The Best Free Encryption Software for Windows PC to Protect Your Confidential Data

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Encryption is the process of encoding or securing information by making the information unreadable without the help of specific coding knowledge. An encryption method is now properly to be used to protect confidential data of PC users. However, not all PC users know how to encrypt confidential data manually. So, here you’ll discover the list of best free encryption software programs for Windows PC.

It’s a good idea to encrypt your files and folders on your PC. Certainly, there are a lot of confidential data on your PC which you don’t want other people to access without your permission. They could certainly access to your confidential data if the data is stored openly on your computer drive without being encrypted or protected by any encryption method. They are not only able to access your confidential data, but also could misuse your confidential data.

In some cases, online trackers or hackers also are able to steal your confidential data using an undetected keylogger program, spyware, malware, viruses, connected public WiFi, etc. Therefore, for system security reasons, you need to check your computer security periodically, check if a keylogger runs on the computer, monitor WiFi network usage, and encrypt your confidential data.

At this post, you’ll specifically discover the list of best free encryption software for Windows PC. After some testing, they are good for confidential data protection use. To protect your confidential data on your Windows PC, you can use one of the following best free encryption software programs.

Best Free Encryption Software for Windows PC

1. 7-Zip


7-Zip is a well-known encryption software program for Windows PC. Most computer users have known this free encryption software. Have you? This software is commonly used to compress files, but it is also a great tool to encrypt data. With this free encryption software, you can compress your files and also protect them using a password.

2. AxCrypt

AxCrypt - The Best Free Encryption Software

AxCrypt is one of the best tools to encrypt any type of files on a Windows computer. Besides that, AxCrypt is also prominent open source encryption software for Windows. It means you can develop and share it too. This encryption software integrates with Windows seamlessly in processing compression, encryption, decryption, sending, and work with files individually. So, there’s no doubt this free encryption software is a good one for you to try on your Windows PC.

3. VeraCrypt


Another good free encryption application for Windows PC is VeraCrypt. This application will help you to encrypt your confidential files. VeraCrypt upgrades its security method to the algorithm that is used for encryption and system partition which makes the new development of this free encryption software become withstand and powerful towards brute-force attacks.

4. DiskCrypto


DiskCryptor is an open encryption solution that offers encryption for all disk partitions, including the system partition. Indeed, the openness of this freeware is getting contrast around with the current situation. In which, most of the similar software that has comparable functions are really used to protect confidential data.

5. Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk

Based on the result of the Antivirus Tests that was performed by AV-Test Labs, most of the antivirus programs would make your PC becomes slowing down. But, Dekart offers system protection against harmful computer virus names, spyware, and trojans without making PC becomes slowing down. With is cloud technology, you can access your data practically from anywhere. Moreover, you can also do it even if you don’t have an administrative right.

6. Windows 10 Device Encryption

Windows 10 Device Encryption

Windows 10 Encryption is an innate feature of Windows 10. So, if you are using Windows 10, you are ready to encrypt your drives by entering to Windows with your Microsoft account. Your recovery key will be automatically uploaded to the Microsoft server. Simply go to SettingsSystemAboutDevice Encryption.

7. Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive

This free encryption software is work best specifically to encrypt hidden partition in a flash disk. If you have a lot of confidential data in your flash disk and want to keep them secret, then Rohos Mini Drive can help you can protect them using a password and strong encryption.

8. Symantec Drive Encryption

Symantec Drive Encryption

Symantec Drive Encryption is transparent and free drive encryption software for desktop PCs, laptops, and other removable media. This free encryption software protects confidential data from any unauthorized access.

9. Gpg4Win


Gpg4Win allows you to send files and e-mail securely with the help of its encryption and digital signature feature. Its encryption is also capable of protecting your content from unwanted readers. The digital signature assures the receiver of a sent file, e-mail, or content that it’s not modified and which comes from a specific sender. Gpg4win supports a relevant cryptographic standard, OpenPGP, and also S/MIME (X.509). This free encryption software is a GnuPG authorized distribution for Windows operating systems.

10. BitLocker


BitLocker supports full disk encryption feature which is bundling in the Windows installation package. This free encryption software helps you to protect confidential data by providing encryption for the entire volume. By default, this free encryption software uses the AES encryption algorithm in CBC mode (Cipher Block Chaining) or XTS 128-bit or 256-bit. The CBC is not applicable for a whole disk, but just for every sector of the disk individually.


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