How Much VRAM do I Need for My Gaming Computer?

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Best VRAM Capacity for Gaming Computer

The need to upgrade VRAM for your gaming computer is becoming more and more year by year. This means that game industries are competing to be more stand out in the niche by creating and upgrading their computer games become nearly realistic in its graphics. If we are speaking about parts of computer hardware on a gaming PC or laptop, VRAM (Video RAM) is one of the most prominent requirements you need to consider when looking for a gaming computer or laptop.

You may have increased the clock speed and some specs of your GPU but seem not having a significant improvement. so, you begin to ask yourself; “how much VRAM do I need for my gaming computer?” Well, this topic will specifically break down how much VRAM you need to make your gaming laptop or home PC can run heavy games better.

First of All, Let’s Define What VRAM is

The true gamers must have VRAM on their computer. VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory, which is a hardware component located on the video card of your gaming computer.

VRAM is a Video Random Access Memory

VRAM is completely different to RAM at all. But actually, the scheme of how VRAM works is almost the same as how RAM works. The difference is that RAM works to store data from the Central Processing Unit (CPU) while VRAM works as the storage media of your computer’s Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). And it draws upon quicker types of RAM like GDDR5, HBM2, and GDDR5X.

How VRAM Works

VRAM works to store the commands on how to delineate every pixel or texture. So, the more VRAM you have on your graphics card, it helps to carry out higher resolutions of pixels so that the GPU can access it faster. It works to load the greater part of the textures when the system runs a game and deliver to the computer’s monitor screen. The greater the quality of the textures on your game means the larger size of files it handles. So, you need more VRAM requirements.

When we talk about how VRAM works, it’s all not about the speed of a computer, but it tends about capacity. Most of the current computer games require less than 2GB which work fine on common types of computer monitors. But when it comes to playing a heavy computer game that demands 4GB, you are going to need higher VRAM specs. Besides, 4GB of pixel or textures total also requires a triple HD monitor as well. Up to here, you probably already know how much VRAM you need for your gaming computer. So, if you want to run that much, you should get a 4GB graphics card. It means more realistic graphic games you can play on your computer gaming or laptop. Find our more how to check VRAM capacity in Windows 10 computer.

The Functions of VRAM

From the point of how VRAM works, you should get the picture of why you need high-quality Video RAM for your computer gaming activities. However, to better understand more about how much VRAM you need for your gaming activities, get to know more details the functions of VRAM.

1. Storing Graphical Data

First, VRAM can serve as a memory that stores all graphical data on your computer which required by your GPU rendering them. As a result, GPU can much faster in pulling graphical data from VRAM rather than pulling them from drive or RAM system.

2. Dual-Ported Technology

VRAM has a dual-ported technology that serves to allow the processor to write images when the video card reads for displaying them on your computer screen. When the images are going to be displayed on the monitor screen, they are still digital data which are first should be processed in the GPU and then written on the VRAM.

After that, VRAM converts them into an analog signal by digital  RAM to analog converter (RAMDAC), until finally can appear on your computer screen.

3. Using Dual Port Chips

In contrast to the performance of RAM in general, VRAM has been using dual porting chips that are important for updating any display images on the screen that has been read. By using this great system, it will be easy to get to a flickering of redrawing the look of the screen display.

Types of VRAM

Every system has a different need in term of the use of video memory, this is what makes the today’s developers have came with four different types of VRAM based the needs of the users. Types of VRAM include;


SGRAM is a Synchronous Graphics RAM which is a type of video random access memory with a synchronized-clock synchronized with the CPU clock speed. This is the cheapest type of VRAM. The received data are modified in one process, but not in the common order like reading, writing and updating.


MDRAM is a Multibank Dynamic RAM, which is a VRAM developed by MoSys with high performance but with fairly expensive price. This type of VRAM works by dividing into multiple sections of 32 KB, which can then be accessed separately.


RDRAM is a Rambus Dynamic RAM, a VRAM developed by Rambus and is one of the fastest VRAM with data transfer rate up to 800 MHz. RDRAM has a special bus that is used to speed up data flow between VRAM and the frame buffer.


WRAM is a Window RAM, but it has nothing to do with Microsoft. WRAM is a high performance VRAM with a bandwidth about 25% larger than usual VRAMs.

How Much VRAM Capacity You Need for Gaming?

The main point to consider when getting to know how much VRAM you need is the resolution of your monitor. The following are the options based on your gaming activities as what we have discussed early and also your monitor specs;

  • At 720p, you may need 2GB
  • At 1080p setting, you may need 2-4GB GB
  • At 1440p, you may need 6-8GB
  • At 2160p, you may need 8-12GB

If you want to keep up to date with playing the latest heavy games, you need to increase VRAM with highest capacity one. But again, if you are a true gamer, planning for your future gaming needs is important as the rapid development of game graphics year by year.

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