The Tricks to Download Torrents Without uTorrent or Software

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Download Torrents Without uTorrent

BitTorrent is still the most popular and preferable peer to peer (P2P) file sharing service. However, there are some countries that ban tracker sites like The Pirate Bay at the ISP level. Such situation would make you unable to enjoy the benefits of downloading from torrents. Besides that, not all torrent files are easily for you to download. But you still have to pay attention to the seeder and leecher. If you are able to choose a torrent correctly, you can definitely get the right file. Therefore, here we are going to discover some alternatives to download torrents without uTorrent of any software.

Generally, people usually download torrents using the torrent client software. But it would be a confusing in case you can’t install and run a torrent client on your computer. So, here we are going to discover the tricks to download torrents without uTorrent or software.

To download torrents without uTorrent or any software, you can use an online torrent download service. An online torrent download service allows you to download torrent files and directly save the target files on your hard drive. You can download torrent files as usual via HTTP / FTP on an online torrent download service. The following are the list of online torrent download services.

The Best Online Storage Services that allow You to Download Torrents Without uTorrent


You can consider to user BTCloud if you want to download torrents without uTorrent. BTCloud is one of the best online torrent download services. This service allows you to download torrent quickly and it will forward direct download to your computer. You can use the free service BTCloud which offers 1GB of disk space for torrent files. However, it only allows you to download one torrent per day and you can only download five torrents in total.
To use BTCloud, you need to register first. After registering to BTCloud and access the dashboard, there you can insert the torrent magnet or a torrent link to the green bar and simply click go!

Use BTCloud to download torrents without uTorrent

After clicking go, in will be downloading the torrent and save it first to your BTCloud storage. There you can monitor the download progress from the status column. If the torrent download progress is successful, you will see a complete message. After that, you can download it from your BTCloud storage to your computer by clicking the name of the torrent file.

BTCloud download progress.

You can download the torrent files either one by one or directly download all as a ZIP file.

The List of Files on BTCloud


Another online torrent download service Zbigz. The features are almost similar to BTCloud. But the difference between BTCloud and Zbigz is that you don’t have to create an account there. You can download all types of torrent files using Zbigz and it supports video and music player. So, you can directly watch or listen to the video or music on Zbigz.

The free plan on Zbigz only capable of download speed up to 150 KB/s with a maximum size of download file size is up to 1GB. The file you download will last for 7 days, and the maximum limit of files you can download is only 2.

To download torrents without uTorrent on Zbigz, you just need to paste the torrent download link to in the download URL bar and click Go.

Zbigs Preview

After that, you’ll see a page that prompts you to choose whether a free plan or premium plan. You can subscribe to the premium plan for a fast download and more storage capacity.

Otherwise, you may also choose the free plan, and then Zbigz will download the torrent file to your Zbigz storage. After the download progress has been completed, you can also download the file in the form of Zip file by using HTTP / FTP download (direct download) to your computer drive.



If you want a private and safe service to download torrents without uTorrent, probably Filestream is the right choice. Filestream ensures your files are safe from any dangerous virus, even from the Filestream staffs. No one can see your files in your Filestream storage other than youBesides that, your files will last permanently on your Filestream storage. Unfortunately, you must create an account first to be able to use Filestream services. But it’s free and fast.

After making an account on Filestream, then you need to login and go to your membership page. There you need to enter the torrent magnet or torrent link and just simply click the Download button.

After the download progress has been completed, you will see on the status column marked as Complete.
The download is till to your Filestream storage. But if you want to download the torrent file from your Filestream online storage, click the archive icon. Then, it will prompt you to select either downloading the files using the secure feature via SSL or not.

Filestream SSL Option

Those are several online storage services that support torrent download without using uTorrent or any software. However, there are also other good ways to download torrent files without using uTorrent. The following are the list of other ways to download torrent files without uTorrent.

Use Torrent Client Browser Extensions to Download Torrent Without uTorrent

Torrent Tornado for Firefox

Torrent Tornado for Firefox

If you are using Firefox and will often download torrent files, you can install Torrent Tornado on your Firefox. Its functions are really capable for common users. Torrent Tornado is capable of downloading torrent files through the .torrent files, HTTP URLs, magnet links, FTP URLs or torrent hashes. At the dashboard of Torrent Tornado, simply press the “Add new torrent” button. There you can add the source of the torrent to start to download the torrent files.

JSTorrent Lite For Chrome

JStorrent Lite for Chrome

This Chrome extension has a cut down (free) and paid versions. So, the free version has limited features, but it’s really capable of downloading torrent files. The free version of JSTorrent Lite only allows you to download torrents 20 times. However, you can get additional limit up to 20 downloads by simply uninstalling and re-installing this extension on your Chrome.

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