How to Find and Hire a Freelance Video Editor Based in the UK

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Tips to search and hire a freelance video grapher based in the UK.

Sometimes companies or individuals need to hire a freelance video editor or even a contract worker for a video design and production project in the UK. If you are in need of a videographer, then you are lucky to come to this topic. Here I am not offering my video editing services to work on your media project, but I will discover the best way on how to find and hire a video editor in the UK.

In this internet dependence era, all companies need to have promotional videos to promote their products or services to the public online. Apart from that, some individuals also need videos for their self-promotion. As you must be knowing that there are docents of popular social media websites on the internet for people to show off their videos to the crowd for free. One of which is YouTube, which recently is the most popular website after Google. It’s the largest and the most powerful social video sharing website. Almost all people on this planet who ever used the internet to know YouTube. It’s a great site to publish your videos for free. And the other one but not the least is Vimeo.

Vimeo Pro - Vimeo on Demand is for Video Sellers
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Therefore, video editing services are becoming increasingly in demand so far. If you analyze the trend graph for video editing keywords in a keyword research almost all of them are increasing rapidly.

Human resource departments all over the globe are come into the job market to find brilliant and talented video creatives. Most of them know how to find, select, and interview talented videographers to get a candidate that meets their company’s requirements. But many small businesses and individuals realize that they had no idea how to find for a freelance video editor that good fit their media needs.

When UK based people come to find for a freelance video editor in the UK, most of them find through the UK video design and production on Bark. Indeed, that’s the best way to find local services in the UK. As Bark is the best and the most popular local services finder in the UK and almost all freelancers and local businesses based on the UK get potential customers through Bark. But the question is: How to find out whether a freelance video editor fits your video needs?

If you are a content manager, you should know some skills a videographer must have to create a powerful video content. But if you have no idea, no need to worry. Here we are going to discover all the possible things you need to ask freelance videographer candidates. And after reading this long article entirely, I believe you will know which freelance video editor is a good candidate for your video project.

Know the Personal Qualities of the Freelance Video Editor

Before we identify the creative side of the candidate in editing videos we should first focus on the personal qualities of the talent. If we talk about personal qualities, they’re not only about hard skills. But it also about personal attributes that enable the candidate to interact effectively and friendly with you and or anyone within your business.

Commonly, a videographer position in a company is a talent that works as a visual storyteller. So, you should find a freelance video editor for hire who fits for the video arts you need.

You and your employees will frequently communicate with the person who fills this position. You will certainly need to convey or get criticism to improve the video content quality. When the first time you interact with the freelance videographer for hire, you would know whether or not his or her personality easy to communicate with.

Personal qualities of a freelance videographer.

The following questions are what you need to ask to identify the personal qualities of the freelance video editor candidates;

  • Can they work on their own or in a team?
  • Will they be doing the video production process themselves?
  • In case the videographer candidates represent a company’s brand, is the brand truly theirs?
  • Are they okay with criticism and are able to respond to feedback trippingly?
  • Do they communicate with you greatly and make you happy?
  • Are they viable and able to thrill someone to be on camera?
  • Do they evaluate their video content based on the viewers’ point of view?
  • Are they a lifelong learner?

Commonly, a freelance video editor who is fun and viable would be a good candidate to hire. Most people might not snug nor confident being in front of a camera. So, a great freelance video editor for hire is one who can focus someone, instead of only a camera. Some video editors might be able to create a great video content, but some of them might be awkward in communication.

Evaluate the Videographers’ Profile and Portfolio

A usual dilemma that arises when it comes to finding a freelance videographer for hire is that whether or not the candidate should have a degree in video production? It would be better if they have a degree. If you are looking for a videographer for hire in the UK to fill a position in a company, looking for a formally educated talent is necessary. Because people with a degree have a level of discipline and have had a lot of formal exercises. And one thing but not the least, they have been taught how to mingle with the people in a company to work with.

However, if you need only regular video editing for one, two, or even more videos, looking for a video editor for hire based in the UK is more profitable. Because such a freelancer usually less costly compared to videographers with a degree. Or perhaps the video editing jobs you need are only cutting, combining, or watermarking videos, you might be only needing VideoPad tutorials and do it yourself.

In many video editing jobs, a video production degree isn’t too important. Eventually, this job is a creative video production job. So, you might want to focus on videographer candidates who really have the passion for video design and production. Then, you should look for a candidate who can prove their practical skills specifically one that fit your requirements. But if you insist to get a candidate with a degree, the following are fields of study a freelance video editor should have;

  • Video Production,
  • Journalism,
  • Graphic Design, or
  • Photography.

Videographer Technical Skills

If you get someone who passes the previous evaluations, you then need to know his or her technical skills in video design and production. A great freelance videographer for hire should be proficient with some video editing software programs such as VideoPad, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or any other best video editing software.

Using Adobe Premiere for video design and production.
Image source: Adobe

A more complex video editing job might require a videographer who is used to use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Motion. And video editing jobs are frequently working with graphic designing as well. So, a freelance video editor should be capable of using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

If you are looking for a video editor for hire based in the UK, make sure they have the equipment needed to take over your video editing jobs. In addition, a videographer should know how to operate the calibration of video, camera, and audio recorder. And understand how to maintain the proper levels of those technical intrinsic and/or extrinsic parameters. Besides, a quality videographer must keep updating their artwork skills with the recent technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and so on. Then, don’t forget to evaluate their creative skills such as;

  • basic composition techniques,
  • advanced composition techniques,
  • storyboarding,
  • scripting,
  • video concept,
  • audio and video quality issues identification,
  • fundamentals of branding,
  • detail oriented,
  • social media management, and
  • video hosting.

Video Editor Portfolio

Freelance video editors based in the UK usually have their own personal blog for show off their profile and personal branding which incorporates their videos. They also publish their videos on their YouTube channel, Vimeo channel, Instagram profile. You can visit those profile pages and evaluate their videos whether or not fit to the technical skills you read earlier above. An important thing you need to take note that qualified candidates must display profile and videos that describe themselves to business anecdote instead of cinematic capabilities only.

Your Video Requirements

Today, a video editor with the basic level of video editing skills can make over a video art very similar. Therefore, know what video production you need and ask whether they have a finished work on a certain video content that you will have. And ask them what they will do in the video production. Then, you should know which video editor candidate to hire accordingly.

Finally, to search for a freelance video editor in the UK, the following are some additional tips to know which one is the best among your freelance videographer candidates to hire.

  • Videographers usually have at least a video explaining why they want freelance video editing jobs. From that video, you would know how good they are at storytelling.
  • Ask how long your freelance video editor candidates would complete a certain video that you need. This way would give you an idea of how to know the most realistic and experienced videographers. By comparing the timeframe each of them suggests, you would know how fast they are can turnaround video content.
  • Find out where he or she lives in the UK and ask whether or not they are ready to come to your base in case you need to further communicate your video project. This is a good way to know their location and seriousness to give you great video content.

At last, ask about their pricing for handling your video design and production project. Then, compare them to get the best price but also with great video content you will have.

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