Job Prospects for Fashion Design Major Graduates

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You probably like some popular fashion products such as from Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, or Dior, or probably you would like to become a world-class fashion designer and want to follow fashion week in Milan, New York, London, and Paris. So, you may need to consider taking a fashion design major.

In a fashion design major, you can take whether a specific major concentration whether Photography, Public Relations, or Design and Merchandising or any particular fashion field of study. A fashion degree can be a key to an exciting array of career path. Fashion design is a highly technical industry that requires great attention to details and patience. Those core aspects are often found from students of fashion design majors. The skills you can improve in fashion design majors include sketch designing, create clothing collections, sewing clothes, study textiles, and fabrics, creating patterns, even improving your computer skills in using the latest technology such as computer programming (CAD).

You need to note that the fashion industry is a very dynamic and competitive industry. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities you can get during the course, including for example internships, networking opportunities, and to improve your working skills during your undergraduate program.

If you consider a fashion design major, continue reading this article. You will discover some kinds of jobs or job prospects for in the fashion world that you can pursue after finishing your undergraduate fashion designer program, and a glimpse advice on how to improve your CV when it comes to applying for a fashion job.

Job Prospects in Fashion

Fashion designer

Those who study in fashion design majors are indeed pursuing a career in a fashion designer job. As a fashion designer, your job is to design and produce your own clothes and products. This is a work area that is mostly reserved for fashion design graduates in famous fashion schools or universities.

When starting a career as a fashion designer, you will probably first work as a fashion designer assistant. In the assistant career stage, you can develop your fashion skills and gain more job responsibilities, including the opportunity to generate your ideas and creations. Alternatively, if you have entrepreneurial and leadership skills, there is also the option for you to start your own fashion design business. This opportunity can not be taken lightly. Many fashion design major graduates choose to work in an established company to gain valuable work experience, before starting a path as an independent entrepreneur in the fashion field.

Careers in fashion design are very diverse. You can work in a team that creates high street fashion lines; as the pattern designer in a textile company; or as a designer/assistant in a large or small fashion house. Jobs in fashion design tend to be one of the most rewarding for highly creative for fashion design major graduates. They like to draw and create something new, and fashion-inspired.

How to Improve Your Fashion Design Skills

To improve your fashion design skills, you can learn from the real work experience by becoming an design focus apprentice; work portfolio (the more projects you ever have undertaken will increase your professionalism in the perception of your customers); the aspects of the other fashion industry experiences (e.g. retail, marketing, production, etc.); your contacts from fashion industries (you can start this at the network during taking your fashion design degree).

Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Buyer

Fashion Buyers are individuals who are in charge in the relationship with the fashion suppliers. They negotiate a lot with the suppliers, ranging from negotiating about the latest fashion products to the price and exclusive merchandising they can provide. Besides, they also have the task to make purchases of fashion products for their work, both from well-known fashion brands and from white label suppliers.

White label is a term in the retail industry. A white label product means a product that was manufactured by a supplier, but bought by another company; for example, the product solely seems to be an in-house production of a buying company.

Fashion buyers must also determine the profit margin on sales, marketing plans, and stock planning. A buyer is responsible for maintaining good relationships with suppliers.

Fashion merchandise, on the other hand, is more business-oriented, with the primary task of calculating an estimate of how much one will shop in the store, and making sure that product for sale is allocated to the right store at the right time.

Fashion buyers and fashion merchandisers are the major jobs in the fashion retail industries such as department stores, retail outlets, online retailers, or smaller independent shops and boutiques. So, if you want to forecast the latest fashion trends and keep an eye on what’s for sale, a career in merchandising or fashion designer might suit you.

To improve your graduate work skills, learn a lot designing, gain current market knowledge (designer trends); retail experience; numeracy skills; negotiation skills, forecasting skills, fashion apprentice (in buying, merchandising, design, and or marketing).

