How to Connect a Computer to a Network Printer in Windows

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How to connect a computer to a network printer in Windows.

Using wireless hardware devices seems to be preferable today. Although not all people can set network configuration, at least you can get the guide on how to use the wireless computer hardware devices. This article will guide you on how to connect a computer to a network printer or wireless printer in Windows computer.

It was a ridiculous thing when our memory flew over a decade ago. At that time, often to print a document, users must plug the flash disk and then plug it again into another computer that connects directly to the printer.

At that time, a wireless computer network technology has been widely applied. But not many people know the benefits and convenience of the computer networking. In which most of us are still using cable computer network.

With wireless computer network technology, we can work on other parts of computer hardware through a single computer only. Means, no more pacing around to complete a job.

One of the benefits of using wireless computer network is to be able to remotely print documents as long as your computer connects to a network printer.

However, there are two conditions to be able to print your documents remotely from your pc or laptop. Firstly, your computer must connect to the network printer. Secondly, the settings on the network printer need to share or open access to other devices, in this case, your computer or laptop.

To share or open the access of the network printer in an order other devices on the network is as same as when you are sharing files and folders through the network. But in this case, you are sharing the printer.

Steps to Connect a Computer to a Network Printer in Windows

1. Go to Control Panel

Go to Control Panel and select view devices and printers.Click your Windows Start button and select Control Panel. Then, select a sub menu named Hardware and Sound. At the bottom side, you’ll see a View Devices and Printers section, click on it. Take a look at the following screenshot.

2. Add Printer

Click the Add Printer button.

Next, after the windows of the Devices and Printers appears, click on Add a Printer menu at the top of the window, which is the red boxed hint at the following screenshot.

3. Select Printer Location

The step to select printer location.

Then, you are going to set the printer location. The Local Printer option is the printer that is directly connecting to your computer. For you will be searching a printer that is on another computer on the same network, then you are going to select Add a Network, Wireless or Bluetooth printer.

4. Select One of Available Printers

Select one of available printers.After pressing next button on the Add Printer window, it will be searching all available printers on the network, and the window will display all available network printers (if any). If there are available printers appear, you can choose on one of them that is allowing you to access. Then, click Next.

5. Wait for the Printer Driver Installation Process to Finish

The process of printer driver installation.There will be an installation process to the printer driver. If the installation process is successful, the window will notify you that you’re successfully added the network printer. Then, click Next.

6. Click Finish or Print a Text Page

Finish the printer deriver installation process.

At this step, you are going execute whether to finish the setting, add another wireless printer, or to print a text page. Besides, you may set the printer you just installed as your default printer at the window if you are using more than one printers to your computer or laptop.

Another Way to Connect a Computer to a Network Printer

Open your Windows explorer. Then, at the bottom left column of the Windows explorer, click Network. Wait a while until all the computers and hardware devices that available on the network appear on the window. Next, select by double clicking on the computer icon where the printer is.

The Network Explorer on Windows

Instead, if the printer is shared directly using its network sharing device, the printer will appear in the Windows explorer.

Connect to the Network Printer

To connect to the network printer, right-click on the printer icon, and then click Connect. After that, there will be a driver installation process for the network printer and followed by the appearance of the finishing window as in the other way that has been described previously.

The process of connecting your computer or any device to the network printer is complete. That’s the simple guide on how to connect a computer to a network printer in Windows OS computer.

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