Understanding and Benefits of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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The Benefits of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you are currently managing a blog or website, you may have ever heard about CDN. So, as the master of a blog or website, you should understand about CDN. What is CDN and what is the function of CDN for a website? Briefly, this topic to will discover the understanding and benefits of Content Delivery Network.

Understanding Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is a web content delivery network by a server that has the closest position to the user. CDN has its client servers that spread all over the world. The CDN server will automatically save the cache of a website and make you access the web content faster. Because of the closest CDN the one that is working to send the web data to your web browser.

As the cache of the website is stored on the CDN client server and although the hosting server of a website is being down, possibly you can still access the website by utilizing the cache from one of the CDN servers. But the disadvantage can persist when the CDN server is being down. Consequently, you cannot access the website even though the hosting of the website is not down. Read also: The Difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting.

As shown in the picture above, the top right-hand side picture illustrates the original server of a website. The visitors of a website can also access the web content by the service of the original server if the webmaster does not use CDN service. Then, the bottom left-hand side picture illustrates the computer of a user, and all of the middle pictures are the CDN client servers that spread all over the world.

Content Delivery Network Illustration

Certainly, if the user accesses the content to the main server (line 1) without using any of the CDN servers, the access time is longer due to the long distance of the remote server. Whereas, if you are using a CDN network, one of the closest CDN servers to the user’s location will send the web content via (line 2).

For example, you are accessing a website from London. In which, the original server is located in the United States. But because the website uses CDN service, the original server does not send the web content from the United Stated. But, the closest CDN server serves your access request .e.g. London CDN server.

The Benefits of CDN

  • CDN can provide a faster access to every user of a website as it will serve from the nearest server.
  • If most of a site’s visitors are served by the CDN servers, then the original server load becomes lighter.
  • The loading of a website becomes faster.
  • A website with worldwide visitors or users CDN can serve the data delivery separately to each of the visitors based on the nearest CDN server to the visitor.

If I have a blog or website, should I use CDN?

  • If the location main visitors of your blog or website are far from the original server location, then you should use CDN.
  • Targeting local visitors and using a local web server may not necessarily need CDN.
  • When you are targeting visitors from all people in the world, then using CDN is mandatory.

Usually, a hosting server package via cPanel control that provides CDN menu is from CloudFlare. So, if you really need to use CDN, then you should consider a hosting package from CloudFlare to enjoy CDN service.

You can find some hosting package with a free CDN service. However, there are some premium CDN features you can enjoy if you upgrade the CDN package. Nevertheless, the free CDN performance remains good, so if you just starting a website with the small traffic volume, you can start from the free CDN.

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