10 Free Disk Speed Test Software for Testing SSD and Hard Drive

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The Best 10 Free Hard Disk Test Software

SSD or Hard Drive is one of the most significant hardware parts in a PC or laptop. It is a data storage where your operating system’s files exist. The other high-tech main computer parts will not work as you expected if the internal SSD or Hard drive runs slow. And therefore your computer will boot and load your computer system applications very slow. It’s a common cause of computer lagging while doing multitasking. In which, the old type of hard drive often encounters such issue. It’s why SSD products are quite popular in recent years. Replacing your old hard drive to an SSD will boost up the overall performance of your PC. Your computer may have been using SSD, but you wonder why the entire of your computer performance is becoming slow. You should first check your the SSD or HDD of your Windows computer a free hard disk speed test tool.

HDD or SSD is one of computer memory types. When common people would like to check the performance of their hard disk or SSD, they usually only test the drive rotation speed. But actually, there are other drive performance factors you should also check. You need to know how good your motherboard, controller drivers, RAID configuration, and the SATA/AHCI mode. They also have a significant influence on the performance of your computer drive. The speed of RAM and CPU are not the most influential towards your computer speed. But after you test the SSD or hard drive of your computer you found out that it’s performing well, then you need to test the other parts of your computer. However, you could first possibly need to tweak your drive, so it can hold the system back. So, using free software to test your SSD or Hard drive performance is really capable.

10 Free Hard Disk Speed Test Software

Fortunately, you can find so many developers provide disk speed test software to help you find out how good your drive performs. Two popular paid software programs like Passmark and PCMark are the best among similar type tools to test your computer’ system. One of their features is a disk speed test tool. But before you spend money to get one of them, here we recommend you the best 10 free hard disk speed test software specifically made to help Windows user for testing drive performance.

1. Seatools

Seatools is a free disk speed test developed by Seagate, which is a hardware manufacturer that produces well-known drive products. It’s a special HDD test software for testing Seagate branded HDD performance. But you can also use this application to check various HDD and SSD brand.

When you find out that your computer runs slow, you can try it using this hard drive speed test this tool for free. This tool provides all features you need in a hard disk speed testing, including:

  • Repairing corrupted system files,
  • Fixing the corrupted driver,
  • Fixing the Master Boot Record
  • Measure HDD condition an performance,
  • And some other utilities like checking for virus, spyware, adware and keylogger attacks.

Seatools is a good choice certainly for Seagate HDD or SSD users. In addition, testing your drive performance, it will also try to fix some existing HDD problems.

It’s a very user-friendly and reliable enough in testing your computer hard drive. You can download Seatools from  Seagate official website.

2. Lifeguard Diagnostic Data

This free drive speed test software is very useful for WD branded HDD or SSD users. This tool will test and provide the information of your HDD condition as well as trying to fix some existing drive problems. Some useful features of Lifeguard Diagnostic Data tool include;

  • Quick drive test: This free tool will process the SMART disk fast self-test collect and check out the Data Lifeguard information contained on your WD drive.
  • Extended test: This option will do s full media scan to detect bad sectors on your HDD or SSD. The testing process may take some time to finish the analysis depending on the data size on your drive.
  • Write zeros: This function will write 0 to your drive with an option between Quick Erase and Full Erase. But if you decide to use this function, make sure you have backed up your important data. Because the file system and other data in the drive will be emptied.

Besides, there are also some other features that are really capable of hard disk speed testing from SSD or HDD. And certainly the good news for you that this drive speed test tool is available for free. You can download this drive diagnostic tool from its official website at support.wdc.com.

3. CrystalDiskMark (CDM)

CDM is one of the best drive speed test tools that is assisting you to check the SSD or HDD on your computer system. You will find various parameters you may consider to use when you are going to measure your SSD performance.

CDM measures the maximum reading and writing speed of your SSD. You may choose sequential or random measurement. And the obtained measure is to provide a benchmark for what is optimal for your computer.

The SSD speed is calculated using MB per second and tells you about all of your disk operations. CDM is a freeware and also allows you to test the performance of other computer hardware parts such as memory card and RAM capacity. CDM is available for Windows computer only and you can also choose its portable version.

4. CrystalDiskInfo

This is a very well-known and free dist speed test tool that is quite capable of checking your SSD performance. It tells you the monitoring status, reporting, analyzing the entire performance of your SSD.

It is a really fast tool and can do things like testing computer performance and your drive temperature. Its up-to-date reading status stays showing up on your screen up-to-date. And therefore you can quickly determine what to do and what don’t. You can determine whether or no everything in your system is actually what you want.

It allows you to set an alert for you to know if there’s something wrong with your system. You can also receive a warning through an audio notification directly or email. And also possible for data refreshing without hassle.

You can find out the value of your drive overall performance quickly by looking at its interface and discovering its current condition and temperature status. It shows you the real-time drive monitoring, reporting, and also system analysis.

However, the interface of CrystalDiskInfo is really user-friendly and you must have a computer technical skills to operate the software properly. You can get this drive performance test tool for free either the installed and the portable version. You can download CrystalDiskinfo from crystalmark.info.

5. Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox

This is drive speed test software toolbox is specifically created for Windows, It’s very easy to use and is regularly updated. It makes you always on the top of things when analyzing and testing your SSD or HDD performance.

