3 Main Considerations in Planning for Organized and Effective Study

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Effective Study

As a student or learner, to get organized for a study is very important in study skills in order you can learn effectively. Within this post, you’ll find out clearly about the right ways to plan and to organize your study. To help yourself in learning effectively, firstly, you need to find an appropriate place to study. Then, prepare everything you need in the study that may help you to access to the appliances and resources easily. This way may support you to have an effective study.

Effective Study

What is the effective study? The Effective Study refers to a good way of studying a subject that can improve your skills to preferable withstand learning the subject. To get an organized and effective study, you need to have the right place, time, and network in the study.

The Right Place to Study

To have a right place to study could be a hard thing to find for some students. But, you shouldn’t squander a fortune if you have easy access to your school facilities, library, the internet and a silent environment.

For most students, study at home is not a beneficial place to study. It’s because most of the students’ home doesn’t meet their personal needs in terms of situations and conditions that can support them to study effectively. Therefore, taking care of a flexibility and adaptability is important, because your situations or conditions could change when you are in your study time.

In determining the right place to study, you need to consider what conditions and situations are appropriate for you in which you can learn a subject effectively.  So, below are some considerations that you need to ask yourself in starting to learn a subject or in examining your current situation as and conditions if it is in the process of learning a subject.

  • Which is the main location for you to learn the subject, either from home, library, workplace, or another place?
  • Do you have an option in your study place or will your personal situations and conditions give the order to this?
  • Will a quiet place make you study better, or will having others around you can make you study better, probably being able to connect with friends, peers, or family?

Choosing the Right Environment to Study

Choosing the right environment to study is about make the best use of time in learning a subject. Therefore, make sure you choose a place to study. The place that you choose is where all of your study tools such as notes, timetable, textbooks, pens or pencils, computer, and the internet are available and reachable.  Having a shared access to a computer while you are studying could not always be worthwhile, especially when you choose to study nearby your family. However, you can plan the right time and day for you to have full control to the computer if you really need to use a computer to study a subject.

Then, a practical thing that you should take care in choosing the right environment to study is adequate lighting. Make sure the place has an adjustable lamp, mainly when you are studying in evening or in a location without enough lighting.

Another thing you also need to take into account is about to ensure there is no nuisance in the environment that you choose to study. Minimize the source of a nuisance that may present unexpectedly.  By minimizing source of nuisance, you are helping yourself to be concentrate in studying.

Try to consider all main environmental factors and equipment that you need to have the right place to study. If you often to study, then the more important environmental factors you know that you need to have an effective study.

Organize Your Study Equipment

Necessarily, you need to organize all printed material such as textbooks and notes on your desk. Arrange them in the right indexed files. Then, put also your stationary at one container with an organized arrangement. Having organized study equipment can help you in making a friendly study environment.

You can make a simple filing system yourself, or buy a proper filing system that suitable for your desk. Organize your materials in the filing system. A filling system can assist you to use time efficiently in a study.

Then, make sure you have a portable container that suitable for all of your study materials. This way is useful when you need to study in another place. If the internet is necessary to support your study, think about the right place to study. Is the place is available for a Wi-Fi network or internet connection?

The Right Time to Study

Besides choosing the right place to study, it is also important to decide the right times to study. Below are some questions to ask yourself that will help you to generate good ideas for the right times to study effectively.

  • How many times do you need to study in a week?
  • Is it necessary to spend more time in studying a subject?
  • Does your study time meet your positive life balance?
  • What is the time management strategy to manage your study time to meet the required finishing date?
  • Do you need to set the schedule your study time?
  • What is your best time to study for a particular day?  Is the time that you choose the easiest time for you to concentrate on a study?
  • How long can you maintain concentration?
  • How do you minimize nuisance in your study time?
  • Can you handle your study if there is an interruption?
  • When your study is out of your plan, what is your strategy to catch up?

Find Contacts That Can Support Your Study

Finding the right people that can help you to have an effective study is a good idea. They can be your tutors at school, colleagues, classmates, or even family. At internship or real work, this could mean your supervisors, colleagues, and/or your boss.

Having contacts that can support can be meaningful when:

  • To you get the most appropriate person who can support your study in particular situations.
  • You are facing a difficulty in your study for any excuse as you are not willing to waste time trying to get some support.

Make some list of phone and email contacts for appropriate people that can help you in your study. This way is building your network.

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