20 Essential Skills Every College Student Must Prepare Before Entering the Real Work

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Essential skills for fresh graduates.

Having a lot of skills will help a fresh graduate to get the first job quickly. On the other hand, there are still many college students who don’t realize the importance of skills. Nay, they only focus on their GPA. They make good grades become their goal in the college. According to Bill Coplin, companies deem that the GPA shows the necessary intelligence and earnestness of a prospective employee during the college. But the GPA is not what a company needs from a fresh graduate or a job seeker. By the way, Bill Coplin is an expert, industry observer, and writer.

In his book titled 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn In College, he discovers the data from the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) in 2010 about the essential skills that employee candidates need to have.

Here is the list of top 20 skills that are expected by most companies and every college student need to learn before applying for a new job after graduation.

  • Good communication ability
  • Work ethics
  • Initiative
  • Intrapersonal skills
  • Problem solving / Ability to solve problems
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to analyze
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to use computer
  • Attention to detail
  • Leadership
  • Technical ability
  • Ability to organize
  • Confidence
  • Wise, diplomatic
  • An open and friendly personality
  • Creative
  • Ability to plan and strategic thinking
  • Entrepreneurship ability
  • Have a sense of humor

College students can learn those 20 skills in the school. And the following are four ways how to get those core competencies;

1. Join Students Activity Unit (Students Organization)

Engaging a campus event

In a students organization, you can develop your interest, have an experience in an organization, interact with many people, whether fellow students, lecturers, or outsiders.

In a students organization, you will also learn to follow some rules. It means you learn how to commit to certain standards in the organization. Besides, you can get soft skills such as the ability to communicate, work ethics, teamwork, and computer skills.

2. Take the Challenge of Becoming an Event or Group Project Leader

In many campuses, there would be an open recruitment for a campus event project officer campus in the field of art performances, bazaar events, seminar and more. So, take the opportunity to try it and challenge yourself by becoming the chairman of a campus event.

You can also be a project leader in the classroom, or in an agenda of a students organization program. Even though you’ll lead a campus activity that is not big, it could be a valuable organizational experience for you. All companies will ask you about what is your organizational experience.

As a leader, you need to manage, motivate, and become the representative of your colleagues in the campus event or students organization. Besides, you must also be courageous and responsible.

The soft skills that you can get from becoming a leader are the courage in taking risks, an ability to plan and think strategically, confidence, problem-solving, ability to analyze, computer ability, and diplomatic skills.

3. Engage in a Committee and Take on a Specific Task in It

In contrast to the above points, you also need to learn to be led and become a supporter of a team. So, join a particular division you like, such as a decoration section or a documentation section for a campus event.

If you are getting used being a leader, you are getting more mature quickly, and you also will know how it feels to work for something specific. It means you will be more focus and care to details. Being a leader also allows you to explore more technical skills and creativity.

For example, if you like to make a video or photography, you can explore your ability and creativity by joining with the documentation division.

The soft skills that you can improve by engaging in a committee of a campus event include the ability to adapt, attention to details, technical skills, and creativity.

4. Hangout with Friends

Hang out with friends on campus.

College life is not only limited to classes and its events and organizations. You still need the time to gather informally and socialize with friends either on campus or outside of the campus.

Sometimes, from having some conversations in the cafeteria or other positive informal gatherings will inspire you a lot of good ideas and inputs. Try to hang out with many college friends from various backgrounds and don’t be exclusive in having friends. This way, you’ll have the chance to develop good communication skills with different background of people.

The soft skills you can get from having to hang out with friends are; friendly personality and a sense of humor.

College Tips

Find out your interests, potentials, passions, skills, and abilities. Get the most appropriate major recommendations. Most of the students feel they took a wrong major. So, it’s better to think about which major to take before it’s too late.

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