How Much Quota for Football Live Streaming Video

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Football Live Streaming Quota Calculation

Football live streaming quota is determined by the data streaming usage for certain video resolution and the amount of data needed per second while playing a football live streaming. You need to use the standard video streaming calculation to know the total quota you’ll need. How much quota a live streaming football need? Valid information given by said that the range of the measure for each the data transfer speed is varying based on a given video streaming resolution. The higher the video streaming resolution, the better the video quality.

Most of all, as a fanatic fan of a football team, we would feel upset when the football team match is not airing. There will be a time where none of the local television broadcasting providers in your area don’t air your favorite team. Besides watching the football match directly at the stadium, you can watch it at an internet live football streaming website, if any live sports video streaming website provides the live match. Then how much quota you’ll need to play a football live streaming video on the internet?

Football Live Streaming Quota Calculation

First of all, the answer depends on the video quality of the football live streaming you are watching. Therefore, the better the video quality, the more data or internet quota needed. As we all may have known, there are six quality levels of video resolution. Each of the resolution levels determines the video quality. The higher the resolution, the better video quality you watch. They are 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 1440p. Take a look at the picture above! At the picture, you will know the internet quota and speed you need for each video resolution quality. Commonly, most of the football live streaming websites provide 4 qualities option.

Mostly, calculating how much the football live streaming quota means we would like to know whether or not our internet quota sufficient to stream a video streaming. So, before you start streaming a video online, read the tips to save internet quota while watching online streaming video like Youtube, Netflix, etc. Read also, Watch Live Football Streaming Online for Free Using the Best Android Apps.

Now, let’s try to calculate how much quota you need for football live streaming video with 240p resolution (426 x 240 pixels). Commonly, data transfer speed for 240p video resolution needs 300-700kbps. Therefore, in this calculation, we assume the data transfer speed is 500Kb per second approximately.

  • A full time football match = approximately 95 minutes = 5700 seconds.
  • So, the total quota for a full football match Period quota takes about (5700 seconds x 500kb) = 2.850.000kb.
  • Keep in mind that 1 Kb (Kilo bits/Kb) is not equal to 1 KB (Kilo Bytes/KB), because 1 Kilobyte = 8 kilo-bits, and 1 Gigabytes = 8giga-bits.
  • 2,850,000kb = 356,250KB.
  • 356,250KB = 347.9MB.


In conclusion, the data quota you need for watching a full football match live streaming in 240p of video resolution is approximately 347.9MB. Finally, from this live streaming video calculation, you should know how much quota you need to prepare to watch a full football match live streaming. Let’s try to calculate the football live streaming quota needed for another video resolution your own.

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