The Reasons Why You Don’t Need to be a Full-Time Stock Trader

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Are really want to become a full-time trader?

Stock trading is a type of investment that promises big profits. Therefore, many people would like to become a full-time stock trader as getting bored with their current jobs. But is such decision right? Let’s check out the following review.

Stock Trading is a Tantalizing Investment

There are many investors and traders think about leaving their current jobs and start to become a full-time stock trader. Or, in other words, trading for a living.

Those people generally see the tremendous potential profits from the stock market. Indeed, there are always tens of percent of stocks’ prices rising every day.

Full-Time Stock Trader

Many people think that suppose they have the skill and time to take that opportunity. Then, they don’t have to go to the office every morning, scolded by the boss, and receive a fix take-home-pay salary every month.

Living a life as a full-time stock trader would be interesting. An online stock trader simply needs to sit in front of the computer a few hours a day for trading without having to leave the house. An online stock trader also free to determine when holidays, and when to work.

That way will have far more time for the family, exercising, and of course, also have the possibility to earn a monthly income that is much larger than the income from being an office worker.

Pursuing 2% of Profit Per Week

I once met a trader who plans to leave his job to become a full-time stock trader. He said that he has a very simple and powerful strategy, that is by looking for 2% profit per week.

If on Wednesday the trader has managed to get 2% profit, he then close the monitor and enjoy his life throughout the remaining days of the week.

With a very conservative profit target which is only 2% per week, in the first 1 year, his portfolio has gone up from $20,000 to around $56,000.

Week1st Week ($)2% Profit ($)The Last of The Week ($)

Certainly, such projection that is assuming no other additional funds he managed, he also believes that there is a successful track record in increasing the portfolio by 180% in 1 year. Then, investors would flock to deposit their money to him.

All those things can be earned only by pursuing 2% profit per week, and every trader knows that there are dozens of stocks rise 2% or more every day. So, it should not be too hard to earn 2% profit every week.

The only barrier to the stock trader is: he does not have enough money to live for the next year while waiting for his portfolio to grow 180% until his daily profits can be enough for everyday needs.

I believe there are thousands or even millions of stock traders in the world think more or less the same as that trader. And feel ‘if only I have enough capital’ and they have left their current job, and enjoy life as a full-time stock trader.

Yet the biggest question is, have you ever managed to find a trader who successfully implements such strategy? All traders know that it’s not difficult to get 2% profit in the stock market. However, is there a trader who consistently can gain profit 2% every week?

If for a consistent profit of 2% per week is an easy target to achieve, we then should find thousands or even millions of traders who are already rich from stock trading at this time.

So, being a trader alone is not enough to be successful in online stock trading. You need to become a creative trader and capable of creating your new trading analytical method. It would be your unique success story for the courage to become a full-time stock trader as you created your analytical method beyond the technical and fundamental analysis of stock trading.

Capital Market Celebrities

Then, what about the stock experts that you may know all along? You may also know that there are many capital market celebrities emerging in this era of digital media.

They are investors or traders those who are believed or sometimes claim that always succeed in making big profits in stock trading. But are they also unable to obtain consistent profits in the capital market?

Have you ever examined from some capital market celebrities about how many of them really living the life depend on their stock trading profits? How many of them have left other types of jobs to become a full-time stock trader?

We know that some of those capital market celebrities still have jobs other than stock trading. Some may work as brokers or securities analysts.

There may also have a job that isn’t even related to the capital market. Some often claim to be big on the capital market but ultimately offer a monthly stock pick subscription.

Instead, there are some of them even though they have been trading for almost 10 years, but until now still diligently provide workshops in various cities.

Both of the above information is like a contradiction, on the one hand, we all know that getting a 2% profit a day should not tough. But in reality, it is very difficult to find a trader who really lives depending on his or her stock trading profits. It’s why stock traders must understand cut lost as it’s really significant in stock trading.

Why some stock trading experts who seem skillful in stock trading but generally still offering stock pick service, provide seminars, even private trading classes.

Why don’t they use all their energies for stock trading, since a 2% profit every day should make them rich and earn much more than stock picks, or other services?

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