from various new dangerous virus names.
  • Instead of a free antivirus, a paid antivirus facilitates your computer a complete protection against various malware programs. It’s all depending on your choice.

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