How Secure is Your Data on a Cloud Computing Service

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How secure is cloud computing service?

Cloud and Security, two words that have always been hard to put together in the realm of technology. This is what businessman think first when considering about storing data to a cloud computing service. If you store your confidential data, you might always think and correlate it with security issues. Some people even immediately assume that Cloud Computing isn’t secure at all. So, how do you think? Is cloud computing really secure? So, before you store your data a cloud computing, consider the crucial things of cloud computing security.

One of crucial Cloud Computing issues is accessibility. In which, data in a Cloud Computing is more accessible to anyone, but not only accessible to the company concerned. If attackers or hackers attack a Cloud Computing service, they will get more data or resources than doing an attack against conventional computing.

Before you assume that all cloud computing services are not secure, you should learn to understand Cloud Computing & Security. Understanding Cloud Computing & Security will provide you and your business an idea to determine the right solution in choosing a good cloud computing service from a data security perspective.

The security controls on a Cloud Computing service are mostly no so different from Information Technology environment in general. However, due to the poor operational of a Cloud Computing service and technology the risks it creates are much severer than a conventional IT environment.

Broadly speaking, the security level either on Cloud Computing or conventional IT can be seen from the how the security applied. So you need to find out whether or not the Security Control applied to one or its several layers; including its physical security, system security, data security data, application security, and network security. In addition, Security Control is also applied to the management and its process is like task splitting on each functional.

In my point of view, there is one layer in a Cloud Computing, which is another layer of virtualization security or can also be called or included in the system security.

Things to be Considered to Know How Secure a Cloud Computing is

Cloud Computing integrates various infrastructure elements. Therefore, providing a consistent security level across entities is a huge challenge for cloud computing service providers. In a traditional IT environment, the administrators have full control over the entire infrastructure, which is not the case in the Cloud Computing environment. Whereas, Cloud Computing has a very wide range of controls. It becomes a complexity in ensuring the level of Security.

If you are running a small business or company and you are new to Cloud Computing, it’s important to know the following points to avoid misperception or confusion.

  • A Cloud Computing service is described based on how the service is provided. Public or Private Cloud can be described as External and Internal, where this isn’t always true depending on the situation.
  • The way in which a Cloud Computing service is used is often depicted relative to its management by the company and perimeter security. It is also important to understand the limits of the security level.

How Secure is Cloud Computing

In view of security in cloud computing, you shouldn’t only be in the context of “External” and “Internal” which related to the location of physical assets, resources, and information. But you must also consider it by whom “they” are “used”, who is responsible for “their” operation, management, security, regulatory compliance, and standards.

It doesn’t mean that on-premise, physical assets, resources, and information don’t affect the risk of security. So, once again, take note that the cloud computing security risks depend on:

  • Its asset types, resources, and information management,
  • who manages and how to manage it,
  • how to control and integrate it,
  • regulatory compliance and standards.

Small and detailed things are sometimes neglected the security protection emphasis. While that small neglected thing is actually the main gap for attackers, which is the application layer.

Many IT environment on-premise or Cloud Computing providers those have invested huge enough in the security protection forget or don’t pay attention to the application layer.

The way attackers think is different. They sometimes don’t care about the IT environment whether it’s a conventional IT or Cloud Computing. Because their goal is mainly to get as much information as possible to be able to do “full take over” an IT environment.

The Final Thought of How Secure a Cloud Computing is

Cloud Computing cannot be said to be “insecure”. Because basically, either it’s a conventional IT environment/on-premise or Cloud Computing, it can be secure if all aspects of the security are met properly and correctly.

So, if you want to get a secure cloud computing service, you should subscribe to an independent CSP (Cloud Service Provider) specializing in IT services including the foundation of pay-per-use, on-demand, and dynamic. And look for a could computing service that implements CIA Security Model.

CIA Security Model

To ensure every aspect of cloud computing security, the provider must apply CIA Security Model (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability). By implementing the CIA security model, a cloud computing provider strives to ensure the level of security it provides as maximum as possible.

CIA Security Model Infographic.

The Confidentiality means the only users, systems, and processes are authorized to have access to the protected information. And any information within the plan is protected from disclosure, e.g. hacking, attack.

While the Integrity meaning is whereby every information or system will be protected against any intentional or unintentional unauthorized changes.

  • The data integrity of any information is ensured to be secured so that the overall information is reliable, consistent, and accurate.
  • And the system integrity of every system is ensured to work in accordance with its function.

And then, the Availability is where every information and system is ensured to operate and available at any time.

Furthermore, the implementation of the CIA Security Model should be supported by other principles to ensure that the Cloud Computing environment has a maximum level of security. While the five main principles include;

  1. Accountability
  2. Authentication
  3. Authorization
  4. Accounting
  5. Assurance

Finally, we need to understand that the Security is a dynamic thing where there’s no 100% guarantee, in this context, cloud computing security. But a secure cloud computing service much provides a level of security as maximum as possible to ensure all data stored within it are secure.

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