Ten Good Personal Qualities that You Can Develop Like a Skill to be Likeable

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Develop Good Personal Qualities

A likable personality doesn’t happen by luck or accident, but it comes from good personal qualities that are built day by day. The ten good personal qualities here are shared by likable people worldwide. Personal Qualities are the personal characteristics of a person and they denote one’s personality skill to get along in a new situation. Let’s find out the ten good personal qualities that you can develop.

Ten Good Personal Qualities


Sincerity is the most important personal quality as it is the most likable nature for others. It makes others around you feel safe and honored. Your sincerity makes others believe in you. To be a sincere person, you need to be always telling the truth, don’t make it up, pretend, don’t make excuses or distort the facts. The principle is that “all you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as what happen to the fact”. The sincerity will not become a mistake, but an insincerity could be a boomerang to you.


Humility is absolutely in contrast to the low self-esteem. In which low self-esteem is a weakness, but humble nature is expressing your strength. It’s only with strong psyche a person can be a humble person. Generally, the more educated the people, the more humble they are. To be a humble one, remember and appreciate others’ excellences, and encourage discouraged people. Therefore, you could make people around you feel okay and enthusiastic having a relationship with you.


Loyalty refers to devotion and adherence to an object of loyalty such as an organization, country, or person. It is a valuable nature of an individual towards his- or her-self or towards the object of the loyalty. You need time to prove your loyalty towards the object of loyalty in any kind of relationships. Whether you are in an organization, business, love, or any kind of relationship, if you are loyal,  you can always be always be trusted and relied upon. To be loyal, yu need to always keep your promises, have a strong commitment, self-sacrificing, and hate treason.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking refers to the process of creating thoughts that expect good and favorable outcomes. Great people believe that the positive thinking can transform potency into reality. To have positive thoughts, you need;

  • always try to see things from your positive point of views, even if you are in bad conditions or situations,
  • look, think and talk about the good sides of others around you,
  • keep optimism in all situations and conditions,
  • trying to find out solutions for better conditions or situations instead of frustrating or giving up,
  • to give sincere praise than criticism,
  • and so forth.

Having a positive thinking can support you in your self-motivation to make your dreams come true.

Fun Attitude

The meaning fun here does not refer to joyful facial or body expressions, but exciting heart attitude. So, to have it, you need;

  • to be able to enjoy your life,
  • willing to appreciate what is in you,
  • trying to generate good ideas for a happiness in any activity instead of complaining if it doesn’t match with your thought, and
  • be always smile and nicely greet others around you

Having fun in any activity makes you getting the potential to entertain and encourage others around you.


To be a responsible person, you need to do your obligations seriously like a pro. However, nobody is perfect. If there is a mistake you make, you should dare to admit it and make a statement you are willing to fix or not to repeat it. When you are facing a failure, you are not going to look for someone to blame, but are going to find better strategies for a successful result if there is another chance. Great people believe that a self-failure is a valuable self-learning and -experience. So, be more optimistic in the next attempt.


You self-confidence enables you to admit yourself in any situation and condition. Self-confidence is a good personal quality that makes you be able to appreciate yourself and others around you. If you believe yourself, you will be easy to adapt to a new environment. Besides that, you know what and how to do it well.

Great Soul

The greatness of your soul can be seen from your ability to forgive others. Having a great soul means you don’t let yourself get hostility and hate toward someone. Having a great soul within yourself means you have one of the good personal qualities which make you able to remain strong when facing a difficulty. So, you will not let yourself get lost in grief and disparity.

Easy Going

Easy going is a good personal quality that can support you in building other good personal qualities. Because, if you are an easy going person, you’ll have a thought of life is light, which makes you have the encouragement to learn other good personal qualities. By having an easy going nature, means;

  • you will not exaggerate small problems, but even trying to minimize big problems,
  • don’t like to bring up the past and have no worry about the future, and
  • don’t be bothered and stressed with the problems that are beyond your control.


Empathy is a trait that is admirable. Having an empathy nature means you are not only become a good listener, but you are also a flexible person. Therefore, if there is a conflict, you are always looking for the best idea to create win-win solutions, and you are not going to impose your opinions. Your empathy will be always trying to comprehend and understand other people.


Finally, those good personal qualities are the key success in your good relationships, better career, and better life. Before you know your good personal qualities, you should know your own personality first. So you can learn and develop your good personal qualities like a skill to be a likable person. Your luck depends on your willing to learn and to always practice good personal qualities day by day. So, to be a great person, it is determined by yourself.

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