The General Factors that Affect the Personality Formation of an Individual

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Factors that Affect the Personality Formation

Many people define the personality as an attitude, behavior, and temperament of a person. However defining the personality can be more than that, although it is included in a small part of the personality. To discover the general factors that affect the personality formation of an individual, you should know the definition of personality.

Personality refers to about the way of an individual is being human with a particular tendency. Each one has its own personality that possesses certain strengths and weaknesses. The other definition of the particular tendency is every individual and has different behavior and unique if comparing one to another. In which, it’s affected by certain factors.

The typical behavior of an individual varies based on aptitude, attitude, skills, habitude, and lifestyle. However, there are the general factors that affect the personality formation of an individual such as feelings, knowledge, and personality typology.


The feeling is positive or negative circumstances that within one’s consciousness in line with his or her knowledge. Whereas, the knowledge is the very first influential factor in one’s personality formation. In which, this personality typology shows or describes the type of one’s personality. That personality typology becomes the differentiator factor of the other personalities or also be referred as a specific factor.

The General Factors that Affect the Personality Formation

In general, there are five factors that affect the personality formation of an individual. By knowing these factors, you should know how to analyze your personality.  There are many benefits of knowing your own personality in the process of your personal development. The following are the general factors that affect the formation of a person’s personality.

Hereditary Factors or Biological Inheritance of an Individual

Biological inheritance in a family is one of the factors that affect the personality formation of an individual. The personality formation of a person came from his or her family, or rather from the parents. It’s why an individual’s personality is almost similar to their parents’. However, the formation of that affects the personality of a person depends on the social behavior. In addition, the biological heritage also requires some training, teaching, and the intercommunication to develop oneself in a community. You can assess the biological heritage of an individual’s personality from her or her brain, sex gland, and senses.

Physical Environmental Factors or Geographical Factors

The physical environmental factors or geographical factors include the climate, natural resources, and topographical are the things that affect an individual personality formation. For example, people who live in cold regions, their behavior and habits will be different to people who live in warm regions. The way people to adapt to the physical environment circumstances will certainly impact the formation of their personalities. Typically, the harsh physical environment will make the people who live in such places have stronger personalities.

Cultural Factors

Culture factors have an important role in the personality formation of an individual or the personality of the community. A culture in a community delivers a different knowledge and influence if comparing to any different community. The elements of a culture are the livelihood, belief, custom, and arts. Those are the things that distinguish an individual’s behavior with other individuals who live in different regions. As the example of one of those elements is agriculture. Agriculture is all activities, ideas, and the results of the activities of people in society who their life and livelihood depend on their agriculture.

Group Experience Factors

The group experience is also one of the factors that affect an individual’s personality formation. It means the existence of a group in an area with its size and different standards of culture will certainly affect the formation of the personality of an individual who lives on it. An individual will confront other different types of behavior when living in a certain type of group  It makes such a person whether could or couldn’t adapt to the model of behavior within the group. If an individual is successful to adapt a model of behavior within the group, he or she may be acceptable, likable, heckled, supported or recognized by other groups.

Unique Experiences Factor

The unique experiences are one of the general factors that affect an individual’s personality formation. It means each person has unique experiences which are forming a type of personality. The unique experiences of each individual could form a weak or strong personality.

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