Types of Services from Google Cloud Platform and How To Use Them

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Google Cloud Platform services

Generally, Google has many products and services for common people such as Search Engine, Gmail, Map, and Android. Moreover, Google also has some tools, libraries, and APIs for developers such as Google Search API, Google Map API, and Google Blogger API. Those services are offered and used for developers who want to integrate Google services into their Apps. For decades, Google products and services have been widely used by people worldwide for many different purposes. However, you come to this page probably would like to find out more about Google Cloud and how to use it. So, here we are going to discover more about Google Cloud Platform specifically.

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service consists of 4 types of services. All of the types of the services aim to create a cloud computing-based project to be utilized on a global scale. The four types of Google Cloud services are Google AppEngine, Google BigQuery, Google Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Storage. So, a large company who want to build a global or enterprise service, or, you want to create cloud-based services, or hosting your apps on Google’s servers, now you can take the advantages of Google Cloud Platform to such projects.

The Advantages of Using Google Cloud Platform Services

  • Data Security: Using the Google Cloud Platform service allows the users to have a high data security. The data security is an important factor for building an internet based service.
  • Flexible: You can easily access your data that were stored in the Google Cloud from anywhere as long as there is an internet access. You can also use the RESTful API for the apps you create can be integrated with Android or iOS- Apple based smartphones.
  • Centralized Data: A centralized storage is necessary to build a large scale service, especially if the users of the service are prodigious.
  • Cost Saving: When we think about long-term investment, Google Cloud is the right service. The service of Google Cloud can reduce the cost of supplying the infrastructure to build an app for a business.

Types of Google Cloud Platform Services

Google AppEngine

If you want to run web-based apps, you can use Google AppEngine. Google AppEngine is one of the services from Google that allows you to create and run web based applications. You can choose either the free or paid version. The free version supports up to 500 MB storage space. Google AppEngine offers a Processor and Bandwidth Capacity that are capable for 5 million page-views per month.

At the beginning of the launch, Google AppEngine only supports Python programming language. Then, along with the development, today it supports Java technology, PHP, Go, Ruby and equipped with Google Framework. There are so many large-scale websites that were built using Google AppEngine. If you want to learn how to make apps, you can practice on Google AppEngine.

Google BigQuery

If you want to analyze a large data, you can use Google BigQuery. Google BigQuery is a service from Google as a perfect tool for analyzing large data in a Terabyte or Petabyte of data size, it only takes few seconds. This service is suitable for large scale business apps. Google BigQuery is widely used by large companies to help analyze their business transaction data.

Google Compute Engine

Now, you can easily build and manage a cloud server with the help of Google Compute Engine service. It is a type of Cloud service from Google to help the users to build a cloud server. On Google Compute Engine, you can take full control the Linux machine you build on the Google server. This service is capable of accommodating web applications that are built using Ruby or PHP programming languages.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is one of Google services specifically for developers as the medium for a very large size of data storage. This service allows you to easily create a file sharing service, video or photo sharing service without thinking about how to build a server infrastructure.


The services of Google Cloud Platform are suitable for business or web application development projects, either Desktop or Mobile. Now, you can try some Google Cloud Platform services for your computing needs. Especially, if you would like to try new programming trend, Cloud Programming.

Now, tech people are not only focusing on Web, Desktop, and Mobile technology but also Cloud technology. Now, it’s really possible for a startup to make a service like Gmail or Google Drive. Google gives us the opportunity to build such service without you having to think about how to set and manage the servers physically. Now, as a developer, all you have to think is just the business logic and programming language that you are good at. From now on, you can enter a new stage of programming, Cloud Programming.

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