It provides Trim tool for you to improve your hard disk performance. Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox lets you customize your settings to suit your needs. Typically, this Intel drive performance testing tool works great with lower power consumption.

It also gives you a feature to improve the SSD life and all these factors are recognized when you are configuring your software customization settings.

This disk performance testing software program takes care of the performance, consumption time, and the response time of your SSD performance along with how much your SSD has been severely damaged. You can do a test read and write to know your drive access speed and the speed of other different operations. This free tool can do all of those things in a short time. You can download Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox from downloadcenter.intel.com.

6. Samsung Magician

This is a versatile drive performance test tool created to control the SSD performance on your system. Samsung Magician allows you keep your system information along with your SSD performance status.

You will receive the information of your system usage and this SSD testing tool make it possible for you to manage your drive performance by optimizing it. And reportedly that the upcoming version will come with an automated optimization feature. So, you can do a benchmark to get the best system performance.

Samsung Magician provides a certain add-on that will help you to understand your SSD performance more detail. Its SecureErase tool gives you the power to delete your data in less than sixty seconds. You may ask this free disk speed test tool software to notify the performance of other hardware parts that may be connected to your system other than the SSD.

Samsung Magician interface looks pretty good while very easy to use. This free drive testing tool makes it possible for you to be able to control the SSD checking and settings as needed. There are settings to manage your power consumption as well, and you can go back to your default settings using its System Restore option. You can download Samsung Magician from samsung.com.

7. SSD Ready

SSD Ready is exclusively created for Windows computer work for SSD drive optimization. This will a reliable drive performance testing and notify you about the test result such as reading and writing speed and recommend you optimization settings to adjust your usage behavior. It also provides drive performance statistic, which you can use to measure the age of SSD.

SSD Ready will give you the data about your drive while improving its performance by using optimization. In general, you can use this function to improve the performance and life of the SSD you currently use. You can some those short things from its free version. But SSD Ready also has its paid version which you can get more features more capable.

The free version of SSD Ready provides features for you to find out your SSD performance and longevity. But the paid has an advanced feature which is optimizing to improve your SSD performance. You can download SSD Ready from ssdready.com.

8. SSD Tweaker

SSD Tweaker is a free hard disk speed test tool for Windows computer. It comes with features to help you optimize the computer SSD you currently use. It has a very user-friendly interface.

You can optimize and get performance analysis about your drive with just a few clicks. There is a System Restore option which is useful in case of a bad scenario. It means you can always switch to the previous best settings and restore all lost data.

SSD Tweaker comes with features that can help optimize your SSD. You can choose Hibernation mode for a better power consumption and even optimizing Trim by changing individual settings.

You can check the Auto Tweak function to start tweaking with just one click. This is a great feature rather than using it manually in doing everything and saving you from getting into the technical issues, especially if you don’t like to run many commands.

You may also consider the paid version of SSD Tweaker, which provides advanced options and more controls in the Trim optimization. The free version comes with basic features like System Restore and cache files management. You can download SSD Tweaker from elpamsoft.com.

9. AS SSD Benchmark

Another top-rated drive speed test tool for checking your drive performance is AS SSD Benchmark. It’s a great tool for measuring your disk speed. In which the speed of your HDD or SSD is one of the important parameters you need to pay attention to find out what you need for your system.

You can do a random SSD read and write testing to analyze your SSD or HDD performance and even allow you to do the other tests if you want. Both tests can be done without using a cache.

AS SSD Benchmark runs a test to find out how long it takes to access your SSD or HDD. Besides, you can also test your driver behavior. You don’t need to install this software program on your computer to run it, it will run without installing it first.

This software will tell you the number of SSDs on your computer without asking you to give the data manually. You can choose which SSD you want to test. There are three types of SSD tests you can do. One is to determine the time consumed for reading and writing files. If you want to specify the access time, then it is also possible.

You can save this hard disk speed test software to your external flash dist to run this tool on any computer you need to do SSD test. This tool will tell you about the complexity of your drive and help you improve its performance. US SSD Benchmark is absolutely free and also portable. You can download AS SSD Benchmark from filehippo.com.

10. EaseUS Partition Master

When the other hard drive performance test software is not really compatible with testing your HDD or SSD as you want, you then may try the EaseUS Partition Master tool as your main alternative. This free drive performance test software program is compatible with almost all HDD and SSD brands. So, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issues. Because this drive testing tool is absolutely free and compatible with the most widely used HDD brands. Here’s the list of its important features that are quite useful, include:

  • Resizing or moving partition: This feature will make it easy for you to rearrangeyou’re the size of your hard disk partition or move the old partition into a new partition.
  • Cloning partition: This feature is useful for copying partitions as well as the entire files contained therein. This can certainly be a quick step for you when you are going back up the overall data of your HDD or SSD.
  • Merging partition: This tool can combine multiple HDD partitions into one part.
  • Converting to Logical: You can use this tool to convert your primary HDD to Logical.
  • Chance Label & Change Drive Letter: This function works to change your HDD label and the drive letter is just normal.
  • Hide partition: If you store your personal files to a computer where other friends or family can also access to it, you should use this option. This feature can turn your HDD or SSD into invisible which only you can access. There would be no data loss, but only the drive letter may change.

You can download EaseUS Partition Master from its official website, easeus.com.

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