How to Determine If a Web Host is Good and Meet Your Website Needs

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How to Choose a Good Web Hosting

When it comes to hosting a website, determining if a web host is good or not is a must. Generally, non-experienced people would only look for the bandwidth and storage capacity given by a web host. However, is those things still important today? You probably would like to choose a good web hosting type that meets your website needs. So, it’s a good idea to learn how an experienced webmaster choosing the right web hosting. In this topic, we will discover how to determine if a web host is good and meet the needs of your website.

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host

  • Understand your hosting requirements and needs
  • Find out how reliable a web host is and its uptime warranty
  • Learn the options for upgrading the web host
  • Find the information pertaining to its account suspension and server usage policy.
  • Check all the hosting features in terms of the number of allowed addon domains that meet your needs
  • Compare the prices of the web hosting package you are considering, both for the first registration and the renewal prices in the future.
  • Check out the services of the control panel section.
  • Find out about other support features such as site backup site and so on.

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider that Meet Your Website Needs

You would not get the right web host without first recognizing what your website needs. So, think what are the needs of your website. Consider these questions!

  • What is the kind of website you are building?
  • Do you need a Windows application?
  • Do you need a special version of the software program like PHP?
  • How is your website’s monthly traffic volume?
  • What is the CMS platform of your website? Are you using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, another platform, or you build your own platform?
  • What kind of content do you publish? Will your website show a lot of high-resolution videos and photos or mostly text-based content that occasionally publishes an animated look of content?
  • Do you forecast the future traffic volume of your website and how many monthly visitors and page views your website would get?
  • Where is the geographical area mostly your visitors or target audience come from? Will you need a hosting server in a particular location or geographically distributed hosting? To know more about this, learn more about the benefits of CDN.
  • What are additional services you need? For example, email services managed to host, and offsite backups.
  • How important is the uptime for you? Does your website makes money and how does it impact on your income?
  • What support channels will you need? Do you want a phone service and live chat 24/7 or just with email support out of working hours?

The questions above are the fundamental questions and you need to answer them yourself according to your website needs. Figure out about what you want to do with your website now and what will happen in the next 12 months.

Common Types of Servers That are Offered by a Web Hosting Provider

Shared Server

A shared server shares the hosting with the other websites. It means, what the load volume of your website may affect the performance of other websites and vice versa. However, if your website is really new and does not need a high volume of traffic load, you can start with a shared server as it’s cheaper than a dedicated server. But make sure if the web hosting provider provides other higher hosting package option. It’s important as you need to upgrade your web hosting package in case your website has a high traffic volume in the future.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a combination of dedicated and shared servers. You can also consider getting a VPS package if you want a web hosting quality more than a shared server of hosting package. VPS is best for growing business. Unlike a shared server web hosting, VPS will not share the resources with the other websites. In which, a VPS has several sections and each website occupies a predetermined part. Each section is separate and works separately. The price of VPS hosting package is in the between of dedicated and shared hosting. VPS can be a solution when you run a website with highly growing traffic volume.

Dedicated Server

Briefly, it’s just like the name suggests. A dedicated server is not sharing the resources with other websites and if you have a dedicated server, no one can access it except you. You can run websites smoothly on a dedicated. It’s like having your own business on your private property. You can do anything for your website virtually, but a dedicated server is the most expensive option. Unlike other options of web hosting, having a dedicated server needs to have IT skills, or hire a web designing specialist who is really capable of dedicated server management skill as everything you do on the web hosting is up to you.

Cloud Hosting

Essentially, cloud hosting means there are many servers merge into one to provide better and faster web hosting performance. Getting you website runs under cloud hosting means better load speed and balanced workload. Many people doubt about the security of cloud hosting as there are many websites sharing the same cloud. But for most users, there are more advantages than the disadvantages. Read also: The difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting.

Colocated Hosting

Basically, colocated hosting is quite similar to dedicated hosting. Putting your website on a collocated hosting means you place your own server at the service provider’s location, just like having a server in your own office but located in a specific area made for the server.

Managed Hosting

Again, managed hosting is almost the same as dedicated hosting. Using a managed hosting means you have your own server, but the difference to the dedicated hosting is you do not have full control on the server. This way, the service provider aims to prevent the users of the managed hosting to change the configuration or modification of the server. But you can still organize all your data.

Reseller Hosting

Subscribing to a reseller hosting means you as a client can also be the web host provider. In other words, you buy a service provider and sell it to third parties for making the profit. This option can be any type of hosting but you need to have IT knowledge as you will be the host. It means, in case there’s any hosting problem under your control, you will solve it yourself.

Clustered Hosting

Generally speaking, having a clustered hosting means you have multiple servers with the same content host. That way, if one of the servers needs to reboot or down, your site stays online. This option is appropriate for websites with very high traffic volume.

Grid Hosting

Grid hosting utilizes multiple cluster servers that act like grids and consist of many parts. That way, a website with different parts of the web, each of them can operate independently.

