Positive Mindset: The Endless Path to the Happiness

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Positive Mindset

If you read the previous article under the Personal Development category, titled You Can if You Think You Can, you should understand the principle of Law of Attraction (LOA). The basic idea of the principle of LOA is what you think will attract similar thoughts and then reflect it back to you.

The mind you imagine currently is creating your future life (Rhonda Byrne). What you think or focus the most will emerge as your life. Your mind will be something.

Thus, if those who dominate our imaginations and minds are negative things such as disappointed, failed, angry, always blaming others, frustrated, hesitated, always feeling deficient – then the wave of that thought will bounce to the universe, attracting similar negative thoughts that, and then send it back to you.

The dark circle of negativism will slowly but steadily make you crash in a life of depression. On the contrary, if you fill your mind with a visualization that is full of positive energy such as the spirit of life, the belief to embrace a dash of success, abundance, an overwhelming optimism excitement, never-ending thanksgiving, then the traces of life will bring you melt in a real happiness circle.

Therefore, the motivational experts always encourage us to always take care of our mind and brain to always be in a positive sphere. In other words, we need to brew and inject the visualization and overflow of positive energy into our brain’s nerve cells continuously. For this reason, the beautiful sketches of success and happiness can begin to be portrayed perfectly.

Indeed, the idea of a correlation between positive spirit of life and individual achievement levels has ever been extensively elaborated by academics long before the stirring Law of Attraction book was published.

Seligman is one of the characters. The figure who was often referred to as the Father of Positive Psychology, through his book entitled Learned Optimism has provided a substantial elaboration about how the spirit of optimism and the power of positive mindset are very influential toward a successful life.

The question now is: How can your life journey be always enveloped by the positive energy and the spirit of optimism that stings and keeps flowing.

One popular way is through a positive visualization technique (I will discover the positive visualization technique in the personal development post). Another practical way might be this: drown yourself in a social circle or community that has a positive vision of life. Maybe we can start from the nearest environment, such as family.

How to Develop a Positive Vision in Mind

1. Make sure all of the interactions in your family with positive energies, develop a good communication with your spouse (and not flood him or her with various complaints such as: “Ooooh, why is this side dish so salty?“. Or, “Honey, how the hell…! Why none of underwears dry?“).

2. Then, spoil your children (if you have) with praises and appreciations (but not with a barrage of negative sentences such as: “Why is your rapport bad?“, “Why Sam’s mathematical grade is better than you?“, etc.).

3. Then, build a relationship with the people who are always able to spread the flame of persistence in every trace of their step. Make a lot of interactions with those who can always split the belief to make dreams come true. But not with a person who can only burst a negative energy.

4. Then, spread your social wings with those who always see the problem as a definite challenge to be solved, but not with the people who just sow complaints, blame each other and issuing endless grievances of complaints.

5. On the other hand, it may be worthwhile to live with inspirational reading and knowledge, refreshing and be able to bring about enlightenment. You can dig some readings from the positive books, magazines or quality blogs. This inspiring knowledge may be able to sustain and assist you in the knitting of the living ethos that is overwhelmed by positive energy.

Finally, it must be said that the endless path to the happiness is really a steep winding road. But always face that long road with a positive attitude of life, with a spirit of optimism, with a self-confidence that clumps, and with an abundance of gratitude that flows without stopping. Also, with an endless prayer. Believe me, a thousand of angels will always hear a prayer you whisper day and night.

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