How to Check VRAM in Windows 10 Desktop PC

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This article will guide you to check how much VRAM do you have in your desktop PC that runs NVIDIA, Intel HD, or AMD graphics card. If you are a gamer or a graphic designer, you might be familiar with VRAM. And you should know how much VRAM you need for gaming or rendering. You may also think that you can increase your VRAM. Luckily for AMD users, there are some possible tricks you can do to increase AMD VRAM.

VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) is one of mandatory components found in graphics cards/VGA Cards, which is used to process and render graphic that will be to be displayed on the monitor screen.

As you might also know that VRAM has different sizes depending on the computer specifications. But in case you have no idea how to check your VRAM your in Windows 10 computer, the following steps will guide you how to do so.

How Much VRAM Do I Have?

Below are two different ways to check the capacity of you VRAM in Windows 10. You decide which method work best for you.

1. Check Your VRAM Through Windows Settings

Firstly, open your Windows Settings at your Windows Start Menu by clicking on the gear icon. Or you can also access your Windows settings by searching it using a keyword “settings” in the Windows 10 Start Menu search.

Open Windows Settings
Start Menu → Settings

After you opened your Windows Settings, click System.

System option in Windows Settings.
Windows Settings → System

Open Display → Display adapter properties.

Display adapter properties
Display → Display adapter properties

When you click on the Display adapter properties, a Generic PnP Monitor and (your graphiccs card (VGA) name) Properties popup dialog box will pop up. If you are using Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, it looks like the following preview.

Generic PnP Monitor and NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Properties
Checking the capacity of VRAM

The preview above shows that the computer is running a Dedicated Video Memory from Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, with 2048 Mb of memory capacity. It means, the size of VRAM in a graphics card or VGA is 2 GB.

Dedicated Video Memory means the original size of a video memory that independently run without consuming the RAM in a computer or laptop.

2. How to Check VRAM in Windows 10 Through Dxidiag

Here’s another way you can check VRAM through Dxdiag.

Press Windows and R keys simultaneously on your keyboard. To open the Run dialog box, type “dxdiag“. Then, select OK or simply press Enter key on your keyboard.

Open dxdiag in Windows 10.
Run → dxdiag

Or you can also access dxdiag by typing “dxdiag” in the Start Menu search box and then press Enter.

Opening dxdiag through start menu search box.
Start Menu → dxdiag

At the dxdiag dialog window (DirectX Diagnostic Tool), select Display. There you can see the Display Memory (VRAM) section.

Check VRAM capacity through dxdiag → Display
dxdiag → Display

The preview image above shows that the Display Memory (VRAM) of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 is 1977 MB which doesn’t display as accurate as of the first method.

That’s all how to check VRAM that runs NVIDIA, Intel HD, or AMD VRAM in Windows 10 desktop PC. If you have any question or suggestion about these two methods of checking VRAM, simply write it down in the comment box below. I hope this article helpful.

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