8 Email Marketing Automation Best Practices for Better ROI

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Email Marketing Automation Best Practices

Email marketing automation is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business electronically using an email campaign. If you plan to run an email marketing campaign means that you will manage a set of solo email messages and you send them periodically across to your prospective and existing customers who voluntarily opted-in to your subscription panel. So, you are going to offer your products or services to targeted people. Sending your email newsletter to targeted people is the most effective method to boost online sales.

Many companies are mistakenly in performing email marketing which using a wrong email marketing automation tool and randomly sends spammy emails to people they don’t know at all. Your business is strongly recommended to not be mistaken in deciding which email marketing tool and strategy you are going to run. So, here we will be digging up in depth about the 10 email marketing automation best practices for better ROI.

Email marketing automation is actually easy and practical. It’s why recently this online marketing method becoming one of the most favorite marketing methods to get customers. Besides of increasing online sales, your business will also get more in touch with your customers. Because you can easily deliver all of your product and service information in your marketing email. The right email marketing strategy can make business connect personally with prospective customers. This provides a benefit for both company and customer as each party can meet each other’s wishes.

How to Run an Effective Email Marketing Automation

You must be knowing that email marketing software isn’t a new type of marketing strategy. Many businesses and organizations have been using email marketing software for decades. And the competition is getting tougher. In this high-tech age, email marketing isn’t effective without using a tool that is really capable.

A marketing implementation that mostly uses an email marketing strategy is actually relying on the customers who play an important role to help your business succeed. The key building good relationships between you and your customers through email marketing. So, to be able to run an effective email marketing automation, you need to follow the following best practices.

Using Accurate Data

Instill in your mind to always provide accurate data to your targets as it is. In other words, you shouldn’t conceal something with regard to pros and cons of your product or service. This way makes your customers feel happy and satisfy in dealing or cooperating with you. Suppose that you describe the features of a product or service you are selling, it’s much better, to be honest in providing the entire of product and after purchase services information. This will have a positive impact on your prospective customers who have never been purchased your product. They would be interested and or clicking the selling page’s link on your email. It’s turned out to be increasing the CTR of your email marketing.

Getting to Know Your Customers’ Behavior

Understanding your customers’ behavior will provide you which to-do and don’t in your email marketing. Therefore then, you need to find out your customers behavior with regard to email marketing things by conducting a survey. Once a number of researchers performed an email analysis in 2016. The result found that 55% of the respondents are used to open emails on their mobile device.

That result of research is certainly generating some ideas on how to make an email marketing to be getting more reachable and comfortable for the targets. For example, after conducting a survey towards your customers, you find out that most of them are used to open emails on their mobile device. So, you get an idea that mobile-friendly email content and design is a priority. It’s why finding out your customers’ behavior is important in running email marketing.

Be Creative and Innovative

Anything without performing it creatively would end up in a vain as well as in an email marketing implementation. There would be a lot of things you can do to create a creative email content and design. That would be your stunning email template which you can apply to your emails. A good email marketing automation tool should have provided some designs of email marketing templates. In which at least two or three of the designs fit for your business type.

Furthermore, add stunning product images, attractive font, and perhaps videos also, in creating something unique in your email, so that your online store or official business website is capable of attracting the attention of your customers.

Delivering the First Impression

If you learn personality from the experts or other sources, you will find out that the first impression is very important to provide a glance view of what a person looks like. An attractive first impression will constantly create a good relationship at the present. So, make use of your email subject as the very initial first impression towards your prospective customers. Use interesting words that are able to attract their attention. A hypnotic words suite tends to attract their eyes to click on your email.

Make Your Email Marketing Personal

Creating a personal email marketing doesn’t mean that you need to compose email by email to customize your email concept for each of your customers. It is not efficient in term of time management at all. Such work will be a hassle. Yet, you shouldn’t send all the same email to all of your customers.

Surely, customers will be happy if you treat them in a special way. So, you can call by their name at the greeting, at the beginning of message sentence like, and you might want to put at some certain parts too. You should use also formal words. You can be instantly done in setting a simple adjustment to make your email concept more personal to each of your targets if you use a good email marketing automation tool.

Interesting Subject

Besides of delivering the first impression on the subject of your email, make it also interesting. An interesting email subject makes the readers would love to know what’s the information in the email.

An interesting email subject or title can be a general question rather than a promotion question. An interesting email subject for marketing could be “Wondering How to Get Rid of Your Belly Fat Fast?” The question makes the client curious about the answer. In addition, you can also associate your product or service with current issues (newsletter) instead of product promotions only. But still, put in the backdrop why your product or service is recommended one.

The Right Time for Email Delivery

Often when you don’t know the right time to send an email marketing campaign, the result then ends up with unread email. Therefore, know and decide the right time to schedule your email marketing campaign. Actually, the most appropriate time to send it is at the usual time just before people going to work in the morning. Because it’s a break time where people can focus more to read the email you send. Email delivery on these hours is able to increase the chances of emails open and respond to read your email.

Use the Right Email Marketing Automation Tool

An email marketing automation bot is a robotic software that is capable of sending bulk emails to many people at once. It’s not recommended to use a bot email marketing automation tool which its server is located on a shared hosting or server. Almost all companies’ web-based emails that are sent through a tool which is placed their shared server (shared hosting) are treated as spam by large email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. Because mostly spammers work through a shared server. As a result, large email service providers treat all incoming emails from such server as spam.

Therefore, before subscribing or purchasing an email marketing automation tool product, you better consider an email marketing tool that provides a free trial for you to try sending emails. Then, using that free trial tool, send automatic emails from your business domain’s email to a number of reliable emails such as emails provided by Gmail and Yahoo Mail (don’t send to your customers). And check whether or not those automatic emails end up in the spam box. This is a crucial factor as non-tech savvy customers are mostly afraid to open emails that end up in spam box to avoid computer viruses attack.

As a footnote, to convert your email marketing automation to become revenue and for better ROI, you need to consider the right email marketing strategy, tool, and all of the best practices you’ve been taught by internet marketing experts. Read also; how to choose the right analytics tool for your business.

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