5 Creative Design Exercises to Improve Your Designing Skills

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Writer’s block can be happening at any time when it comes to getting an idea or inspiration for a creative design. That’s will not help you design. Instead of being stuck and, you should have some creative exercises. Creative design exercises are not only helping you get inspirations but would also improve your designing skills.

Here are five creative design exercises you can do to designing like a pro.

1. Convert a Name or Brand to a Creative Logo Design

Tips to become a skillful graphic designerProfessional creative designers has a certain purpose in designing a logo. It’s most likely to have something that meets their client’s wishes. So, you can do it yourself as a way of creative design exercise. No need to be confused about finding a brand name you are going to convert to a logo. You can design your own name or your blog name. To make it easier to star, draw it on a blank paper first. When you get a cool logo design, you can start creating it using a computer software. It could be on Photoshop or CorelDRAW. Make as many logos as possible with different designs as well. Who knows one of them can be a personal logo that you can attack on every creative design you will create.

2. Do Some Experiments with All Filters in Photoshop

Create a Realistic Wooden 3D Text Effect in Photoshop
Create a Realistic Wooden 3D Text Effect in Photoshop

From so many filters in Adobe Photoshop application, you should have used to try them all for you easily getting creative ideas. In this creative exercise, you can do some experiments in editing photos using all of Photoshop’s filters. One filter for one photo and then, save each edited photo as the name of the filter you use to edit it. After that, compare the results. This creative design exercise will help you better explore the use of Adobe Photoshop and which then you can apply to the next designing projects.

3. Design Your Favorite Quotes

Think about today and tomorrow.You probably have some favorite inspirational quotes which motivate yourself every day. Or you may also search some inspirational quotes that can motivate people. You can use those quotes as your creative design exercises material. Convert each of the quotes into a creative artwork that attracts people’s attention. There are many designing skills that you can improve by doing this exercise such as combining background colors with the design and improving your typography skills. To make your quote designing results meaningful, make them as quote wallpapers for computer, cell phone, or background wallpapers for your social media profiles. Instead, you may also share them for free on online image sharing for branding or sell them for money as long as you have the license.

4. Combine Two Different Photos

Create a Double Exposure in Photoshop
How to make a double exposure image in Photoshop.

Doing a creative design exercise means that you have to open your mind as wide as possible so you can do all possible things you don’t usually do in your daily life. In creative designing, you will definitely use elements that co-relate to each other to create a harmony. However, in this creative design exercise, you have to combine two different things which have no correlation to each other. So, pick two unrelated random images. Combine those two different images, for example, exchanging heads or backgrounds with each other or creating a double exposure. This exercise will require you to keep thinking creatively until those two photos can be integrated well enough.

5. Writing Without a Structure

Writing can also be a powerful way to help improve your designing skills. Because through writing, you can find the relationship between words and images and of course practicing language skills every day. As the first step, you can google an image with an object, such as chocolate. Pick one of the images from Google’s search results, then take ten minutes to write as many words as possible to describe the image. If so, take time to compose stories based on the words you have written.

As a creative designer, you are required to always have fresh and constant ideas. But you shouldn’t be marveled as creative design exercises aren’t always run smoothly. Taking some practices as many times as possible can help overcome idea stuck while helping to improve your designing skills. Good luck!

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