How Should a Beginner Start an Online Business?

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How to Start an Online business

When you come to this page, you are probably a beginner in online business, or at least want to know the kinds of online business. Why should I bother writing this article, whereas on the Internet there have been so many online businesses topics published that are discussed on various websites? An internet marketing expert usually has set a benchmark price for teaching how to start an online business. Online business skills will always be thriving along with the development of information technology and knowledge. Therefore, the steps for starting an online business will differ from time to time.

How Should a Beginner Start an Online Business?

Many people think that all types of online businesses are the sources of online fraud and scam. Not to blame them, as there are many online scams that behalf of an online business. However, not all online businesses are the scam. Before plunging into an online business, first, you need to know what the online business is and how to do internet marketing. It’s very rare that a business succeeds by just relying on reckless, especially in the online business. So, to start an online business after you learn it is a good idea.

You’ll also find many kinds of online business. Even if you are at the first time in exploring them one by one, you’ll get confused. I will explain here the kinds of widely used online business as brief as possible. They are very popular among internet marketers. Although now I am only focusing on two kinds of online businesses, namely Affiliate Marketing and Content Publisher, they are just milestones to prepare my primary online business, e-commerce.

You also need to understand that the learning process takes time and sometimes need to invest some amount of money and need practices. Above all, the most important thing first is your mindset about online business. Online business is not a get rich quick business, especially if you are a beginner and not all kinds of online business suit you. You’ll find that might be only one or two types of online business that match your interests, passion, skills, and capabilities. The ability to understand yourself quickly will help you to find the kind of online business that suits you.

Well, by reading a brief guide of how to start an online business, as a beginner you should understand what online business is and how to do internet marketing for any online business.

A. What Is Online Business and Internet Marketing?

By definition, we certainly understand that an online business is a business that is run online or through the internet. Many offline businesses are marketed through the Internet, and vice versa. Thus, the online business can be divided into three types.

Three Categories of Online Businesses

1. Online to Online Business

Online to Online Business is a type of online business that is run online, either its operational or marketing sector. Some good examples are selling the domain and hosting, selling internet marketing services (such as SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.generate), selling eBooks, and content publishing.

2. Offline to Online Business

Offline to Online Business is a type of offline business that its marketing is through the internet marketing. For example, wholesale clothing stores, furniture stores, t-shirts stores, shoe stores, and other offline stores that its marketing process is conducted via the Internet by creating its online version o the store or making a social media account that specifically for marketing their offline store.

3. Online to Offline Business

Online to Offline Business is an online business that is then run offline after some stages of the business process. Good examples of online to offline business are online stores that later on open stores offline, online business seminars which are done offline, etc.

Whatever the online business you run, it will never out of internet marketing. Internet marketing is not just about selling, but it is much more than just selling. Internet marketing is always concerning about online promotion, online branding, and online customer service.

B. Popular Online Businesses

You might have ever been read success stories of online businesses that successfully get tens of thousands dollars per month from their online business. There are also people who even can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per from their blog’s advertising spaces, some make millions of dollars per month from their online store, and there are people who made tens of millions dollars per month by selling services, and so forth.

If we root in detail, there are many kinds of online business you can find on the internet. But to make it as brief as possible, there are four outline types of online business. They are:

1. Online Content Publisher

A content publisher is a person or a company that provides useful content to Internet users consistently on a website or blog. It can be in the form of text (articles), audio (music), or video. The content is published in a set of online properties by creating a website or blog, and then to submit them to other media, such as video content to YouTube.

Then, how the owner of the website can make money from their content? One way to earn money online from your content is by installing a third party advertising script within the content such as PPC (pay per click) from Google Adsense. The earning could base on per click or thousand ad impressions.

Instead of a third party advertising program, you can also sell advertising space on your website or blog. Usually, websites or blogs with significant traffic will get a lot of offers from other companies who are willing to advertise their business or service. You can determine the cost of the advertising space. The higher your website traffic volume, the higher its price you can set. Determine which number of the price that is most appropriate to the topic of your site.

2. Online Affiliate Marketing

Online Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing program. In which, the owner of the affiliate marketing owner can make money by acting as an online broker that brings the potential buyers through the work of affiliate marketers to the seller’s website. The online marketer that joins the affiliate marketing program will earn a commission only when a sale or a particular action is executed. The role of the affiliate marketer is to refer visitors to the merchant website using a special referral link.

When a sale made through the referral link, the merchant will know who is selling their product, and the broker (the affiliate marketing provider) will get a commission. The amount of commission is predetermined by the merchant, for example, 30% of the sale value of the product.