Fashion Marketing and Public Relations (PR)

Fashion trends come and go very quickly, which means the fashion marketing and public relations department are always facing the challenges to spread the word about the current trends and styles. So, in an undergraduate fashion design major program you will learn how to become a fashion marketing specialist with a set of studies and practices in creating different marketing campaigns and advertising strategies on how to sell a particular fashion product either to retailers or end-customers.

You will learn a lot on how to analyze the new trends and even determine whether or not a product can be marketed. Fashion marketing and Public Relations must have strong communication skills, detail-oriented, practical knowledge about consumer habits and the ability to forecast for upcoming trends by analyzing market demands graph.

To become a fashion marketer and public relations, you have to improve your retail experience, copywriting skills, consumer knowledge, good communication skills, working in teams, and fashion apprenticeship in marketing or designing.

Fashion Production and Management

In most organizations or companies, fashion production is the front line of the fashion industry. They need considerable attention and expertise in ensuring the quality and consistency of the overall product. After gaining the experience in this field, the management career possibilities will be open to you. So, you can climb the production ladder until you have your team. Alternatively, you can earn a postgraduate degree in management that is specializing in the relevant field.

In the recent years, the innovation side of fashion production has been grown rapidly along with the emphasizing on sustainability and nil wastes in lean manufacturing. Those are making it as one of the more challenging and rewarding fashion jobs due to its broad reach and relevance. A fashion-conscious designer with strong leadership skills is a prime candidate for fashion work in production and management.

To work in a fashion production and management, learn the processes of textile production, leadership skills, gain experiences in production and manufacturing, fashion apprenticeship in production or design sector.

Fashion Journalism and Publishing

Fashion journalism is a very attractive work area for those who study fashion, driven by the booming of blogging in fashion from the very beginning of the internet emergence to the present days. Whether you want to become a fashion blogger, news reporter, or a magazine journalist, there are many avenues to success as a fashion journalist.

Fashion journalists come in a variety of work activities, such as writing for trading publications, corporate public relations, e-commerce sites, news sites, fashion magazines, printed media, and other online media. If this job sounds interesting to you, your fashion degree should also be paired with strong writing skills and a solid portfolio of fashion writing. If you lack the experience of writing but still want to pursue a fashion career in publishing and journalism, you might consider taking a bachelor’s degree in journalism by taking a specification in the field of fashion journalism, magazine journalism, or celebrity journalism.

To improve your working skills after graduate, learn fashion blogging blog, journalism, internship in fashion journalism, writing experience for university publications, postgraduate degrees in fashion or journalism.


About the field of fashion marketing, the advertising industry can also provide a variety of job opportunities for fashion graduates. Whether you’re going to advertise high street fashion, fancy style, or related products, fashion graduates can use the skills acquired during the college to further sell the latest fashion products to clients and consumers.

Fashion jobs in advertising can be in print, film, or digital media and can include roles in the fashion script writing, editorial, styling (for shooting and other related things), multimedia marketing, and public relations management.

In a fashion design major, you can take whether a particular major concentration whether Photography, Public Relations, or Design and Merchandising or any specific fashion field of study.

Fashion Technology

A growing career sector is increasing with the onset of the digital revolution. Fashion technology is a perfect fashion area for anyone who is interested and involved in the various transformative technologies – from virtual interface design testing and algorithms that predict patterns in consumer choice, new material development and the breakthrough in the way clothes respond to our body and environment.

As a rapidly growing area, fashion technology promises a lot of prospects for exciting and unlimited career development opportunities. In responding the existing and future project demands, more and more fashion and universities and schools are now offering specialized degrees in fashion technology.

So, if you are interested in textile technology, innovative software design, new production technologies (such as laser cutting and 3D printing, etc.) or even in creating current technology, a career in fashion technology could be matching for you.

To improve your work ability after graduate, have technical knowledge, internship in production and design, and an interest in new technologies.

Other typical job prospects for fashion design major graduates include Visual Merchandising, Event Organizer, Retail Management, Sales, Tailoring, Costume Design, Pattern Making, Fashion Management, Personal shopping, Photography, Fashion Show, Modeling, and Jewelry Design.

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