How to Choose The Right Analytics Tool for Your Company

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How to Choose the Right Analytics Tool

There are at least ten things you need to overview before buying analytics tools for your company. Some of them like the features you need, the data you want to track the analytics tool, product demos, testimonials from other users, and so on.

In addition to the quality of the analytics tools, you also need to consider the relationship with the vendor. Unfavorable relationships with the vendors can potentially interfere the productivity of your company later on.

Think about how much time is spent on implementing the analytics tool. Having some analytics tools would not be effective if have not been successfully implemented and minimal documentation. Let’s say no one in your company understands the use of the tool. But also get very minimal help and service from the vendor (the provider of the analytics tool).

Another potential problem when buying a third-party analytical tool, it can not answer your company needs if you don’t conduct a feasibility test to find out whether or not it matches to your various business needs.

Imagine how ineffective if your company doing a full implementation of the analytics tool and spend years to meet the data needs of your company. Meanwhile, if you conclude that the all of the analytics tools you tried to prove failed.

So, here we are going to discover some pieces of advice that will help you to be able to choose the right analytics tool for your company.

Know What Data You Want to Track

If you didn’t plan carefully what you want to track, it would be better if you do it now. This will give you a context on how you can use the available tool. In addition, creating a list of business questions can also help you.

For examples, some questions like: “Does feature x can invite users to sign in?” Can the tool that you are going use can do it? You can also use the “use case” of this process to choose the right analytics tool for your company.

Make a List of Analytics Tool’s Features that Your Company really Needs

Write down all features your company will need from an analytics tool. To make it easy, you can create a simple matrix. Reassure that those features should be in the analytics tool. So, you will have a tool with various appropriate features.

An example of product comparison matrix (source:

Is Mobile is Mandatory for You

Many vendors have been playing for a long time in the market, but their mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) is just a development of their main product, the web.

Maybe this is not a problem for you. But if you focus on mobile, you better look for analytics tool which devotes to mobile.

Understand Technical Requirements

Do you want to implement front-end or server-to-server implementation? Are you going to use the available SDK or completely server-to-server?

Knowing to answer such questions would help you to choose the right analytics tool. Those points are used to avoid technical obstacles that bother you when you start to enter the sales stage.

Make Sure There Will Be Technical Support for The Analytics Tool

Have you ever managed a full implementation of a tool analytics? Are you able to create a comprehensive list of your company’s business needs and turn it into a clear and consistent tracking plan? If you haven’t, you should rely on vendor skills for the solutions they provide. Even if you have a powerful internal resource, you will still need the technical support from the vendor to create a consistent tracking plan.

Some vendors will try to sell their professional services at an hourly rate. Some do not even offer any support, but they will divert you to their partners. But not a few offer you technical support at no additional cost.

It would be important to know those things before to buying an analytics tool, so you know what each vendor offers.

Ask the Vendor to Show the Roadmap of the Tool

This may sound unusual when buying a product, but this is important to find out how a vendor develops their products.

Purchasing an analytics tool is a huge investment of time and money for your company. And your company will definitely want to know the tool before deciding to invest in it.

Ask for a Demo

Before you take this step, prepare yourself thoroughly before asking questions during the demo. Do not waste your time on a demo session without preparation.

Vendors will try to persuade you with a variety of interesting features and interfaces. If you do not prepare yourself well, you will eventually fall for buying a product that is not suitable for your company.

To be surer, you can also involve an experienced analyst into the demo session. You may be a manager who understands business maps. But do you have the capability to utilize analytics tools to the fullest?

Check Out the Testimonials from Previous Users

Recommendation from other users is one of the best ways to know the quality of a product. When you have a list of analytics tools you are looking for, try to talk to some users of the tool. Find some popular forum where many people talked about the product.

If you already have a partner that manage other business tools, such as A/B testing tool, you can ask your colleague to connect you with other users who also use your analytics tool you want to buy.

Most business tool users are integrated with each other, so your chances of finding previous customer testimony become greater.

Can You Work with Them?

This may be subjective because we have a natural instinct to buy something from someone we love. Having a poor relationship with your vendors can potentially interfere your productivity.

A vendor may have very sophisticated and useful tools, but if they are difficult to work with, all the solutions presented will be useless.

Proof of Concepts

No vendors object to giving you the opportunity to directly test the tool you want to buy. If they want to do business with you, they should be ready to “lend” their tool for some time. Ask the vendor to create a trial contract and start using the tool.

Proof of concepts can be very time-consuming, both for you and for the service provider. But it is also a strong signal for service providers that you are already interested in doing business with them. So do this phase when you’re really ready to buy their product.

If the vendor does not allow this, there should be a freemium version you can try before buying. Ask your service provider about this.

When you have done a few points above, you are now in a good position to make a decision. The implementation of a tool analytics is very time-consuming and costly. You must be sure of your decision by doing various checks.

If you have any other shareable advice about how to chooses the right analytics tool for your company, please share it in the comment field below!

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