3. Dropship Business

Dropship business is an online selling system where you as the seller or a retailer do not have to have your product. You do not also need to be bothered with the delivery of the goods to the buyers. The primary task of dropshipping is to market the products and have some interactions with the potential customers. The flow is like this; after the deal, the buyer transfers payments to the dropship business. Then, the dropshiper sends to buy the product to the supplier, but the dropshiper has taken a profit from the price difference between the supplier’s price and the dropship’s price.  Then, the supplier will deliver the goods to the buyer with a brand of the dropshiper’s company attached to the package.

If you would like to be a dropshiper, you need to maintain your credibility and business-ease, You could continue it by agreeing with credible suppliers who are allowing you to do dropshipping. If you are capable of the art of selling strategies, a dropshipping business is appropriate for you.

4. Selling Your Product Online

If you have your product or service, you can start an online business to sell your product. You can utilize the Internet as a marketing medium. For example, you make an online store to outline your product or creating social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+), and then market your product there. There are many kinds of products you can sell online. They are ranging from physical products (food, clothing, gadgets, and more), digital products (eBooks, video, software, membership), and services (web design project, article writing service, graphic design project, etc.).

C. How to Choose and an Online Business

In deciding to start an online business, you may ask yourself about “How do I choose an online business that suits me?” A beginner in online business must be confident to get the answer. The one that could respond to that question is yourself because you are the one who knows much about your passion, interests, skills, and capabilities.

For example, I used to have an online store with a lot of visitors. I got messages, e-mails, and SMS every day from my potential buyers. They were also asking about the promotion programs, events, delivery service, and many things. Although it had a high traffic of visitors and customers, ultimately I closed it permanently. Why? It was because I did not get along with this kind of business. It was a time consuming and tiring to answer all the questions of all potential buyers, whereas all answers were already described on the website. Although this business does not fit me, there are many online store owners who have hundreds of thousands turnover per month. See? An online business that’s not appropriate to me on other side is suitable to the others.

My advice, build an online business that is consistent with your passion, interests, and abilities. Or, at least it is not something that will make you get boring. Dig self-potential within you, do your research and learn the things that are produced by you as detail as possible. Then, find an element of business that could generate good ideas from the interests and abilities which you are capable of doing in innovating.

D. Tips to Run an Online Business Successfully

Many things affect your success in running an online business. However, in general, there are two factors, namely internal (from you) and external factors (from the outside). Well, most influence on a person’s business success is internal factors or from ourselves.

1. Willing to Learn and Practice Online Business

If you want to run an online business, ideally you should have a basic knowledge of online business. All kinds of business have its basic knowledge. In the online business, you can learn by practicing. Learn and practice online business at the same time without having to fear of such a large capital loss that may occur in most conventional businesses.

2. Be Focus and Be Patience

This is the main key to success in online business. Many beginners fail in the middle of their journey because they cannot focus on running a kind of online business. Whenever someone shows the screenshot of a significant income from Amazon affiliate, some beginners who still generate a small amount of income from Google Adsense suddenly move to learn Amazon affiliate program. That way is not the right way to start an online business. Then, they learn again from scratch. As a result, they realize that it was not as easy as what they imagine. Time and money needlessly dissipated but no significant increase in their online business. This often happens to those who do not want to focus and patience.

When you have found the online business models that match your interests and abilities, focus on learning it. Run the online business model until you succeed. The temptation of huge earnings from other online business models will undoubtedly lure you. Even, sometimes the temptation makes beginners falter. Indeed, running an online business is not easy. All starters feel the barriers. And if you stay focus and consistent, there will be a point where you realize that your online business has already generated considerable earnings and has long-term potential. Once again, keep focus and be patient. You can if you think you can and if you don’t give up, you still have the opportunity.

3. Be Courageous and Never to Give Up

To start an online business requires courage. You must have the courage to set aside your income for business purposes. For example, online business courses package cost, domain and hosting cost, promotional cost, and other expenses. In other words, you have to be brave enough and ready to invest. Also, you should also dare to abandon old habits and start actions for the success of your online business in the future. For example, you usually hang out with your girlfriend or boyfriend or your office’s friends. Once you decide to start an online business, then reduce this kind of habit for a while. Read also about the reasons why you should start a business at an early age.

In learning to start an online business, you need to know that there will be two possibilities that will happen. Between failure and success. But no such a thing as forever failure, and there is no such a thing as a lucky forever. The determinant of your failure or success is you. Indeed, a failure could occur, although you have focused on learning and practice. To start an online business, you can learn from your mistakes and failures. Assume that the failure is a valuable lesson.

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