Usually, a shared server hosting is quite enough to run a small business website or blog. But there’s no harm in knowing the other web hosting options. In which, you may need a higher web hosting package when your site grows and you start getting 10,000 visitors per day.

If you are a beginner, you can use a good shared hosting account, because it is cheap, easy to use, and adequate for most new websites. Furthermore, you can always upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting when your website grows larger and have a lot of loads of traffic.

Making a decision about to choose a good web hosting provider that meets your requirements is not easy. There are many companies out there promises 99 percent uptime, unlimited resources, and good support. Therefore, you have to choose a good web hosting based on the valid information you get.

Some Consideration Aspects to Choose a Good Web Hosting Service

By understanding the following aspects, you will be able to decide a good hosting company that suits your needs.


This is the first consideration aspect when choosing a hosting provider. But do not make it the ultimate decision-making factor. When looking at the price differences among web hosting companies, note what you will get with a given price. Choosing web hosting package with the cheapest price somewhile is not a good idea, especially when you rely on your website to make money.

Important things like non-outsourced support and hardware quality cost money. Whereas, a hosting company that offers a low monthly cost is unlikely to offer such features. Take a closer look at the features each host provides, and then compare the price.

Focus Area

In fact, not all web hosts are right for all different customers. Some offer a good shared plan but don’t have a good solution for the growing of your business. While some others have a good corporate solution but doesn’t suitable for you. Look into the specialties of the company before you buy. Choose a good web hosting provider that understands you a customer to fulfill your web hosting needs. You can find some good reviews and recommendations on the internet, and many of them discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a particular hosting company.

Technical Specifications

Look back at your website. If you want to host a blog, e-commerce website, content-based websites such as videos or pictures, then you should choose the cheapest hosting package. Cheaper hosting plans may not have adequate RAM and processing power to serve all those needs. You will also spend more time dealing with the down time and loading problems.

Find out what you’ll get from any low price host and what features are included with the hosting package. Do they charge for hosting an additional domain, support, backup, and so on? Call them, ask some questions, and tell them what kind of website you dream of.

Technical Support

When your site is down, can you call and talk to someone from the hosting company of your choice? Besides, can they find out the cause and fix it? Or at least, can ask them about what to do to get your website back online?

Find out the different ways you can contact them when you need help, whether it’s via the email message, toll-free phone, chat, or other ways. Do they provide staffs to help you 24 hours per day? Do they provide an outsource support?

Finally, you will know that as with the price and technical specifications, all hosts are not the same. Some of them excel in support crew, and others stun the customer support as the final sequence number of priority. You must avoid the last one.


This aspect is the next consideration when choosing a good web hosting. What does make a hosting company special? What are additional incentives they prepare to make the hosting your website has a more interesting touch?

Are there any additional features like regular data backups or free domain privacy? Hosting companies often offer more than just servers. When you see their offer as something you need and important, then this is a good indicator for you to use the company’s services.


You may need to read a little or ask a question to get this information. What kind of machine is a hosting company using? Are they using a top-level engine or a new machine that is different from to the others? If the company does not mention on their official website the type of server they use, you need to ask, because the hardware can affect the performance of your website’s server.

Reviews from Customers

This is the aspect that makes you need a little creative to figure it out. Do a Google Blog Search for a particular hosting company or search for the information on Twitter. Do whatever it takes to know what their customers are saying about their hosting services. Are they easy to contact for help? How long does the average time it takes to respond to the customer complaints? When you find a problem on their customers’ website, what do they do? You can get the answers from those questions through social media. Ask questions about a hosting company, and you’ll find it easier to get the answers.

Email Features

If you got email spam problems, it could happen due to the hosting company does not provide enough solutions to stop the spam. Ask about spam solutions from the hosting service providers and general email practices.

Control Panel

Even if you’re a person who does not update on technology information, there are important things you should be capable of such as installing WordPress, installing Joomla, Installing Drupal, setting up email on the control panel, or setting up FTP account without contacting the hosting company’s support line. Does your hosting service provider uses cPanel or Plesk to make updates and simplify the modifications, or do they use a different control panel interface that nobody knows? If you do not know them, this could be a problem.

Another important thing you should consider pertaining to the hosting provider is whether it suits your plans in the future. In other words, to what extent of a website needs that you consider a hosting service cannot support you in the next two years when you start getting good traffic volume and your customers begin to fall in love with your business.

Any web-based company should be able to keep an eye on such growth, so if a hosting company has a trouble in accommodating the growth of your business, it could be a maddening problem. Does the host have a VPS or a dedicated server solution for the growth? Can they easily upgrade your account? Transferring from one host to another host takes time and efforts. However, you can avoid it if the hosting company can improve the solutions for the growth. As with other aspects of consideration to choose a good web hosting package, do some researches, search for the other users’ opinions, and make a decision based on the right information you get.

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